The Price

Groo: "Angel. You and I have fought side by side on more than one occasion, fellow warriors, shoulder to shoulder. By now my council must surely hold weight. So I beseech you to heed my words."
Angel: "Okay."
Groo: "Pomegranate Mist is the wrong color for this room."

Cordelia: "Don't mock. He actually has good color sense."
Groo: "Summer splendor is a hue more worthy of a champion. Or... or perhaps this unique one called purpla."
Angel: "Purple. - Yet you have no problems pronouncing pomegranate."
Groo: "It was my mother's name."
Angel: "What are the odds?"

Angel: "Is something wrong? Oh, the pentagram. Don't worry about that. That's - that's an old case. It's done."

Cordelia: "Hey, when did we get the statue for the lobby? - Oh, it's just you."

Angel: "You know the gist of it."
Cordelia: "Yeah. Sure. I've got loads of gist. But what I don't got is the specifics. Specifically about that little five pointed doodad decorating our lobby and the voodoo that you dood - did over it."
Angel: "Cordy!"

Cordelia: "You can run away, avoid talking about this, but you know as well as I do that stuff we do in the past usually comes back to bite us in our respective 'assi' and what you did..."
Angel: "Okay. So maybe I wasn't thinking too clearly. I mean, I was drunk for a while. Drunk on my own son's blood, slipped into my food by the good folks at Wolfram and Hart. And my head was a little clouded with rage over a trusted friend stealing my child from me... Damn it, Cordelia, you got me talking about this."
Cordelia: "Probably just needed to vent."

Server: "I don't wanna be rude, sir, but you've been here for almost six hours!"
Second Server: "And like a hundred peach smoothies."
Server: "I think you're not well, sir."
Second Server: "Dude, you haven't taken a whiz since you'be been here."

Gavin: "Hey, you know, despite our differences, when a co-worker tries to pat you on the back..."
Lilah: "I check for the knife."

Fred: "Look, he doesn't have to forgive Wesley."
Gunn: "I'm glad you think so, cause - not happening."
Fred: "No. Right. He-he shouldn't. But isn't there some way to - I don't know, come back from this?"
Gunn: "Not unless Wes comes back with that baby under his arm. And even then, Angel'd probably kill him on principle."

Cordelia: "Ah, I give up. I've tried soaking it out. I've tried scrubbing it out. No question - we've got ring around the lobby. I say we toss in the towel and buy a big-ass throw rug. Who's with me?"

Cordelia: "He is such a sweetie. So loyal and loving - like a puppy dog."
Fred: "Cordy..."
Cordelia: "I know that didn't sound very good, but he is. A puppy dog. A sexy, well-built, go-all-night puppy dog. - Okay, that sounded worse."

Cordelia: "Angel's feelings are the only ones I care about. He's my priority. I got dosed with demon DNA for that man. I'm semi-demon and I still don't know what that means. Apart from the random floatiness and seizureless visions, which is keen, sometimes it's hard to tell when I'm... Angel?"

Second Server: "Look out! The dude's got Ebola or something."
Groo: "Is Ebola a weapon forged in magic?"
Lorne: "No, forged in monkey poo."
Angel: "Okay, sir, you wanna just put down the super size or..."

Angel: "Okay, people, looks like we got a case."

Angel: "'We' he kept saying we. This morning it's we have to go. Now it's we're thirsty."
Cordelia: "Okay, so he's pretentious."

Angel: "This has nothing to do with me!"
Phil: "You! - This is all happening because of you! This is all your fault."

Angel: "My fault?"
Cordelia: "That's what the sandman said."

Gunn: "Okay. That was a thing."
Fred: "A big, ugly slug thing."
Cordelia: "Where did it go?"
Groo: "It has vanished. Just like the glass ells in Scag swamp in Uxemburg. - I'm just making an observation."

Lorne: "I'm not really the hunter type. Can't I just come along for moral support?"

Groo: "This weapon should serve me better."
Angel: "Ah, a little big for our purpose, don't you think?"
Groo: "I've had no complaints."

Angel: "Start with Thaumogenisis."
Fred: "Thaumo...?"
Angel: "Creatures manifested as byproduct of using dark magic."

Lorne: "Hey, I warned you Angel-face, you mess with powers of darkness..."
Angel: "There's a price to pay. I know there's always a price. - The question is, is it one worth paying."
Lorne: "So, was this?"
Angel: "No. That spell I did was for nothing. I didn't find my son, so now he's gone forever. So, you ask me, was it worth it? Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, because he was my son."

Fred: "God, I hate this!"
Gunn: "Yeah, I'm with you. That creepy crawly was seriously messed up. With those little feelers or whatever they were sticking out of it's face, slithering around like a worm and slimy..."
Fred: "No! I meant I hate going through these books."
Gunn: "Oh. - Oh, yeah, books. Books, that's - that's rough."

Gunn: "But I think we can handle one little slug from hell."

Gavin: "Did you get the e-mail?"
Lilah: "The one marked 'confidential'? The one I have to use a magic bug to open? The one that officially, you shouldn't even know about."
Gavin: "There must have been a glitch in the server."

Lilah: "Do you have a point - or are you just waxing my desk with your ass for fun?"

Groo: "I instructed you not to move."
Cordelia: "Well, gee, forgive me for saving my own life."

Angel: "But at least we have one advantage."
Cordelia: "What? They glow in the dark? How is that gonna help unless we shut off all the lights in the holy crap you're not serious."

Gunn: "Boy, this just keeps getting funner and funner."
Angel: "I'm glad to see that you're enjoying yourself,... because somebody's got to go down in the basement and shut off the power."
Gunn: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no..."

Cordelia: "Everything okay down there?"
Gunn: "Oh, yeah. It's a party. - Here is the icing on the cake."

Fred: "We're thirsty."

Lorne: "Oh, man! This space is one part 'hum' and two parts 'dinger'! Ever think of turning it into a nightclub?... Eh, I'm missing my life. Sue me."

Gunn: "Hang on, baby. We're gonna get you to a hospital."
Fred: "No, Charles! We... No. It-it wants that. To - to escape, spread. You-you can't let it. Don't let us. - it! - It will kill... Oh, it really doesn't like you."
Angel: "The feeling's mutual."

Gunn: "All this is happening because of you what you did. This is your fault. Messing with scary-ass mojo no sane person should be messing with."
Angel: "I did what I had to do."
Gunn: "You do what you want to get what you want. The hell with the consequences."

Cordelia: "Oh my god. We have a pool?"

Angel: "Work with me, Fred. Make it answer me. What do you want here?"
Fred: "To live. - To live. - To drink... and be merry. - It hurts - us. We have to get out."
Cordelia: "It sounds more like they want in."
Fred: "We have to flee. It brings pain. Such pain."
Lorne: "It? What happened to we? What's with the pronoun switcheroo?"
Angel: "What are you fleeing from?"
Fred: "The bringer of torment - agony - death. - The destroyer."
Cordelia: "Oh. - That is just not the name you wanna hear."
Angel: "Why is this destroyer after you?"
Fred: "It's not. - It's not coming after you - Angel."

Fred: "You're gonna die so horribly."

Cordelia: "What's - happening - to - me?"

Lorne: "Okay, unless anyone else has something to say, can I be the first to say: what the hell was that?"

Groo: "You are truly a goddess."
Cordelia: "Well, demoness anyway. Beats horns and a tail."
Lorne: "Hey! I'm standing right here!"

Lorne: "Is everyone forgetting we got a little unexpected company on the way? It goes by the initials 'the destroyer'?"
Fred: "The destroyer. I remember the destroyer's coming."
Cordelia: "Yeah, we got that. Any idea when?"
Fred: "Uhm, I think - now."

Connor: "Hi, dad."

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