To Shanshu in LA

Wesley: Shanshu. - Shanshu. - Or maybe it's shushan.
Cordelia: Are you still trying to figure out that word? What's taking so long?
Wesley: Gee, I don't know, Cordelia. The prophecies of Aberjian were only written over the last 4000 years, in a dozen different languages, some of which aren't even human! Why don't we just get a Falanjoid demon in here, suck the brain out of my skull. Maybe that would speed things up.
Cordelia: He sure gets testy when he's translating.

Cordelia: I wanna know what it says about me. If there is torrid romance in my future - massive wealth? If I have to I'll settle for enviable fame.
Wesley: This is an ancient sacred text, not a magic eight ball.
Cordelia: Nobody gets my humor.
Angel: I thought it was funny.

Cordelia: Hey guys? Remember born-again lawyer-boy who wanted out of Wolfram & Hart so bad?
Angel: Lindsey?
Cordelia: They just promoted him. - Junior partner.
Wesley: After all you did for him - he sells his soul for thirty pieces of silver.
Cordelia: Actually he sold if for a six-figure salary and a full benefits package.

Nabbit: What do you think of my cape?
Cordelia: Shiny.

Cordelia: Angel's going to die?
Angel: Oh. Anything else?
Cordelia: He certainly took that well. - Is this that opportune time to talk about my raise?

Cordelia: Enough with the scratch-and-sniff visions!

Cordelia: I ever meet these Powers That Be - I'm gonna punch'm in the nose! - Do you think they have a nose?

Vocah: I am summoned for the raising - the very thing that was to bring this creature down to us - tear him from the Powers That Be - and he - has the scroll.
Lilah: We're not unaware of the irony.

Woman: See what they do? You turn your back and they come for you.
Angel: You're safe now.
Woman: Yeah, you killed him. Sliced him up real good. He saved me from one of their spies. And by the way - I don't appreciate the dental association watching me like that.

Kate: What was it?
Angel: Slime demon.
Kate: Gee, this town has everything, doesn't it?

Wesley: Death. Every source says it's death.
Cordelia: Well, it's just a prophecy. It's not like it came from on high.
Wesley: That's what a prophecy is, Cordelia.

Wesley: What connects us to life is the simple truth that we are part of it. - We live, we grow, we change. - But Angel...
Cordelia: Can't do any of those things. - Well, what are you saying, Wesley? - That Angel has nothing to look forward to? That he's going to go on forever, the same, in the world, but always cut off from it?
Wesley: Yes.
Cordelia: Well, that sucks! We've got to do something. We've got to help him.
Wesley: I'm not sure we can.
Cordelia: What is your deal? You go around boring everyone with your musty scrolls and then you say there is nothing we can do?
Wesley: He is what he is.
Cordelia: He's Angel. He's good. And he helps the helpless and now - he's one of them. - Well, he's gonna have to start wanting things from life, whether he wants to or not!

Vocah: The old order passes away and the new order's come. He that was first shall now be last and he that was dead shall now arise.
Woman: Yes, and he that is trespassing shall now depart.

Cordelia: Well, he is not crazy or anything. He's just - different?
Woman: Depressed.
Cordelia: Well, he wears a lot of black.

Kate: I'm glad we are not playing friends anymore. And I'm real sick and tired of your attitude. There is a thing called the law!
Angel: This isn't about the law, this is about a little thing - called life. Now I'm sorry about your father. But I didn't kill your father. And I'm sick and tired of you blaming me - for everything you can't handle! You want to be enemies? Try me.

Angel: Cordelia - I'm going to fix this. - Promise. - I'm gonna get you back. - I need you back.

Woman: It's unfortunate. Things are unraveling. The dark ones broach our temples now.
Angel: Can you help me?
Woman: I can't stay long. I've been dead a while. So far I don't like it.

Woman: Like so many of them he hides behind man's law. Stop him.

Monks: We have prepared a holy place in the darkness and anointed it with oil. We have taken of the blood of the living and gathered together te living dead.
Vocah: As it was written they shall perpare the way and the very gate of hell shall open. That which is above shall tremble for that which is below shall arise. And the world shall know the beast shall know the world.

Lilah: Aren't we going to be late?
Holland: You never want to be on time for a ritual, the chanting, the blood rites, they go on forever.

Lilah: Remember when Robert Price let the senior partners down and they made him eat his liver? - I don't know what made me think of that.

Angel: Don't believe everything you're foretold.

Cordelia: I saw them all. There is so much pain. - We have to help them.
Angel: We will. We will.

Wesley: Ah - oops. - I may have made a tiny mistake. The word Shanshu that I said meant you were going to die? Actually I think it means that you are going to live.
Cordelia: Okay, as tiny mistakes go - that's not one!
Wesley: Shanshu has roots in so many different languages. The most ancient source is the Proto-Bantu and they considered life and death the same thing, part of a cycle, only a thing that's not alive never dies. It's - it's saying - that you get to live until you die. - It's saying - it's saying you become human.
Cordelia: That's the prophecy?
Wesley: Ah, the vampire with a soul, once he fulfills his destiny, will Shanshu. Become human. - It's his reard.
Cordelia: Wow. Angel, human.
Angel: That'd be nice.

Cordelia: Typical. I hook up with the only person in history who ever came to LA to get older.

Lilah: We are all very pleased you're here. - I know it's a bit confusing - but it's going to be better soon - a lot better, Darla.

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