First Impressions

Angel: "Darla. I was afraid you weren't coming."
Darla: "Mmm, don't be silly, silly! I've been here the whole time."
Angel: "You have?"
Darla: "Ah-mm, just waiting for you. Aren't you going to ask me to dance?"

Host: "Somebody get these two love-vamps a room!"

Cordelia: "Oh, this place is never gonna get clean."
Wesley: "Buck up. It's just a little dust."
Cordelia: "This isn't mere dust. This is 'son of dust'. This is the kind of dust that spawns countless generations of little baby dust. - I give up."
Wesley: "Very well. We'll just move our offices back to your living room."
Cordelia: "And I'm dusting."

Gunn: "Where's Angel?"
Cordelia: "I believe the word is 'hello'?"

Nabbit: "Demons of the underworld beware - your time on the surface is drawing nigh!"
Cordelia: "David, hi!"
Nabbit: "I got here as quick as I could."
Cordelia: "We paged you two days ago."

Angel: "Cordy, you're driving."
Cordelia: "Me? Drive your car? So cool."

Cordelia: "I'm so sick of dust."
Angel: "I can't lift my arm all the way."
Gunn: "That vamp did a number on my ribs."
Wesley: "I'm afraid I threw my back out again... Ach, lovely!"
Cordelia: "Ach! Grease stains! All over my new outfit... Okay, so maybe my pain isn't physical, but do you have any idea of the dry cleaning bill I'm looking at?"

Cordelia: "Home sweet hotel."

Cordelia: "You sure you gonna be okay?"
Angel: "Yeah, I'll be fine. I just need to get some sleep."
Cordelia: "That seems to be all you've been doing lately. Not that I'm judging!"
Angel: "Good night."
Cordelia: "Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Cordelia: "Jeez, Dennis, it's like a meat locker in here. Don't tell me you turned down the thermostat again... Thank you. - What is it with ghosts and cold rooms?"

Cordelia: "That was an honest mistake. I was just trying to help you."
Gunn: "Thanks for the help. Always enhances a guy's rep when some skinny white beauty queen comes to his rescue - in front of his crew!"

Cordelia: "Angel is not gonna be happy. Do you know what he's gonna do to me when he finds out I let his car get stolen? What are the chances that a vampire has full insurance with a low deductible?"

Cordelia: "Paging Mr. Rationalization!"
Gunn: "Paging Ms. About-to-be-thrown-out-of-a-moving-vehicle."

Wesley: "Then what's the problem?"
Angel: "Well, it - it's just, you know - the whole - visibility issue, not to mention the whole hat-head thing and if you really think about it, how come I have to wear the ladies helmet?"
Wesley: "Stop being such a wanker and put it on!... Good. Hop on board, gorgeous."
Angel: "You'll pay for this."

Henry: "Him? He's nothing, Deevak. Name's Gunn. He's under the false impression that he runs this town."

Veronica: "Who's your friend?"
Cordelia: "Who me? I'm no friend. I mean I'm just here on business. I'm a working girl. - That came out wrong. I mean, obviously I'm not a 'working girl'. Not that I couldn't be if I wanted to, of course I could. - God that sounded stuck up, didn't it? I didn't mean to imply that I could be a working girl and you couldn't. Far from it. You'd make a great... Could you just point me to the hor d'oeuvers?"

Deevak: "How touching. A woman willing to die for her man."
Cordelia: "Oh, no. He's not my man. He-he's just a friend. And - about the 'willing to die' part..."

Wesley: "Angel! Angel look. I found your keys. Unfortunately this substance doesn't appear to be coming off."
Angel: "What's that?"
Wesley: "Demon blood, or demon puss, or possibly both."
Angel: "Easy. Anyone know how to hot wire a car?"

Darla: "Mmm, I could just eat you up."

Episode Guide: First Impressions

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