Wesley: "This won't be easy for any of us, Angel. You're going to have to change your behavior. Engage your co-workers from time to time. Be sensitive to their feelings, their opinions, especially before you take some action one might construe as - oh, let's just call it insane. It goes a long way to show you - appreciate and respect them... This is torture for you, isn't it."
Angel: "Yes."
Wesley: "Good."

Angel: "Man. Atonement's a bitch."

Cordelia: "Don't."
Angel: "Don't?"
Cordelia: "You're gonna start trying to make small talk, get all stammery. Don't. You might strain yourself."

Cordelia: "Okay, she's screaming. They're pulling her from a car. Guys in robes. Blue robes... They're taking - people and, and, whoa, big bird."
Gunn: "Big bird?"
Cordelia: "Not the muppet, you dumb ass."

Cordelia: "So, what are you doing here in town? Business?"
Harmony: "No. No business. Play, play, play. - Uhm, I just broke up with someone. Real smothering relationship. You know, the kind where they just can't live without you?"
Cordelia: "Oh, sure. That one. - Hate that."

Gunn: "Now what?"
Wesley: "We fan out. Gunn, search the area near the fountain. I'll take this path towards the picnic area. Angel, you..."
Angel: "Follow the screaming woman?"

Wesley: "You can't buy back her trust, Angel, - or her affections."
Angel: "She said, uh - she said we're not friends."
Wesley: "I know. - There is only one thing you can give her, Angel. And that's time. Cordelia has a lot of pain to work through."

Harmony: "We were powerful, rich, popular."
Cordelia: "None of that's changed for me - apart from the powerful, rich and popular."

Harmony: "Things are faboo. I'm having a ball and a half. I mean, I did just get out of that really unhealthy relationship. And just, you know, feeling really good about me in general."
Cordelia: "Well, good for you - in general."

Willow: "Cordelia! Okay. We're all clear on the fact that Harmony is a vampire, right?"
Cordelia: "Oh. Harmony is a vampire? - That's why she - oh, my god, I'm so embarrassed! All this time I thought she was a great big lesbo!... Oh, yeah? Really? - Well, that's great! Good for you."
Willow: "Thanks for the affirmation."

Wesley: "Get away from her... foot!"

Cordelia: "So you thought you just bust into my house and kill my friend without giving her a chance to explain herself."
Wesley: "Yeah."
Angel: "Pretty much."
Wesley: "That was our plan."

Wesley: "That is not your friend. That thing may have your friend's memories and her appearance, but it's just a filthy demon, an unholy monster. Uh, no offence."
Harmony: "About what?"

Cordelia: "Hey, I told you, Harmony is my friend and I trust her completely. Harmony can stay here."
Harmony: "I don't wanna stay alone here with the ghost."

Cordelia: "What am I? The bird lady of Alcatraz? It had wings and a beak. For all I know it was a duck. A big - red duck."

Wesley: "Someone put a stake through that woman's heart if she persists in popping her bloody chewing gum!"

Wesley: "What are you doing!?! This book is twelve centuries old!"
Harmony: "Okay. So it's not like I messed up a new one."

Harmony: "It's just - I can't believe this is what you do now. We always said we were going to do something cool with our lives. Now look at us. You're an office manager and I'm dead."
Cordelia: "Yeah, well, life takes some funny turns sometimes."

Cordelia: "And there is nothing mystical about this. Department of Justice website. It's a logo for a defunct pyramid scheme."
Gunn: "Vamps running money scams now? That's low."

Cordelia: "Come on, Harm."
Wesley: "Such a fitting nickname."

Cordelia: "So, ah, - what do you think?"
Host: "I think your friend should reconsider the name Harmony."

Harmony: "That was so - fun! I can't believe I did that!"
Host: "Well, color us incredulous."

Harmony: "You're supposed to do some mind mojo, show me my path."
Host: "You're already on it my little cacophony. Only I'm not your travel agent for this trip. Brown eyes here is. Stick with her and let your pal be your guide."
Harmony: "Cacophony. That's pretty. What's it mean?"

Gunn: "Hey. Can we yell a little louder? I'm not sure the crazed cult of vampires heard us sneaking up on them."

Cordelia: "Hey! Touching! With the hands."

Cordelia: "And you know, you didn't just betray me, Angel. You didn't just hurt me. You gave away my clothes."
Angel: "To the needy."
Cordelia: "I am the needy!"

Doug's program: Selective Slaughter - Turning a bloodbath into a blood bank."

Doug: "Instead say: 'I'm in control of my unlife'."

Angel: "Look, if she's in trouble we'll rescue her.'
Gunn: "Now we're saving a vampire from vampires? I got two words for that: nuh and ah."

Harmony: "Okay. You're angry. And I don't blame you. I just, you know... and it's nothing personal. I'm evil. We're still friends, right?"

Cordelia: "Oh, my god. These are gorgeous! You have the most amazing taste! You have, like - a gay man's taste, and that's saying something."

Cordelia: "La, la, la, la, la, new clothes! I have new clothes! New clothes, I have new clothes!"
Angel: "I got her clothes."

Episode Guide: Disharmony

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