Angel: "It's a little exposed. Kind of public."
Gunn: "Oh, yeah, that public thing. It happens when you go where the people are."

Angel: "Isn't this interesting?"
Woman: "Wha-what? My shawl?"
Angel: "No, your Brahenian Battle-shroud, woven from the skin of dead children."
Wesley: "What is he doing?"
Angel: "You think I don't know a Voltar Witch when I see one? You don't think I can't see the markings of a... Looks a little different up close."
Cordelia: "It's a beautiful shawl ma'am. It's a beautiful, thousand dollar, Laura Mina original. My friend just loves beautiful things so much he can't control himself. Because he's - ahm, from France? - We're so sorry. So sorry."
Angel: "Pardon."
Gunn: "If we had a flame-thrower we could set the table on fire. Draw a little more attention to us."

Cordelia: "What are you doing here?"
Angel: "Getting a tan. Ha. Not bursting into flames?"
Cordelia: "So - what are you doing here?"

Angel: "In your vision - the Haklar demon that you saw, did he eat his victim whole or did he just rip out the liver? - cause, I mean, it's a funny story, according to my informant, liver-eating Haklar's have different feeding grounds than people-eaters, and I need to know what kind it was so I can track it down and kill it."
Cordelia: "I hate my whole life."

Gunn: "So - this Heckler demon we're supposed to kill..."
Wesley: "Haklar. Two 'a's."
Gunn: "This Haklar with two 'a's we're supposed to kill. Give me the specs. What I need to know?"
Wesley: "The Haklar, descended from the Klensan order demons, can weigh as much as three tons as an adult male. It awakes from its hibernation during alternating full moons only to feed and mate - often simultaneously. Incapable of traditional speech the Haklar has learned to communicate with each other via a pattern of carefully timed facial ticks, not dissimilar to our own Morse code. The Haklar prefers a warm moist clime where it can..."
Gunn: "Wesley."
Wesley: "Yes?"
Gunn: "I meant, how do we go about killing it."
Wesley: "Oh. - Your standard slice and dice."

Angel: "And you know what the worst part is? She took it. When was the last time Cordy took crap from any of us?"
Gunn: "Never. And the day after never."
Angel: "Exactly! He's also got her wearing this - flimsy swimsuit that covers like... nothing."
* pause *
Wesley: "Appalling."
Gunn: "Disgusting."
Angel: "Right."
* pause *
Gunn: "Well, shouldn't we be off killing something?"

Angel: "Look, I just wanna say - if I was out of line today..."
Cordelia: "If you were out of line? If? You're comfortable with your use of the word 'if' here, are you?"

Cordelia: "How was the big fight? All big and - fighty?"
Wesley: "We managed to kill the Haklar just as it was about to devour a group of power walkers."
Angel: "Horrible."
Cordelia: "I know. I saw it in my stupid vision, remember?"
Angel: "No, not the Haklar, the power walkers. I mean, walking I get, but power walking? Why not just run for a short time? - Weird. - Plus one of them hit him."
Cordelia: "A power walker did that?"
Wesley: "Apparently she felt that I disrespected the Haklar's culture by killing it."
Cordelia: "This town sucks.'

Angel: "You're okay?"
Cordelia: "Why does everyone always ask me that? Do I look okay?!"

Host: "Hi. How are you?"
Librarian: "You... You're... You're for the children's reading program!"
Host: "Yes. Yes, I am."
Librarian: "It's not until tomorrow morning."
Host: "Yes, I know. I never perform without checking out the space first. Get a feel for the room."
Librarian: "Oh. Wow. The kids will flip over your costume. It looks so authentic."
Host: "Thank you."
Librarian: "Except for the horns. - But those are probably hard to fake."
Host: "If you only knew."

Host: "Landok? Is that you?"
Angel: "You know him?"
Host: "Yeah. But just because I know his name doesn't mean you can't knock him unconscious. Please continue."
Landok: "Can it really be you? Krevlorneswarth of the Deathwok Clan?"
Host: "It's clearly rabid. Do your thing, Angel."
Angel: "Krevlorneswarth?"
Cordelia: "Of the Dethwok Clan?"
Host: "Eh, ah, - I-I prefer Lorne."

Landok: "Your mother's burden is terrible."
Host: "Misses her little green boo, does she?"
Landok: "She rips your images into tiny pieces, feeds them to the swine, butchers the pigs and has their remains scattered for the dogs."
Host: "Sounds like ma."

Landok: "There is a Drokken near by? I will assist in the kill."
Host: "Find your own Drokken."

Landok: "To defeat the Drokken, you must be a great and noble warrior."
Angel: "Well, you know - I try."

Host: "Tell my mother I... - Tell her I threw myself into the sacrificial canyons of Trelinsk."
Landok: "I feel we will meet again some day."
Host: "Oh, god. I hope not."

Wesley: "Cordy!?"
Angel: "Cordy!"

Cordelia: "Oh - crap!"

Episode Guide: Belonging

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