Fred: "It doesn't make sense. He wouldn't take Angel's child."
Gunn: "He did."
Fred: "It's Wesley! Why would he do that?"
Gunn: "We find him we can ask him."
Fred: "If Angel finds him before we do..."
Gunn: "He'll kill him and we won't be able to ask him."

Justine: "No more training and no more practice. From here out - everything is real."

Linwood: "Not much of a handshake, what with being incorporeal and all."

Linwood: "That Angel. He sure keeps us hopping, doesn't he? We're in a war you can never win, Lilah, full of sticky, moral quandaries. The side you choose should always be mine."

Angel: "Did we check the files?"
Gunn: "They're in English. Cordelia's filing system isn't."
Angel: "She was keeping some kind of list of Time and Space shifting Entities."
Gunn: "Okay. Would that be under, Time, Space, Shifting, or Entities?"
Angel: "Let's just check them all."

Angel: "I don't wanna ruin Cordelia's holiday."
Fred: "Angel - don't you think she would want us to call? - Shouldn't we be telling her what happened? Maybe she could help."
Angel: "No!"
Fred: "Angel..."
Angel: "She'll be back soon. And when she does she'll have presents, for Connor. - - And he's gonna be here so she can give them to him, okay?"

Angel: "This - this isn't working. Forget about all this. I gotta go."
Fred: "Did he just say to forget about all this?"
Gunn: "Yeah, he did."
Fred: "You don't suppose he's decided to skip right to the 'dealing with those responsible' part, do you?"

Lorne: "The portal you saw opened? It was no portal - because there are no portals to Quor-toth. The only way in - is to rip right through the fabric of reality."

Lorne: "Angel, I know this isn't easy for you but you got to hear it. If you somehow managed to get in, finding Connor would be like looking for a needle in a haystack - the size of China."
Angel: "Needles. Should have thought of that."
Lorne: "You just don't have the resources to conjure up that much dark power."
Angel: "Oh, I think we do."

Lorne: "Angel? - Who is this?"
Linwood: "Linwood Murrow, division president of Special Projects at Wolfram and Hart and - you are?"
Lorne: "Ah, deeply troubled."

Lorne: "Angel - this isn't some slimy demon you got trussed up here. He's human... marginally, but still. This isn't gonna bring Connor back."
Angel: "He better hope it does."
Lorne: "Do you even know what you're doing?"

Fred: "Great! Let's have more violence. It's such a help. We lost a child, you lost Holtz. Isn't that enough already?"
Justine: "No."
Fred: "So, kill everybody? That'll make you happy?... Oh. There is no happy for you."

Girl: "Hello. Angel. Lilah. Your fingernails are pretty. I love red. You have a taste for red, too - and revenge. I know. It's so much more fun than forgiveness. So what's up?"

Girl: "They were all about torture and death. You can relate. Well, they caused a lot of trouble. Don't get me wrong. I like trouble. But I hate chaos. So we changed em."
Angel: "You made them immaterial."
Girl: "Smart boy. Now they watch, and they can no longer touch."

Girl: "Can't wait to see how it turns out."

Fred: "Okay. Throw me away."
Gunn: "You want me to put you in the trash."

Fred: "The father will kill the son."
Gunn: "Wes thought Angel..."
Fred: "...was going to kill Connor."

Fred: "Wes did the right thing. The only thing he could do under the circumstances. Now we have to find Angel and tell him right away."
Gunn: "And he'll forgive Wesley for taking his son and giving him to his mortal enemy?"
Fred: "Well - maybe begin to forgive."

Lorne: "You know, not speaking would be a really good look for you."

Sahjhan: "What the... Now this is more like it."

Fred: "He was trying to protect Connor."
Gunn: "He was trying to protect you - same as we're doing right now."
Fred: "Angel, the prophecy..."
Angel: "It's a lie. I'd never hurt Connor."
Fred: "How can you know that for sure?"
Angel: "I'd never hurt someone I care about. - Now move."

Gunn: "What are they doing here?"
Lorne: "There was kidnapping, a spell, dark magic. It's bad, kids."

Justine: "Don't run off now. The fun's just starting."
Angel: "I'm not your boyfriend. Find someone else to smack you around."

Angel: "You didn't do anything wrong."
Driver: "It's all mu fault."
Angel: "No. - No, it isn't."

Justine: "His side? His side's kinda funny. He sacrificed everything he believed in to save that kid."

Gunn: "Stay down!"
Justine: "Uhm - no."

Gunn: "You wrote the prophecies."
Sahjhan: "More a re-write."
Fred: "The father will kill the son."
Sahjhan: "Yeah. I flitted back and foth in time. Changed the one that threatened me, polished some others. Flitted in a manly way - just so we're clear. You're not really my enemy. Your in my home and I'm gonna kick your ass, but you were never the point."
Angel: "It was Connor."
Sahjhan: "Boy! Can't put one over on you, can you? Oh, wait - already did. It's pretty freaky the first time you see your name in a true prophecy all carved in blood on an official scroll. 'The one sired by the vampire with a soul will grow to manhood and kill Sahjhan'. Me!"
Fred: "So you planted false prophecies, that Angel would kill his son, and Wesley believed them."
Sahjhan: "Thank god he had some spine. Holtz was useless. He wanted to raise your kid as his own! I'm living with a knife over my heart for eleven hundred years and he's into petty revenge! If he'd just killed the damn thing while it was still in its mother we could have avoided all this!"

Sahjhan: "Do I look like I need more skin problems?"

Sahjhan: "Had to put your boy down. Pity. The kid had a big future. I mean big. Oh well, we all gotta go sometime."

Lorne: "Hey, I, ah, cleaned the pentagram as best I could. The dry book, well, that's starting to be a look out there."
Angel: "Thanks."
Lorne: "Yeah, well, you know me. Like to keep busy."

Lorne: "You know, there is a bigger picture here, Angel. And in that bigger picture there is a glass."
Angel: "If the words 'glass is half full' are about to come out of your mouth - don't."
Lorne: "No. No, this is more a glass half full of spiked blood. If Sahjhan and that lady lawyer pulled off their feeding plan, you'd have Connor's blood on your hands."
Angel: "Don't I anyway?"
Lorne: "No! You think there is something more you could have done? You did everything you could with the knowledge you had. Just like Wesley. - You know, maybe the way to start forgiving yourself is by starting to forgive him."

Angel: "You son of a bitch, you're gonna pay for what you did! You took my son! You son of a bitch! You bastard! You think I'd forgive you?! No! Never! You're gonna die! You hear me? You're gonna pay!"

Angel: "You're dead! You're a dead man, Pryce! You're dead! I'll kill you! I'll kill you. You're a dead man! Dead! Dead!"

Episode Guide: Forgiving

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