Fred: "Still no answer on his cell phone."
Cordelia: "That could mean something if he actually knew how to use it."

Cordelia: "You found him."
Angel: "Yeah."
Cordelia: "And?"
Angel: "And - we talked."
Cordelia: "Looks to me like he likes to talk with his hands."
Angel: "Oh, he didn't do this to me. Not most of it, anyway."

Angel: "He survived Quor-toth this long. He can take care of himself."
Fred: "Okay. So he survived an unspeakable hell dimension. Who hasn't? You-you can't just leave him alone in the streets of Los Angeles!"

Holtz: "Days. We've been gone only days."

Connor: "I've killed lots!"
Holtz: "Only when you had to, only to survive. And that's not the real reason why you worked so hard to get here. You wanted to see him."
Connor: "No."
Holtz: "It's alright son. There is no shame in it. I knew this day would come. That's why I never lied to you. I've always told you the truth about what you're parents were... how you and I came to be together."
Connor: "God gave me to you."
Holtz: "Yes. God delivered me to you, that I'd keep you safe and lavish upon you all the love that I could never give my first children."

Holtz: "Remember what I've taught you. The devil will show you bright things, many colors."

Cordelia: "Shiny."

Fred: "Of course, I'm working of the principal that everything in nature seeks a relaxed and stable state."
Lorne: "I know I do."

Cordelia: "So, maybe if we're very, very lucky, later today we'll be able to kill something. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
Angel: "Sure."

Lorne: "Well, sometimes nothing is the best something. If a thing is meant to be sometimes it is best to just let it happen rather than try to force it."
Groo: "But if a thing is meant to be then how can it be forced?"
Lorne: "Well, I guess it can't."
Groo: "And if a thing is not meant to be?"
Lorne: "Well, then it really can't. Just because someone hops a dimension or two is no guarantee that things will work out. - Well, aren't you just sneaky with the subtext?"
Groo: "It is a beautiful day. If my princess asks, tell her I've gone for a walk. - If she asks."

Cordelia: "It's only temporary."
Angel: "Yeah. Everything's temporary. There's just so much I thought we'd be able to do together before he, you know..."
Cordelia: "Grew up?"
Angel: "Hated me."
Cordelia: "Angel, he doesn't hate you. He doesn't even know you. - But he will. He's gonna come back, Angel."
Angel: "How do you know?"
Cordelia: "Because - he has to. Because he's family."

Fred: "Okay, looks like something might have come in here... Or - here... Wait a minute. Wow. Something here is pretty... hot. - Angel's son! Hi. I didn't mean to click at you."

Fred: "It was very nice to meet you, Steven."

Angel: "So... - You hungry?"
Connor: "What do you have?"
Angel: "We can go out."

Angel: "Listen, uhm, I - I, ah, have to go out for a while."
Connor: "It's okay."
Angel: "It's kind of my job."
Connor: "Yeah. Whatever."
Angel: "It could be kind of dangerous. There's a lot of killing and violence. You wanna come?"

Lilah: "I thought the 'come alone' was a particularly ironic touch. I mean, how else would you come?"

Lilah: "Seems she has been pissing off a lot of undead Americans lately."
Wesley: "And you thought I'd enjoy a box seat for her slaughter."
Lilah: "Well - yeah."
Wesley: "You really don't know the first thing about me, do you?"
Lilah: "Probably not... Like, will he go straight to his car, or will he stop to warn her first?... He has to think about it. That's good. That's all I really needed to know."

Connor: "So why do you do it?"
Angel: "Do what?"
Connor: "Why kill them if they're like you?"
Angel: "They're not like me, Connor."

Angel: "Nice... Ah, take the one on the... Well, yeah. That-that makes more sense."

Lilah: "Who's the boy wonder? He moves just like..."
Wesley: "...his father."

Angel: "They don't need to breathe or make any sound. You gotta be careful. - You know you were - you were good in there... I mean, normally I'd take you to a ballgame, or a museum, or - something. But it's - it's good to know that you can handle yourself in a fight."
* Angel mock attacks Connor. He jumps back, then smiles *
Angel: "It's good to know you can do that, too."

Connor: "Father. - He was everything you said. He tried to trick me. Thought that he could deceive me by saving people. It didn't work. I've seen his true face."
Holtz: "And I've seen yours."

Connor: "You're wrong!"
Holtz: "I'm not wrong. Anyone who saw you together would realize - that's where you're meant to be - at his side."
Connor: "No!"
Holtz: "It was your need for him that drove you across the dimension."

Connor: "He's a demon."
Holtz: "And you're the bastard son of two demons."
Connor: "Then I'm a demon."
Holtz: "You're not. God help me, I don't know what you are, but I'm not the one to give you answers, and there are answers. Go and find them out."

Fred: "Looks like we've been following Angel's son's emissions the whole time."
Gunn: "Now there is a sentence I don't ever need to hear again."

Lorne: "Oh, hey, kiddo. I didn't see you there. You looking for you dad? Come on. He's upstairs. I'll show you the room. - This way."
Connor: "I'm not going anywhere with you, demon."
Lorne: "I'll tell you what, since you were raised in a hell dimension by a psychopath, and since that happens to be a topic that I know a little something about, we'll just let that slide. Now I'll fetch your pop for you."
Connor: "Filthy demon."
Lorne: "Actually, that's uncle filthy demon to you. It wasn't that long ago - like a week - I was changing your diapers, you little..."

Connor: "It's a demon."
Cordelia: "Right. True. He is. But 'demon' doesn't always mean 'evil' in this dimension. I mean, look at me... Well, I'm part demon. Yeah. By choice. I did it so that I could help people. And so tht the back of my head wouldn't..."

Cordelia: "Let it go, honey. - Just let it go. You don't need that. You don't need any of that... That's right. Just let it go, baby... Shh."

Connor: "I might have tried to kill your friend."
Angel: "Yeah, well - she's used to it."

Connor: "You speak as though you're my father."
Angel: "Well..."

Fred: "Where do you want us to take him?"
Angel: "Some place where this world isn't as ugly as he thinks it is."

Cordelia: "Wait. Angel, before you go we have to do that thing."
Angel: "What thing?"
Cordelia: "That thing we do. You know that thing where I say 'are you sure you know what you're doing, Angel, please think about this' and then you ignore me and rush head long into trouble?"
Angel: "Right. That thing. - Okay, are we done?"

Angel: "I'm not gonna kill him even though he deserves it."
Cordelia: "Oh, I don't care if you kill him... He stole Connor's childhood, so kill him. But don't lie to our son. He's been here like a day. Way to build the trust."
Angel: "I'm not lying to him."
Cordelia: "No, you're just sending him off to be distracted while you go confront the man he thinks of as his father."
Angel: "I'm his father."

Justine: "I can't believe you survived it. - How did you?"
Holtz: "My hate kept us alive."
Justine: "Hate gets a bad rap. It can keep you going sometimes when nothing else will."
Holtz: "Yes. I found I had to stay alive that I might pass on my legacy of hate. But something happened in that place, Justine, something changed. Amidst the most unspeakable ugliness the hate turned to love. Love for a son. Hate is not enough. I found that love is far more powerful. Now there is just one thing I need you to do for me and then I can finally be done with vengeance."

Connor: "Ocean. My father taught me about oceans. He never said it was so..."
Fred: "Big?"
Connor: "Empty."
Fred: "It's not. It's just all under the surface. A whole 'nother world actually."

Connor: "I don't remember being lost."

Angel: "You want me to say I'm sorry? How can I? It wouldn't mean a thing."
Holtz: "It would mean a little. Not much, but it would be something."
Angel: "Then I'm sorry. For whatever little it might mean. It's all I've got."
Holtz: "Not all. - You had a son. - So - there it is... I thought by depriving you of that son it would allow me some measure of justice. I was wrong."
Angel: "Taking Connor from me was never justice. It was vengeance."
Holtz: "Or maybe vengeance is what I do now. Give back what I took."
Angel: "What?"
Holtz: "I'm an old man now. I have nothing to offer the boy. You can give him what I can't - his purpose. But every time you look upon his face - every time he calls you 'father' - you will be reminded of that which you took and can never give back. - And if that is vengeance, I find I have no taste for it."

Holtz: "Dearest Steven, this is a most difficult letter for me to write. You mean more to me than anything in this world or any other. But your best interests must come first, which is why by the time you receive this, I will be gone... I hope one day you will be able to forgive an old man's weakness,... which compels him to say these things in a letter. But to attempt a good-bye in your presence... would be impossible for me. I fear I would never let you go. And I must let you go. I know that if I didn't you would only end up hating me. And that I could not bear... Your destiny lies with Angel. I know that now... You will have a better life with him... I'm confronted by that certainty and the knowledge that with him... you will discover your true purpose and come to know who it is you are meant to be... My only prayer is that I have prepared you well enough for whatever lies ahead... I trust that I have. Be brave. Lovingly, your father."

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