Cordelia: "I just want to say... thank you. You believed in me when no one else would. Even in the darkest hours, you were there for me, and that means more than you'll ever know. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, I love you. To all my fans, this is for you!"
Fred: "Wow -- that was -- wow. Cause and with the tears? I got chill bumps all up my arms."
Cordelia: "Yep, that's the famous speech. Not that I'll ever use it, of course, unless they start handing out awards for Best Slime and Grime. I swear, next time Angel decides to blow something up, he's cleaning his own scorchmarks."
Gunn: "Less yammer. More scrub."

Gunn: "Wes back yet?"
Cordelia: "Nope. Still at the store getting some more extra-strength ick remover."

Angel: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Dirty people not touching the baby."
Cordelia: "But pig-drinking bloodsuckers are okay? I meant that in a nice way. And when I get back, I got the first dibs on the baby snuggles."
Angel: "Make sure you get under your fingernails!"

Cordelia: "Wanting! Wanting presents!"

Wesley: "You'll have to forgive the wrapping -- some of us seem to have fostered a strange addiction to Scotch tape."

Cordelia: "I'm fine, you guys. I'll be okay. I'm just -- dead."

Angel: "She's still breathing, heart's still beating."
Cordelia: "Yesss! But if I'm not dead, then --"
Angel: "She's just in some sorta trance or... or coma."
Cordelia: "Like hell I am. Hel-lo? Not in a coma. Coma free."

Lorne: "Jumpin Judas on a unicycle. What happened?"

Lorne: "I'm picking up some hardcore woo-woo vibes in the room. This ain't medical, kids -- it's mystical."
Cordelia: "Ding ding ding ding! Don Pardo, tell im what he's won!"

Angel: "Don't say 'last'. She'll come out of this. She has to."
Cordelia: "And she will! For the last time, I'm fine. I may be having a little seperation anxiety what with the leaving-my-body and all, but I'm not dying. I'm not!"

Cordelia: "Does nobody care that there's a girl in Reseda about to be fed to a no-eyed three-mouthed monster?"

Cordelia: "Happy freakin birthday."

Fred: "Hi there. I know we haven't been formally introduced -- actually, I'm not sure how to introduce myself to someone who's, you know, former -- but I'm Fred. It's nice to meet you."
Gunn: "You are so cool."
Fred: "I think we should tell him."
Gunn: "I think you might wanna... Do ghosts sit down?"

Angel: "Cordy? I know you can't hear me, but... there's something I have to say. You really piss me off, you know that? I thought we trusted each other, but you've been lying -- MRI's, CAT scans; it's been going on for over a year. Why couldn't you let me in? I could've helped you. You make me so furious."

Lorne: "Knock, knoce. How is she?"
Cordelia: "Ready to punch this jerk in the nose."
Angel: "The same. You ready?"

Lorne: "Cordelia's not in there. She's just... gone."
Cordelia: "I'm standing right in front of you! And I'm scared."

Cordelia: "--the last time I was this scared. I guess I was around eight or nine -- and I'm sure that clown just thought he was doing his job, but the way he twisted those balloon animals... For years I had nightmares that he'd come into my house and twist off my --"

Wesley: "Fred studied Cordy's latest CAT scans. The news is not good. The tests show widespread neuroelectrial deterioration."
Cordelia: "Aw, come on... that's just a fancy way of saying --"
Angel: "She's dying."
Cordelia: "I think I like the fancy way better."

Cordelia: "I'm not... I can't be dying. I'm not ready yet. Oh no... please no..."
Skip: "Hey. How's it goin'?"

Cordelia: "You're... you're death, aren't you? You've come to take me..."
Skip: "...down to the fiery pits of hell where you'll roast for all eternity in neverending anguish and torturous pain. MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kidding, I'm Skip. You're Cordelia Chase, right? Sorry it took me so long. I was supposed to get here right after you popped, but there was construction, and traffic -- it was a whole thing."

Cordelia: "I don't wanna die."
Skip: "So don't."

Lorne: "For the love of God somebody make me a Seabreeze."

Cordelia: "The Powers That Be popped me out of my body and sent me to the mall."
Skip: "Actually, this is more a construct of a mall. Like in 'The Matrix'."
Cordelia: "You've seen 'The Matrix'?"

Cordelia: "You mean, Doyle gave me the visions becasue... he loved me?"

Skip: "Life and death... that kind of stuff they have a grip on. Who someone chooses to love... well, that's just good old free will."

Skip: "You're on the sidelines over here, talking to a couple of wannabe moguls. Angel's downfield here. Now, instead of cutting to the middle and meeting Angel, what if you'd been forcd to counter? What if this man -- who happens to be a very powerful talent agent -- flanked you, and drew you offsides? What would happen then?"
Cordelia: "I'd... score a touchdown?"
Skip: "Metaphorically speaking? Heck, yeah."

Angel: "You're killing her. She's unconscious and alone and who know if she's in pain..."
Voices: "It is angry. It is afraid."
Angel: "I'm more afraid of her dying than she is? What is that?"
Voices: "Love."

Lauren: "Oh it's happy dance time. We're doing the happy dance. Yes we're doin the -- sweetie, you can't cry during the happy dance, it's against the law."

Clerk: "Yes? How can we --? Oh! Ms. Chase! Can you help me? Can I help we? I mean, can we help you?"

Cordelia: "Wesley, what are you doing here? And where's your other arm? So you kill things now? Cause last time I saw you, you just sorta... fainted in front of em."

Cordelia: "...and underneath the wallpaper was an address. This address. So for absolutely no sane-person reason I can think of, I come out here, and whammo: screamy monster fun time. What's up with that?"

Gunn: "So is it true you and Wes were... you know? That you had a little...?"
Cordelia: "...humiliating kiss where he drooled all over my chin? Yeah. Thought I've worked really hard to repress it."

Cordelia: "I remember everything. They're mine. The visions are mine."

Cordelia: "Sure, it was fair, but it wasn't me. Think about it. I had everything I ever dreamed about, and all it did was lead me back here. Back to Angel and the guys. How do you explain that? This is the life I'm supposed to live."

Cordelia: "Then find a loophole, Skip. Because I know my purpose in this world and it includes the visions. And if the Powers aren't complete dumbasses, They know it too."
Skip: "There may be a tiny loophole."
Cordelia: "I'll take it."
Skip: "You might wanna think about that. The only way you can keep the visions... is by becoming part-demon. The process isn't easy -- it'll make your vision-pain feel like a stroll through Candy Land. And even after the agony subsides, the effects of the transformation would be numerous and unpredictable. You may never be able to lead a human life again."
Cordelia: "So demonize me already."
Skip: "It was an honor being your guide Cordelia Chase."
Cordelia: "Wait! I'm not... I won't have horns or scales or anything, will I?"
Skip: "Probably shouldn'ta called em dumbasses."

Angel: "Thought I'd lost you."
Cordelia: "No horns. No tail. Whew. Just checking. Ahh. Feels so good to be solid again."

Episode Guide: Birthday

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