Go Fish

Season 2 Episode #20
Overall Episode #32; Original air date May 5, 1998
Written by David Fury & Elin Hampton. Directed by David Semel.

Slay Me - episode rating
<== <== (out of 5 stakes)

French Title: Les Hommes-Poissons
German Title: Das Geheimnis Der Fischmonster

I'm a swim groupie. Oh, yeah, you know there's something about the smell of chlorine on a guy. Oh, baby. -Buffy explaining why she is spying on the swim team.

The Story:
- - Three Times A Fish Guy - -

Say What? - quote of the week ... More Quotes
Willow: If steroids are that dangerous, why would they do that to themselves?
Buffy: They needed to win. And winning equals trophies, which equals prestige for the school. You see how they're treated. It's been like that forever.
Xander: Sure. The discus throwers got the best seats at all the crucifixions.
Buffy: Meanwhile, I'm breaking my nails every day battling the forces of evil, and my French teacher can't even remember my name.

Slayage - 0.

Body Count - 2 - Nurse Greenliech and Coach Marin are killed by the Fish Monster; several members of the Sunnydale High swim team, though they don't die, are turned into Fish Monsters including Cameron Walker, Gage Petronzi, Sean, and Dodd McAlvy.

Credits - the cast: *Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers; *Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris; *Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg; *Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase; *Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles; *David Boreanaz - Angelus; Armin Shimerman - Principal Snyder; Charles Cyphers - Coach Marin; Jerremy Garrett - Cameron Walker; Wentworth Miller - Gage Petronzi; Conchata Ferrell - Nurse Greenliech; Danny Strong - Jonathan Levinson; Shane West - Sean; Jake Patellis - Dodd McAlvy.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Mann's Chinese by Naked; Three Times a Lady by Lionel Richie/The Commodores; and If You'd Listen by Nero's Rome. Episode score by Sean Murray and Shawn Clement.

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