The Thin Dead Line

Wesley: "What I wouldn't give for a roving band of Prekian demons right now... Without the ritualistic slayings of course."
Cordelia: "Of course."

Angel: "Hey, Merl."
Merl: "Jesus, man! I mean, can't you, you know, knock?"
Angel: "You don't make that funny expression when I knock, or if you do I don't see it."

Gunn: "Annie! What's up, girl? I haven't seen you in a minute. Come here! So, what brings you to the neck of the woods?"
Anne: "Well, I just thought I'd see how the other half lives... and strangely enough, it's not that different."
Cordelia: "We like to think of it as early American dilapidation."

Anne: "I've talked to some of the others and they all say the same thing. No provocation, no reason, the police are just terrorizing them."
Gunn: "Renegade cops. Not exactly my usual."

Gunn: "I still hunt vampires, but if this job has taught me anything, it's that there's things a lot worse out there than a set of teeth."

Cordelia: "Oh, yes, Angel Investigations, home of the wicked high creep factor."

Gunn: "All right, look, the plan is simple. I want you to roll the camcorder and wait for the cops to hassle us."
Anne: "How do you know they will?"
Gunn: "Cause we'll be the ones walking while black."

Cordelia: "Okay, Gunn's about to do a really stupid thing."
Wesley: "What did he say?"
Cordelia: "Just that in order to find out if the police have been brutalizing and killing people in Anne's neighborhood, he's going to videotape the cops trying to brutalize and kill him."
Wesley: "You can't be serious."
Cordelia: "Nothing says, 'Aha, I'm on to you' like being on the receiving end of a vicious police beating."
Wesley: "You couldn't stop him."
Cordelia: "Hello! Gunn, stubborn, synonyms."
Wesley: "That can't be his plan, can it? I mean, it's - really a dumb plan."
Cordelia: "Hey, Gunn graduated with a major in dumb planning from Angel University. He sat at the feet of the master and learned well how to plan dumbly."
Wesley: "We'll just gonna have to let him do this."
Cordelia: "Oh. I'm sure he'll be fine."

Anne: "How are your laundry folding skills?"
Cordelia: "I'm an actress. I can - fake it."

Gunn: "Damn. Someone having an apocalypse and forgot to invite us?"

Wesley: "Is anyone else cold?"

Paramedic: "We're stopping? What are you doing?"
Gunn: "Trying to survive."

Gunn: "Why do you think nobody cares they're clamping down on this neighborhood?"
Jackson: "Cause they're a bunch of racist pigs."
Gunn: "There is that. And there's people like you - tch! A thug with a gun, keeping the cycle going."
Jackson: "Not my problem."
Gunn: "No! See, it's my problem, all right? Cause they shot my friend over there."
Jackson: "Oh. - Yeah. White man dying. Not exactly losing sleep on it."

Wesley: "Where are we going?"
Gunn: "To the hospital."
Wesley: "That sounds sensible to me."

Voice: "All circuits are busy. Please hang up and try your call again."
Cordelia: "This is no time for circuits busy! So, don't tell me circuits are busy. If the circuits are busy - get some new circuits now!"

Angel: "Here we go. It's the idol of Granath. The Zombie god."

Angel: "Hi. - I thought you might want to know I took care of our little cop problem."
Kate: "Crime reports from that precinct. - Up until three months ago there was a murder every two weeks, a rape every two days, a robbery every hour and a half. And that's what we just gave back to the people of that community."
Angel: "I can live with that."
Kate: "You learn to live with a lot of things, don't you?"

Gunn: "How are you doing?"
Wesley: "Oh, I feel I should be in a great deal of pain."
Gunn: "Getting gut-shot will do that to you."
Wesley: "And yet... Is this morphine? Well, it's bloody lovely!"

Cordelia: "Too bad it takes a gunshot wound to make you give a crap. - Wesley doesn't need you right now. We don't need you. - You walked away. Do us a favor and just stay away."

Episode Guide: The Thin Dead Line

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