Season 3 Episode #14
Overall Episode #58; Original air date February 18, 2002
Written by Tim Minear & Jeffrey Bell. Directed by Tim Minear.

Slay Me - episode rating
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The Story:
- - I'm Tired Of Being Lonely - -

Say What? - quote of the week... More Quotes
Susan: You think you know someone. You think your place is secure and that there's a future there... and then something happens. No. Strike that. Someone happens. They insinuate themselves, pushing you out, taking your place.

Credits - the cast: *David Boreanaz - Angel; *Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase; *Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndam-Price; *J. August Richards - Charles Gunn; *Amy Acker - Winifred Burkle; Andy Hallett - Lorne/The Host; Mark Lutz - Groosalugg; Bernard K. Addison - Monster; Steven Hack - Lionel; Franshen Cox - Anita; Marissa Matarazzo - Susan; Scott Donovan - Jerry; Bob Rumnock - Business Man; Vanie Poyer - Pillow Fight Woman; Michael Otis - Pillow Fight Man.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Dub in Ya Mind by Afterlife; and David Greenwalt's Back in the Blue. Episode score by Robert J. Kral.

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