Guise Will Be Guise

Cordelia: "Do you have have any clothes a man would wear?"

Angel: "What are you two doing in here?"
Cordelia: "Um, I'm thinking risking our lives to save yours..."
Gunn: "How'd you get in?"
Wesley: "We used the door."

Cordelia: "Still with the Darla of it?"

Gunn: "It's cool. He's got a plan."
Wesley: "A plan?"
Angel: "Yeah. I get to the office before they stop me."
Gunn: "See?... What? That's the plan? Walking real quick was the 'plan'?"
Cordelia: "Angel, this is crazy. Listen to yourself. You're all insane and angry and... insane! You need help!"

Angel: "Maybe I'm a little angry."
Cordelia: "Maybe?"

Gunn: "Okay, what I want to know is... how'd I live is LA all my life and not notice weird-ass stuff was going on?"
Cordelia: "Oh, the ass is even weirder than you think."

Host: "You doing okay?"
Angel: "Yeah, yeah."
Host: "Once more with less feeling."

Gunn: "Wait. Are you saying... Is he gonna sing? Oh God, is Angel gonna sing?"

Angel: "We're going. I don't have to sing."
Cordelia: "Oh thank God!... I-I mean for your sake, cause you don't like to do that."

Wesley: "I'm Angel... You looking for me?"

Magev: "You live in LA. It's all about the car you drive."
Angel: "I really don't think..."
Magev: "Vampire, living in a city known for its sun - driving a convertable. - Why do you hate yourself?"
Angel: "I don't. I mean, I got a deal."
Magev: "You got a deal. - Why not personalized license plate that says 'irony'?"

Magev: "So why all the layers, all the black? You know it's been about 80 degrees in the shade lately."
Angel: "No reason. I-I don't have a body temperature so..."
Magev: "So it's for the look."
Angel: "No. - It's just this way I don't have to worry about matching. - I don't have a reflection so..."
Magev: "Sure you do."
Angel: "I do?"
Magev: "You're reflected in the people around you. The way they see you. - What do you think they see?"

Wesley: "Dear god! That's - nummy."

Magev: "There are two yous."
Angel: "Two mes."
Magev: "The image you work so hard to create adn the real you."
Angel: "Well, maybe my persona is a little - affected."
Magev: "A little affected? Come on. How many warriors slated for the coming apocalypse do you think are gonna be using that hair gel? Don't get me wrong - you're out there fighting the ultimate evil you're gonna want something with hold. - But how do you expect to triumph over the soldiers of darkness when you're still fighting yourself?"
Angel: "You think I'm fighting myself?"

Magev: "You're fighting yourself. Fight me! Why are you holding back? Why can't you let go?"
Angel: "Because."
Magev: "Why?"
Angel: "If I let it, it'll kill you."
Magev: "It?"
Angel: "The demon."
Magev: "Ha! But the demon is you!"
Angel: "No."
Magev: "Yes! That's the thing you spend so much energy trying to conceal!"
Angel: "No, I just - I can't let it control me."
Magev: "Ah. I see... You don't think it controls you?"

Lanier: "The vampire is with you? - Then who the hell is the English guy?"

Magev: "Ouch! Ow! What are you doing?"
Angel: "Getting in touch with my inner demon."

Cordelia: "Good move. Now let's scuttle our butts out of here."

Cordelia: "Well, that was pretty humiliating, huh?"

Cordelia: "Angel, Gunn what happened?"
Angel: "He got hit."
Cordelia: "By who? The swami? Swamies don't hit. Swamies swam."
Angel: "Why is Wesley wearing my coat?"
Gunn: "That was a whole lot of swami."

Angel: "What's going on? - Were you in Virginia?"
Wesley: "That's beside the point."

Angel: "Uh, Wesley, can I get my coat back?"

Wesley: "Release her or die."
Angel: "Don't I say that?"

Angel: "I'm not a eunuch."
Cordelia: "One day as Angel, one day! - and he's getting some."

Angel: "I mean, the curse isn't even all the clear."

Angel: "Cordelia, you're just jealous that he's getting some attention."
Cordelia: "Damned skippy! He's getting famous off this! Reflected glory - that's my thing!"

Episode Guide: Guise Will Be Guise

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