Waiting In The Wings

Cordelia: "You gonna ask her out?"
Wesley: "The Ravager?"
Cordelia: "Fred."
Wesley: "Oh. Yes. Yes. But you know, timing. I'll make my move right when I feel the iron is hot."
Cordelia: "Well, get it done, Johnnie Reb, so I can hear about something else and you can do something besides feeling your hot iron."

Cordelia: "You know, there was a time when you thought I was the loveliest thing in the world."
Wesley: "Well, I... you're an extraordinary woman, and cetainly beautiful, I--"
Cordelia: "At ease, soldier. Just like to hear it every now and then. Get a little of the love. Something, anyway. I was the ditsiest bitch in Sunnydale, coulda had any man I wanted; now I'm all superhero-y and the best action I can get is an invisible ghost who's good with a loofah."
Wesley: "Sorry, I missed that last part."
Cordelia: "You are a gentleman."
Angel: "Who's doing what with a loofah?"

Angel: "Ask me why I'm smiling."
Cordelia: "I will because it's scaring me."
Angel: "We... are steppin out."

Gunn: "Particularly the way you can shovel a mountain range of food into your mouth, that is some olympian feat, that much eating --"
Fred: "Oh, was I a pig? It's just that first breakfast seems to go so quick and I'm always still --"
Gunn: "I'm just wondering where it goes in that little stick-figure body you got."
Fred: "Stick -- you're a beast."

Gunn: "But... you got ballet on my Mahta Hari tickets."
Angel: "This is the Blinnikov World Ballet Corps."
Cordelia: "He's been saying that like it has meaning."

Angel: "Oh yeah. I saw their production of Giselle in 1890 -- cried like a baby. And I was evil!"
Fred: "I think it sounds exciting."
Wesley: "Yes, yes."
Gunn: "No, no."

Gunn: "I will never trust you again. The trust is gone."
Cordelia: "Oh, get over it. Do we get dressed up?"
Angel: "Oh course."
Cordelia: "I'm in."

Angel: "Gunn, these guys are tight, and you're gonna be tripping out."
Gunn: "Don't be using my own phrases when we've lost the trust."

Cordelia: "There's definite feelings. We find you the right outfit for tonight there may be actual feeling."

Lorne: "Sorry, Strudel, but it's not just when you're singing. There's a little term we had on Pylea, 'Kyrumption' --"
Angel: "I know it."
Lorne: "Okay! When two great heroes come together --"
Angel: "There's no coming together. Okay? Everything we've been through, and all anyone wants to talk about --"
Lorne: "Can't fight Kyrumption, cinnamon buns. It's fate, it's the stars, kyrumption --"
Angel: "Stop saying that! And stop calling me pastries."

Lorne: "Besides, we all know you got a thing for ex-cheerleaders."

Gunn: "You gotta promise not to laugh."
Fred: "I promise."
Gunn: "It's gotta come from the heart."
Fred: "Will you stop being such a little girl? I promise."
Gunn: "So this is what your promises are worth. I'm having a lot of trust issues at this time in my life."
Fred: "I'm sorry, it's just... My God, you're so pretty!"
Gunn: "You know there's not a lot of people could say that to me and live. But the way you look, there's no way I can fight you."

Cordelia: "Thank you, no thank you. There will be no visions tonight."
Angel: "How can you be sure?"
Cordelia: "I had a vision. The iron is hot."

Cordelia: "I loved it!"
Angel: "It's just intermission."
Cordelia: "That isn't drool, is it?"
Angel: "It's okay. Matches the back."

Gunn: "I'll say it once and gloat all you want: These guys are tight, and I am tripping out."

Cordelia: "Well, it's a puzzler. Are there snacks?"

Gunn: "That would also explain the precision, and the athleticism. I mean, some of those jumps... You know, I was cool before I met y'all."
Cordelia: "Dancing vampires. Who's not scared?"

Fred: "Zombies! Or would they be peeling...?"

Gunn: "Okay, but there might be a clue, you know, in the performance, maybe some of us should... watch..."
Wesley: "You created him, only you can destroy him."
Angel: "You guys go back. I'll snoop."
Cordelia: "I'm with snoopy. Magic of the ballet not really getting to me."
Wesley: "How will the dancers keep time without your rhythmic snoring?"
Gunn: "Oh, that's too cold."
Cordelia: "Don't think that's not coming back to haunt you."
Angel: "Go."
Cordelia: "I didn't really snore, did I?"
Angel: "Of couse not."

Cordelia: Okay. You saw the building when we drove by -- do you remember it going on forever?"

Angel: "Okay, there has to be something here besides this maze."
Cordelia: "And with our luck, it'll be a Minotaur or a giant Ms. PacMan."

Cordelia: "I want you to undress me."
Angel: "You what?"
Cordelia: "It's just another costume. I want you to see who I really am. You're the only one who can."
Angel: "I... This isn't us. Cordelia, we're... acting this out. Someone is --"
Cordelia: "Whoah."
Angel: "The energy of the room, it's..."
Cordelia: "Did I actually just tell you to undress me?"

Cordelia: "I'm only alive... when you're inside me..."

Cordelia: "Open the damn door..."
Angel: "Kinda hard..."
Cordelia: "Kinda noticed..."

Lorne: "Go to sleep/ lullaby/ you've been fed and you're sleepy/ you'll be with/ Uncle Lorne/ who in no way resents not being asked to go to the ballet/ and is certainly/ not thinking/ of selling you to the first vampire cult that makes him a decent offer..."

Cordelia: "I said something. Back in that room, something important. Do you remember?"
Angel: "Uh... you're only alive when I'm --"
Cordelia: "Not that."
Angel: "No. Of course. I was just... Oh! Hey! I said you were afraid."

Angel: "I'm marvelling at the wrongness of that idea."
Cordelia: "You wanna wander around backstage like Spinal Tap for the next... ever?"
Angel: "I'm sure there's other rooms that --"
Cordelia: "All we have to do is play the scene out. Say what they have to say, and get out before... before I give you a happy."
Angel: "What if there is no more talking in that scene? Look, I've been possessed by the spirits of old lover before, it never goes well."
Cordelia: "I've got my little cross, if things get out of hand... Hey, it's awkward, but it's not us, so as long as nothing is removed or inserted, it's all forgotten."
Angel: "It is us, Cordelia. You and me. And kissing you, it's... It's not something I can just --"
Cordelia: "Oh come on. It's not that horrible. Up to his ass in demon gore, fine, but ask him to mack on a hottie and he wigs. My champion, ladies and gentlemen."

Gunn: "But... we're gonna miss the end..."

Fred: "Do you hear --"
Wesley: "There's something... Someone's in pain."
Fred: "Either that, or someone's in fun."

Angel: "You all right?"
Cordelia: "Yeah. We gotta move."
Angel: "You think they're not dead?"
Cordelia: "You just looked really hot doing that."
Angel: "Oh."
Cordelia: "Run."

Gunn: "Scared I'm gonna die on you?"
Fred: "Charles, don't even --"
Gunn: "All I ask is... one last kiss... as the light is dimming..."
Fred: "You think that's funny?"

Fred: "Uh, Cordy? Your, uh, tag is showing."

Cordelia: "Hope you're in a killin mood."
Wesley: "I should do all right."

The Dancer: "I waited too long. I should have gone when he asked me, should have dissappeared. But I wanted this, this dance, this... I hesitated and I lost everything that mattered. Now all I do is wait."

Angel: "It's not too late. You can change things."

Cordelia: "You know, we should probably just not talk about our little adventure. Anything that might have been seen, anything that might have been, oh, perky --"

Lorne: "Just showed up. Apparently, once everyone on Pylea got their freedom, political situation got kind of sketchy. The Groosalugg here got deposed -- they set up some kind of people's republic. So he came looking for his... true love..."
Angel: "Well, that's... that's good for her."

Fred: "Well, that's a surprise. I thought for sure she was meant to be with Angel. I guess you can never predict those things. You know?"
Wesley: "No. I guess you never can."

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