The Ring

Cordelia: Someone ought to create an intra-demon dating base. You know, like, where the lonely and the slimy connect.

Cordelia: What did Darin write down about the demon that took his brother?
Wesley: Bald - ultra white skin - slime.
Cordelia: There is always slime. This is why I don't gamble. You make a small wager one day, a bigger one the next, and before you know it - Bettlejuicy albino comes a knocking! Claws or hands?
Wesley: He wrote claw-like hands.
Cordelia: Could be a mixed breed. Smell?
Wesley: Sulfuric.
Cordelia: Add a Porsche and hair-plugs and I've dated this guy - a lot. Other distinguishing characteristics?
Wesley: An eerie high-pitched howl or wail. I'm assuming that's when it's preparing to fight or mate.
Cordelia: Okay, first I say 'yuck' and then I hit search.

Angel: You set me up.
Darin: It was a group effort.

Malish: What's wrong with you? Don't be rocking the boat. This is life and death in here.

Cordelia: We're trying to do you a favor, Mr. Winslow."
Wesley: Something is going down tonight. Something with the man.
Winslow: A raid?

Cordelia: You almost blew it!
Wesley: I save it!
Cordelia: Urgh! Something is going down with the man? You idiot!

Wesley: These Octavian matches date back to the Roman Empire. I'd heard rumors of a revival.
Cordelia: Couldn't they have just done Westside Story?

Angel: Wait. No one fights, no one dies.
Cribb: Oh, quit moping! You're alive.
Angel: But Baker isn't.
Cribb: One lucky kill don't make you an expert.
Angel: That wasn't the first life I've taken - or the 21st.
Jack: Trepkos, Malish. Let's go!
Angel: Look, we can fight them, but only if we stop fighting each other.

Lilah: How do you feel?
Angel: Like I was hit by a lightning after the truck ran me over.

Angel: So you're really a good Samaritan and this whole pact-with-the-devil business is just an act.
Lilah: Sometimes you have to - compromise.

Trepkos: It was a good fight.
Angel: Yeah... I could have taken you.

Angel: You both did great. And - I think we did a - good thing here tonight.
Wesley: Yes. We set the captives free.
Cordelia: Well, actually, didn't we set - a bunch of - demons free?
Wesley: Oh. Well. Technically - yes.

Episode Guide: The Ring

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