A New World

Season 3 Episode #20
Overall Episode #64; Original air date May 6, 2002
Written by Jeffrey Bell. Directed by Tim Minear.

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The Story:
- - He's All Alone In A Strange World - -

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Wesley: Dante's Divine Comedy.
Lilah: Actually it's just part one, The Inferno. It's not a first edition, more like the fifteen hundreds, but it's in the original Tuscan. Have you read it?
Wesley: Several times.
Lilah: Then you know it's a guided tour of the underworld, the nine levels of hell.
Wesley: Yes. Descending, concentric rings based on severity of the sin.
Lilah: You know, I always forget - the very bottom of hell, in the ninth circle, the devil is frozen in ice, right? He got three heads, three mouths and those mouths are reserved for the worst sinners. Now, I can't remember - who is in the center mouth? Wh-what was his name? The one person in all of human history deemed the greatest sinner? Who is it?
Wesley: Judas Iscariot.
Lilah: Right. The worst spot in hell is reserved for those who betray.

Credits - the cast: *David Boreanaz - Angel; *Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase; *Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndam-Price; *J. August Richards - Charles Gunn; *Amy Acker - Winifred Burkle; Vincent Kartheiser - Connor; Andy Hallett - Lorne/The Host; Stephanie Romanov - Lilah Morgan; Mark Lutz - Groosalugg; Erika Thormahlen - Sunny; Anthony Starke - Tyke; Deborah Zoe - Mistress Meerna; Keith Szarabajka - Holtz.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Episode score by Robert J. Kral.

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