Season 3 Episode #5
Overall Episode #49; Original air date October 22, 2001
Written by Mere Smith. Directed by Martia Grabiak.

Slay Me - episode rating
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The Story:
- - I Didn't Mean To Get So Lost - -

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Angel: Are you gonna remember everything that's up there?
Fred: Well, sure. It's a story. Once upon a time - there was a girl who lived all alone in a horrible cave - so far from home it made her chest hurt. - And every day in that horrible cave, the girl tried to figure out a way to escape. - None of her plans ever succeeded, of course, - and she'd almost given up hopin - when one day, just like in a fairy tale - a handsome man rode up on a horse and saved her, - and took her back to his castle. - - Now you'd think that was the end, wouldn'tcha? Dumb old fairy tales and their happily ever afters... But see, the minute they got back to the castle, - the handsome man went away again. - And even though she didn't mean to, - didn't want to - high up in that castle the girl built herself another cave. Hoping he would save her again... But you can't save me this time. - Can you?

Credits - the cast: *David Boreanaz - Angel; *Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase; *Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndam-Price; *J. August Richards - Charles Gunn; *Amy Acker - Winifred Burkle; Andy Hallett - Lorne/The Host; Gary Grubbs - Roger Burkle; Jennifer Griffin - Trish Burkle.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Episode score by Robert J. Kral.

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