Lonely Heart

Doyle: Not sitting here in the dark like some kind of...
Angel: ...some kind of vampire?
Doyle: Well, yeah. I was going to say Slacker, but, yeah, to you, Mr. Obvious - You got to come out, man!

Doyle: Great idea! Calling cards. It's not like you have a signal folks can shine in the sky when ever they need help, you know?
Angel: Hey, look at that, there is our number. It's right next to a... a um - a - a butterfly?
Doyle: It's obviously not a butterfly, you idiot. It's a - a bird. No, no, wait, it's an owl. A - a bird that hunts at night. Brilliant. It's a - a...
Cordelia: It's an angel!

Angel: No seriously, I wasn't hitting on you!

Angel: I'm just looking for someone to - rescue? Are you maybe in need of some - rescuing?
Kate: Well that's the strangest line I'm going to hear tonight.

Kate: So - what do you do?
Angel: Do?
Kate: For a living.
Angel: I - ah - well, basically, I - um - I help... I'm a veterinarian.
Kate: Really. Well, I always say a man that loves animals, is a man you can trust.

Cordelia: Plus, your visions are kind of lame. A bar? That's nice and vague! I mean they should send you one of those self-destructing tapes, you know, that come with a dossier?

Doyle: Everyone here just simmer down here, okay? Violence isn't going to solve a thing here... On the other hand it is kind of festive.

Angel: You know, I'm having a hard time believing that Doyle's vision meant I was supposed to come here to break up a bar fight.
Doyle: Yeah, well, if it was, I'm in for some serious workman's comp.

Angel: This socializing thing is brutal. I mean, I was young once, I used to got to bars. It wasn't anything like this.
Doyle: I used to go to taverns. Small towns, where everybody used to know each other.
Cordelia: Yeah, like High School. It was easy to date there. We all had so much in common. Being monster food every other week for instance.

Cordelia: I guess the single life's particularly tough on you.
Angel: Why?
Cordelia: Well, a couple of hundred years ago all you had to worry about was a hang over. Today, because of your curse thingy, - you can't sleep with anyone - or else you might feel a moment of true happiness, lose you soul, become evil agian, and - kill everyone.
Angel: Thanks Cordelia, I always appreciate your perspective.
Cordelia: No problem. Hey, the last thing I want to show up at the office and find that I'm working for a homicidal monster.

Angel: How'd you pick up computer skills?
Cordelia: Downloading pictures of naked women?
Doyle: Well, that's more or less accurate.

Doyle: So, we got a missing girl and a stiff.
Angel: An eviscerated stiff.

Angel: I'm just asking you not to go in there.
Kate: And where are you going?
Angel: In there.
Kate: Well, I'll tell you what: I can go where ever I want and ah, - you can go to hell.
Angel: Been there, done that.

Cordelia: Ugh, demons. Is there anything more disgusting?
Doyle: You think so?
Cordelia: Come on. Okay, look at this one. This demon wears a wreath of intestines around its head. I mean honestly, what kind of a statement is this thing trying to make with that?
Doyle: Yeah, you know, - I mean, it really depends, doesn't it? - I mean some demons could actually be nice, - given the opportunity. I think, you'd have to get to know them, yeah?
Cordelia: I've met a lot of demons, and slime aside, not a whole lot going on there.

Angel: This has to stop. You have to stop.
Screech: I will, when I find the right one. The one I can stay with.

Angel: He gives them what they are longing for.
Kate: And that is?
Angel: Hope. - That the loneliness is going to end...

Cordelia: That is so High School! Cordelia wears bras. Oh, she has girlie parts!

Angel: You actually live here?
Cordelia: Yes, okay? Is it my fault that maid service was interrupted? It was supposed to go, home, hotel, hotel, husband.

Angel: It's a burrower.
Cordelia: It's a donkey? Oh, we didn't see any donkey demons.
Angel: Burrower.
Cordelia: Oh.

Angel: It'll be out there. It's gotta keep trying to make a connection.
Cordelia: Why?
Angel: Because that's what lonely people do.

Cordelia: It's a parasite. It moves from body to body. And when it leaves one for the next, not going to gag here, but the first one goes kaplooey pretty fast.
Doyle: Yep, curdles like cream on a hot day.
Cordelia: I belive I covered that with the non dairy kaplooey?

Kate: Who are you?

Kate: I think you should know I searched your place, illegally, no warrent.
Angel: Why are you telling me?
Kate: I don't know. I guess so we can get fresh. No secrets. - Some pretty weird stuff for a veterinarian.
Angel: Look, if you ever need me, or if I can help you in anyway...
Kate: What is this, a lobster?

Cordelia: Or we can go home.
Doyle: And you can sit in the dark alone.
Angel: God, yes! Thank you.

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