I Fall To Pieces

Doyle: Angel needs to start charging. He just hates bringing up the finances with the clients. He likes playing the hero, walking off into the dark with his long coat flowing behind him in a mysterious and attractive way.
Cordelia: Is this a private moment? Because I can leave you alone.
Doyle: No, no, I'm not saying I'm attracted. I'm just saying he's projecting a certain kind of image and asking for money isn't part of it. He's sensitive about that.
Cordelia: Oh, here he comes. Ok, we're going to stand up to him.
Doyle: Yup, we're standing up.
Cordelia: Just as soon as he's had his coffee.

Doyle: Maybe I'm a little attracted.

Angel: I scared her.
Doyle: Sounds to me like she was scared to begin with.
Angel: Am I intimidating? I mean - do I put people off?
Cordelia: Well, as vampires go, you're pretty cuddly. Maybe you might want to think about mixing up the black on black look.
Angel: Maybe you should talk to her. She'd feel safer.
Cordelia: When she hires us, I'll get involved.

Angel: This shouldn't be about money.
Doyle: It isn't.
Cordelia: Yeah, you should listen to... It isn't?!
Doyle: No, it's about doing what's best for the people you've helped. People get attached to a mysterious savior, and can you blame them? But as long as you're just a man who's doing a job, and getting paid, they can feel like they've paid their debt to you and they can move on - independent like.
Cordelia: You are a lot smarter than you look - Of course you look like a retard.

Cordelia: Angel Investigations. We help the hopeless.

Melissa: Thanks. You guys have been very kind, listening to me. It's terrible.
Doyle: Yeah, we're going to take care of that.
Melissa: No, I mean the coffee.

Cordelia: Can you imagine? A doctor - they examine your body - they know every inch of you. Ugh!
Angel: How is he doing it? How does he see her when she's alone, in private? Is he invisible? Or some kind of ghost? Maybe he can astral project.
Cordelia: Maybe he has an accomplice, or a hidden camera. Not everything has to be creepy and supernatural, you know.
Angel: Not everything, but Doyle had a vision.
Cordelia: Which last time led to a sex-changing-body-switching-tear-your-innards-out-demon, right. I guess they don't call you for their every day cases.
Angel: He sees her when he is nowhere around - How?
Cordelia: Okay, flesh, anytime you want to stop crawling is okay with me.

Melissa: I do feel better having you all on the case. I guess Angel has handled a lot of cases like this.
Doyle: Dozens. Hundreds. Dozens of hundreds.
Melissa: Wow, it happens that often?
Doyle: Well, exactly like yours? Not quite so many. But protecting young women such as yourself? Yeah, there've been - ah - 4. And 3 of them are very much alive.

Doyle: I've always meant to do that, but I intensely don't want to, so I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Doyle: Don't worry. When Angel is finished witht this case I can guarantee you'll be wanting to jump off a bridge again.

Kate: And your client, she's holding up?
Angel: She's scared. He's had her on the ropes for a while now.
Kate: Then you better help her get mad, because that is the only way she'll be able to fight him.
Angel: Well, hopefully I'll be doing the fighting. That's why she hired me.
Kate: That's not what I mean. This guy could go to jail tomorrow, Angel, and still kill her in her dreams every night. I've put a few of these creeps away and the hardest thing is to know that he is still winning. She's still afraid. He took her power away and no one can get it back for her but her.

Cordelia: What is stalking now a days - the third most popular sport among men?
Angel: Fourth - after Luge.

Angel: It's not about Melissa, it's about rage. This guy is too messed up to deal with a real woman and he can't stand that. So he creates a fantasy about a girl he barely knows. But eventually even she fails him. So he has to hurt her, because when he looks at her all he sees is how useless he is, how damaged.
Cordelia: Uh, what a fun date you must have been back in your bad vamp days. On the other hand, it should give you some insight into the jerks of the world.

Vinpur: That's when I stopped teaching.
Angel: Because you stopped believing.
Vinpur: No, because I began to believe - completely.

Melissa: Thanks, but I'm not going to cry any more. At least I hope not. I'm tired of crying and being afraid.
Angel: You don't have to be afraid.
Melissa: You're just duct taping me in for fun?
Angel: You've survived a living hell these last few months and you're still standing, while he's coming unhinged at not being able to control you. He's the weak one. You're the strong one.
Cordelia: You should listen to him, Melissa. He knows what he's talking about. He's stalked plenty of... books on the subject.

Ronald: What a tangled web, eh?

Cordelia: What's the point?
Doyle: Well, it tastes good and it relaxes you.
Cordelia: No, I mean of ever going out with anyone.
Doyle: Well, people need people. And people who need people are the luckiest...
Cordelia: Either you like them and they don't like you. Or you can't stand them which just guarantees that they'll keep on hovering around and never go away.
Doyle: Uh, yeah, I just hate guys like that. I'll just check on.
Cordelia: It's just so unfair. I mean, here is this poor girl. She hooks up with a doctor. That's supposed to be a good thing. I mean you should be able to call home and say: 'Hey, mom, guess what, I've met a doctor!' Not, guess what, I met a psycho and he's stalking me and oh, by the way, his hands and feet come off and he's not even in the circus!
Doyle: Not every relationship leads to disaster.
Cordelia: You ever have one?
Doyle: Not me personally. But I've read...

Melissa: You turned yourself into a freak, Ronald, a vile, repulsive freak. And I'm done being afraid of you. You can cut me and you can kill me, but it still won't change what you are. Angel was right. You're weak!

Cordelia: Oh, goody, recycled coffee, my personal favorite.

Melissa: Well, hope I never see you again.
Angel: Me too. Good luck.
Doyle: Well, that didn't go so badly.
Cordelia: See, you can save damsel and make decent money. Is this a great country or what?!
Doyle: Let's march down to the bank and deposit this beatuy.
Angel: You guys go ahead. I think I'll stay here and not burst into flames.

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