Darla: "Exciting, isn't it?"
Lilah: "Darla. - I didn't see you."
Darla: "Going through their things, all the little pieces of themselves locked away, given you a naughty little thrill of control."
Lila: "I just like to keep abreast of his latest project. He's probably in my office right now trying to find out about mine. That's how it works at our firm."
Darla: "Hmm, all you busy little worker bees, plotting your little schemes."

Darla: "There is nothing so lovely as dreams. Everything is in them, everything hidden. Open those chambers and you can truly understand someone - and control them."

Wesley: "That's so typical of your kind."
Cordelia: "At least I'm not a sheep like you."
Wesley: "I am not a sheep!"
Cordelia: "You're such a sheep! You've never had an opinion that you didn't read in a book."
Wesley: "At least I've opened a book."
Cordelia: "Oh, don't even try with the snooty, wooly boy. I was top 10% of my class!"
Wesley: "What class? Advanced bosoms?"
Cordelia: "Oh!"
Angel: "Hey! - What the hell is going on here?"
Cordelia: "We were just discussing whether or not we should offer to pay Gunn."
Angel: "No you weren't."
Wesley: "Well, our discussions tend to go about three minutes, then it's strictly name calling and hair pulling."

Cordelia: "My hero."

Bethany: "W-what are you?"
Angel: "I've come to help you. My name is Angel."
Bethany: "Great. I've stabbed an Angel. Now I'm really never getting into heaven."

Cordelia: "I can't get this bandage to.. Stop moving!"
Angel: "I'm not."
Cordelia: "Well, then stop breathing."
Angel: "I don't breathe."
Cordelia: "Then stop flexing your manly boob-muscles or whatever."

Angel: "You know how hard it is to think straight with a re-bar through your torso?"
Cordelia: "Actually, I do. Benefits of a Sunnydale education."

Angel: "She's just a girl."
Cordelia: "Just a girl that can kill your ass by blinking."
Angel: "She needs help. She's out of control. She's just - lost."

Angel: "I'm going to bed. - It's been a long day."
Cordelia: "You've been up for three hours."
Angel: "Cordelia - find the girl."

Angel: "You're safe here."
Wesley: "We're all - safe people."
Angel: "This is uhm - Wesley and Cordelia."
Bethany: "So, it's a family business, huh?"
Angel: "Friends."

Cordelia: "There is something. She's got a vibe. I'm getting a vibe. She's viby."
Wesley: "I didn't notice a vibe."
Cordelia: "Well, all evidence to the contrary, Wes, but you're not a woman. Women and sex, it's not like you guys, we see more levels. Are you even listening?"

Cordelia: "You're sure nothing's broken?"
Wesley: "I'm sure."
Cordelia: "Nothing at all? Say, your brain? What happened to approach her with caution?"
Wesley: "If I'd given her time to get her defenses up..."
Cordelia: "She wouldn't be crying, you wouldn't be bruised and Angel wouldn't have had a near Melba-toast experience! What did you say to her?"
Wesley: "I mentioned her father."
Cordelia: "Well, who's her father?"
Wesley: "No, it's... The sort of trauma that can produce this level of psychic power usually involves abuse of some kind - very early on. You'd mentioned a sexual vibe, she made a crack about family business. Statistically speaking, the father was the best guest."
Cordelia: "There's not enough yuck in the world."

Bethany: "People are pathetic."
Angel: "I don't know. - I like 'em. The time I've lived - I've seen some horrors - scary behavior, and a couple of fashion trends I constantly pray to forget, but - I see people try. - I see them try to be better."
Bethany: "You sound like an old guy."
Angel: "Well, you know, I'm very well preserved."

Angel: "You wanna make love, but you don't wanna be touched?"
Bethany: "Make love? What are you, from the eighteenth century?"

Lilah: "Shut up! Just shut up! One more excuse from you and I'm gonna bury you alive next to my house so I can hear you screaming."

Angel: "Listen to me! Nobody is controlling you. You have the power here. You're gonna kill us, you're gonna die?! Then they win. Don't let them. - Don't let them touch you."

Lilah: "He is a vampire, you know."
Bethany: "Weird."

Angel: "Looks like you're gonna have to find someone else's brain to play with."
Lilah: "Yeah, we have someone in mind."
Angel: "Good night, Lilah."
Lilah: "Sweet dreams."

Episode Guide: Untouched

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