Parting Gifts

Man: What is done...
Angel: Can not be undone, you keep saying that. But I need Doyle. You can fold time, you've done it before. Bring him back.
Woman: To what end? To nullify his noble death? To leave his atonement unfulfilled?
Angel: If it means he lives.
Man: He doesn't so that you may.
Woman: You do so that others will.
Angel: He's my friend.
Woman: If that is so, then so shall it ever be.
Man: But it is of no consequence.
Woman: The war rages on.

Woman: All will soon be made clear. For every door that closes, another opens.
Man: And for everyone that opens...

Cordelia: Well, I got news for you, broody boy. We're all we've got now. You may not like sharing you grief with others, but that's the normal, healthy way people deal with loss. I'm not going anywhere, so get used to it. I'm staying right here!... Oops! Got to go. Commercial audition. If it wasn't a national I'd blow it off.

Angel: Vampires don't sleep in coffins. It's a misconception made popular by hack writers and ignorant media. If fact you know, we can and do move around during the day, as long as we avoid direct sunlight. Got it?

Angel: Who are you?
Barney: That's what I'm saying. I'm nothing. I'm a nobody. I'm just a guy trying to get by in this world. No different from anybody else!
Angel: In my experience, when one is being pursued that tenaciously, it's generally because the pursuer has a strong grievance against the pursued.

Cordelia: Doyle! I thought our kiss meant something, and instead he - he used that moment to pass it on to me! Why couldn't it have been mono or herpes!
Angel: C-Cordelia...
Cordelia: I didn't ask for this responsibility, unlike some people, who shall remain lifeless! I don't have anything to atone for. If they know what's good for them, the PTB better just stay out of my head.
Angel: The Powers That Be. You had a vision.
Cordelia: Boy! Howdy. And guess what, you know how they look painful? Well, they feel a whole lot worse!
Angel: Another door opens. You're my link to - the Powers, now.

Wesley: Hello, Angel.

Angel: Interesting look for you. Motorcycle. The Watchers Council trying out a new image?
Wesley: In point of fact I no longer work for the Council. I came to the conclusion that I was of greater value to the cause working autonomously.
Angel: They fired you.

Angel: You're a demon hunter?
Wesley: Rogue demon hunter!

Wesley: Good Lord. Cordelia? Angel never mentioned... Well, this is nice -
* Cordelia kisses him *
Wesley: - surprise.
Cordelia: It didn't work!
Wesley: No? Hmm. I thought it went considerbly better than last time.

Wesley: A lone wolf, such as myself, never works with anyone. I'm merely allowing Angle to assist me.
Cordelia: Oh, wow.
Wesley: I'm a rogue demon hunter now.
Cordelia: Oh, wow. - What's a rogue demon?

Cordelia: I'm never going to forgive him for doing this to me.
Barney: What? Choosing you? Trusting you with an enormous responsibility? Believeing that you were the only one worthy of such a rare and important gift?
Cordelia: Did I mention the drooling?
Barney: I get the impression that Doyle didn't have much by way of possessions?
Cordelia: No. No he didn't.
Barney: Seems like he gave you the most valuable thing he had.

Angel: Nothing is going to happen to Cordelia. I won't let it. - In casee you're wondering, this is me looking for a clue. Feel free to join in any time you want.

Barney: Sold! For 20,000 to number 118, the dapper gentleman in the center isle. Well-done, sir. You are now the proud owner of an authentic Tak horn. Stab you enemies with it, heck, stab your wife, it'll drain the life right out of them. The power to drain a life force is an investment in peace of mind.

Cordelia: You know what these eyes can do? They can see stuff - like danger, and - and evil and locations of buried treasure!

Lilah: We won't be needing the body. My employers have requested that the eyes be extracted.
Barney: Well, an extraction is a very delicate process. We run the risk of damaging the gift. It's going to cast you an extra thou.
Lilah: Please! Extraction is always included in the price.
Barney: Not with a seer's eyes.
Lilah: Never hear do of such a thing.

Barney: Now, be a good girl and hold still. This will only hurt a lot.

Wesley: Are you alright? Oh.
Cordelia: I'm so far not!

Wesley: You! Butcher and innocent girl, will you? I'm going to thrash you to within a inch of your life - and then I'm going to take that inch!

Cordelia: Feel this feeling creepo!

Wesley: No rest for the wicked fighters. Through storm and rain - heat - famine... deep, painful, gnawing hunger - I go.
Angel: Breakfast?
Wesley: Ooh - I suppose so.
Cordelia: One of the perks of the job. After an all-nighter of fighting the lurking evil - we get eggs.

Episode Guide: Parting Gifts

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