Cordelia: "What you got there?"
Groo: "Well, I know you had grave concerns for Angel's welfare, so I made some Mock-Na."
Cordelia: "Oh. Mack-Na. Which is...?"
Groo: "A soothing brew to relieve tension."
Cordelia: "Ah. Kind of looks like muddy water."
Groo: "Yes! The mud gives it body and flavor. Of course there is no Plockweed in this dimension, so I made due with creeping fig and sour cress in the garden. Though it is not true Mock-Na, it is very close to the real thing."
Cordelia: "So it's Mock-Na."
Groo: "Please."
Cordelia: "Well, that's, ah... I mean, I can feel the tension draining already... And a little sediment going down the wrong... Hmm, tasty."

Cordelia: "I don't feel comfortable doing it in the office, Groo."
Groo: "Doing it?"
Cordelia: "Sex."
Groo: "Oh, you wish to have sex?"
Cordelia: "What? No! Shh!"

Cordelia: "So, how did it go?"
Angel: "I found Holtz."
Cordelia: "And?"
Angel: "I didn't kill him."
Cordelia: "Maybe you're growing as a person."

Lorne: "Leaving - on the midnight train to Georgia. Actually it's the nine eighteen flight to Vegas tomorrow, but where is the poetry in that?"

Cordelia: "Well, what about rebuilding your club here?"
Lorne: "That's a great idea, pixie-cat. Except every time I do, you all seem to destroy it."
Cordelia: "It was only - three times."

Connor: "I will do as you taught me. I will cling to the good - and I will lay waste to the evil... Sleep now, father - and forgive me."

Lilah: "Mind if I join you?"
Wesley: "On many levels and with great intensity."
Lilah: "How's your throat? Need a lozenge? Life's something, huh? One day you're a pivotal figure in the big battle, next thing you know, you're thrown out on your lonesome. No one even cares what you think any more."

Wesley: "Mesopotamian, Greek, Hindi, Celtic myth, the bible, even Darwin, all support the coming of something that wasn't possible before."
Lilah: "Okay. - The impossible is here. But what does it mean? Is it the herald of a new age, better things to come or - the mass-destruction of everything we hold dear?"
Wesley: "Yes. Every child born carries into the world the possibility of salvation - or slaughter."

Lilah: "What was it like? Whe she cut you?"
Wesley: "You terribly anxious to find out?"

Fred: "Where is everybody?"
Groo: "I'm here. - Cordelia and Angel are upstairs trying out bedrooms... For Angel's son."
Fred/Gunn: "Oh."

Cordelia: "I'm not telling your sixteen year old boy that."
Angel: "Well, someone has to make sure he knows the facts of life. My track record witht he whole man/woman thing isn't, you know... I don't wanna use the words 'tragic farce' but..."
Cordelia: "Why now? You're still telling him."
Angel: "You could help fill in the blanks. He's gonna have questions. Like, what do you do with a woman's Schlug-Tee again?"
Cordelia: "You and your vampire hearing! Next time you eavesdrop I'm gonna..."
Angel: "Easy there, sailor! You use that kind of language at home?"

Fred: "I wanna be the vampire!"
Gunn: "I wanna be in a hot tub."
Cordelia: "I wanna know who's cleaning this stuff up."

Cordelia: "Hi honey. It's me! And I got your favorites: Tuna and ice cream. How about tonight you try not mixing it together?"

Groo: "I am. Wrong. For you."
Cordelia: "What?"
Groo: "I am not the one you love. He is."
Cordelia: "He is? Who he?"

Angel: "I'm taking the kid to the movies. He's gonna love it."
Lorne: "Oh. No subtitles or dreary Leitmotive, all bloody action?"
Angel: "You bet."
Lorne: "Oh, he'll love you for it."

Angel: "Songs for the love - Lorne. Oh, I get it. Lovelorn, because your name is Lorne."
Lorne: "Yeah, my publicist's idea. Her name is mud now but the tunes are good. And, ah, and that's not my real gift. This is: it's mutual... The way you feel about Cordelia is pretty much exactly how she feels about you."
Cordelia: "I love Angel? What are you talking about? I - love... you know... us."
Lorne: "You two are so obviously connected."
Groo: "You finish each others..."
Lorne: "...sentences. You laugh at the same..."
Groo: "...jests. When he grieves, when he is hurting..."
Lorne: "...her heart breaks for you."
Groo: "In my heart I have known the truth for some time. I've just been - struggling - to find the courage to do what is right."
Lorne: "Bublea, all I'm saying is: stay open. Connor's back. Your whole life is coming together. Sometimes things do work out. I got to skiddoo."

Gunn: "You emptied the jumbo tub?"
Fred: "Free refills."
Gunn: "I love this woman."
Angel: "Shh."
Fred: "Don't skimp on the butter."

Linwood: "He wants to protect his son."
Gavin: "We were counting on that."
Linwood: "What weren't you counting on?"
Angel: "Stay behind me."
Connor: No!"
Gavin: "The kid wanting to protect him so badly."

Phantom Cordelia: "Maybe on some level I've always known it's true."
Cordelia: I have? It is?"
Phantom Cordelia: "I'm in love!"
Cordelia: "I am? I am! - With Angel, right?"
Phantom Cordelia: "With Angel!"
Cordelia: "Just checking."
Phantom Cordelia: "I'm scared. But I know it's right. I know somehow it's all gonna be alright."
Cordelia: "It is? Really?... Thanks for the tip."

Connor: "It's good to see you happy, dad."
Gunn: "Now he's humming."
Fred: "He's really happy... But not perfectly happy, I hope!"
Angel: "No! Ouch!"
Fred: "Just checking."

Wesley: "Hmm. You know that sinking feeling you sometimes get the morning after?... It arrived early."
Lilah: "It's like a little death. Several, in fact."

Wesley: "You still here?"
Lilah: "I'm starting to like you, Wes. Don't go making more of this than it is. I'm not one of the doe-y eyed girls of Angel Investigations. - Don't be thinking about me when I'm gone."
Wesley: "I wasn't thinking about you when you were here."
Lilah: "So - your former boss - has a soul - and you're losing yours. - Why, you're just new all over - aren't ya?"

Cordelia: "Slow poke! I'm late. I'm late. And it's not a date."

Angel: "I hate those things."

Cordelia: "We're just gonna talk like two grown-up adults. I have some feelings. You may have some feelings. He may not even know I'm insane until he hears my feelings."

Angel: "What are you doing here?"
Connor: "We're family. And I wanna show you how I feel about that."

Skip: "Don't be... frightened."
Cordelia: "It's a little late for that!"
Skip: "Sorry. You remember me? I'm..."
Cordelia: "Yeah. Skip. You tend to remember your demon guides."

Skip: "You're a great warrior, Cordelia. The battle that we're all a part of is fought on many different planes and dimensions. You've outgrown this one. You've become - a higher being."
Cordelia: "Me?"
Skip: "You. You took on the visions, and even when you could have traded them in for a happy, normal life, even when they were killing you, you wouldn't let them go. The big test came when the Powers made you part demon. They bet the farm on you. Power corrupts. And they gave you a lot of power."
Cordelia: "The glowy thing."
Skip: "Which you used well - to fight evil, and heal Connor."
Cordelia: "And only that one time as a night light. - Bad dreams. - Skip, I don't understand."
Skip: "I think you do."
Cordelia: "It's ridiculous. - I'm just a somewhat normal girl - who - has visions, glows, and occasionally blows things up with her crazy new power... I'm a higher being."
Skip: "Yes."
Cordelia: "And when you say I've - outgrown this level, that sort of implies..."
Skip: "You're moving on to a new one."
Cordelia: "Now I'm really scared."
Skip: "I know. But I also know you're ready."

Skip: "What you're being called to do - transcends love."

Justine: "He's lying."
Angel: "I'm not lying. And she knows it."
Connor: "You're the prince of lies."
Angel: "That's why you wouldn't let them kill me at the drive-in. So you could."
Connor: "Killing is too good for you. You don't get to die. You get to live - forever."

Cordelia: "I ever come face-to-face with those Powers That Be, we are going to have a talk, a big talk."
Skip: "You're doing the right thing."
Cordelia: "I'm scared. - But I know it's right. I know somehow it's all gonna be alright."

Angel: "Some day you'll learn the truth - and you'll hate yourself. Don't. It's not your fault. I don't blame you."
Connor: "Liar!"
Angel: "Listen to me. I love you! Never forget that."

Fred: "Where did everybody go?"

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