Darla: "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

How do you hope to save others when you can not save your own?

Holtz: "One thing baffles me. These visions, wars, the weapons of destruction - how is it no one has killed Angelus or Darla?"
Sahjhan: "That's why I brought you here, remember? Because your fate and their fate are entwined."

Sahjhan: "There are other dimensions, other worlds where time behaves differently. I have an ability to navigate those dimensions."
Holtz: "And is that why you haven't aged?"
Sahjhan: "That, and I had a little work done. Mostly around the eyes."

Angel: "I was thinking about the last time you were here."
Darla: "Mmm - that. Kind of hard to forget."
Angel: "I know. I've tried."
Darla: "Hey, you're the one that came in here all 'the world is a cold and lonely place'."
Angel: "I had a bad day."
Darla: "So, you threw me through those glass doors, slammed me against the wall, pushed me onto the bed and took what you wanted."
Angel: "It seemed like the thing to do - at the time."

Wesley: "Clearly something wants this thing to come to term. - We'll wait for it to be born then we'll chop its head off."
Fred: "Well, what if it doesn't have a head?"
Cordelia: "We're gonna need a really big mallet."
Gunn: "If it skitters, we should have a net or something. Maybe a flame thrower."
Angel: "Flame thrower? No, no. There'll be no throwing of flames. Nobody's gonna do anything until we know exactly what's going on. Now, if anybody has a problem with that they should leave - now."
* Darla gets up, shrugs, walks towards the door *
Angel: "Not you."

Cordelia: "You want me to protect the vampire bitch who bit me and her evil love child?"
* Cordelia punches Darla in the nose *
Cordelia: "Okay, I'm in."

Lilah: "If you don't tell me right now, I'm gonna hve your skin peeled off and stapled on inside out."

Cyril: "Remember those exterminators he sent to Angel's hotel? They don't kill bugs. They plant them."

Lilah: "Darla?"
Gavin: "Darla? That's impossible. Vampires can't give birth!"

Darla: "Something's wrong. The pain..."
Angel: "You like pain."
Darla: "This is different. I want it out - now!"

Voice: "Hi, you've reached the Tittles. We can't come to the phone right now. If you wanna leave a message for Christine, press one. For Bently, press two. Or to speak to or worship Master Tarfaall, Underlord of pain, press three."

Holtz: "Be a man and show your face."
Sahjhan: "I'm not a man. - What I mean is..."
Holtz: "You're not human."
Sahjhan: "But clearly masculine. You get that, right?"

Sahjhan: "I'll take you to them. Two centuries into the future."
Holtz: "Through black magic and sorcery."
Sahjhan: "No. On a mule cart. Of corse through black magic and sorcery. I'm a demon."

Angel: "How are you feeling?"
Darla: "I haven't had blood in almost a day, and your devil spawn is trying to rip its way out of my body. How do you think I'm doing?"

Sahjhan: "Like I said - it's not that simple. - Do you think I'd go to all this trouble of transporting you two and a half centuries if I could walk up to Angelus and stake him myself? Please! There are rules and timetables and forces at work far greater than either of us. Boy, you vengeful types aren't real good at playing with others, are you?"

Man: "Alright then, sir. Are you now or have you ever been a vampire? - Are any of your friends vampires?"

Linwood: "And correct me if I'm wrong, but the role of a psychie - is to be psychic."

Angel: "Isn't that a head?"
Wesley: "I think it is. Or is that the head?"
Fred: "Maybe you're both right. It's not like I'm suggesting it's an evil two-headed thing."
Cordelia: "I see it."
Darla: "My little parasite."

Wesley: "It's - it's human."
Gunn: "Human as in humanoid? As in cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers?"
Wesley: "No - human as in - a boy."
Angel: "Boy?"
Wesley: "A boy. A boy. You're carrying a boy."
Darla: "Great."

Angel: "Oh. We are surrounded by vampires."
Cordelia: "Ahem - so, who has a plan?"
Gunn: "Don't let em kill us sounds like a good first step."

Sahjhan: "The bulidings are taller, machines are more powerful - and you can get really great Tai food at two in the morning. - But the thing to understand is that people are the same today as they were in your day. They drink too much. They fight. They work hard. They fall in love."
Holtz: "They have families."

Holtz: "These aren't men."
Sahjhan: "Once again: gender - not species. I should have said 'minions'."

Cordelia: "Hey, I'm all for being idolized, but - what the hell is going on?"

Angel: "Darla, you might wanna join the fight."
Darla: "Sorry, darling. I'm gonna have to be Switzerland and sit this one out. Now, you did say you were just gonna kill the humans, right?"
Vampire: "Yes, just the humans. Then we will nourish you, slice you open, wear your entrails as a belt and consume your eyeballs before we worship the miracle child."
Darla: "Okay. I'm in."

Fred: "Charles, do you have an extra dagger I could borrow?"

Fred: "You freaks make one move and I'll slice the miracle child into triplets."
Cordelia: "It's always the quiet ones."
Vampire: "Wait!"
Fred: "They don't know the knife can't hurt the baby."
Darla: "They do now. Vampires have great hearing."

Angel: "Anybody hurt?"
Cordelia: "Nothing a couple of band aids and a pint of Heathbar crunch can't fix."

Angel: "It's the kid, isn't it? Seeing him on the monitor."
Darla: "No, I'm just disappointed that the vamp cult didn't kill all of you guys."

Wesley: "Actually..."
Cordelia: "God! I hate it when you say that word! 'Actually' means that your oversized gi-normous brain thought of something that the rest of us failed to consider, right?"

Linwood: "Who is the pirate with a sword, and what is he doing in the middle of my operation?"

Gunn: "Hey, who said you get to be wheel man?"
Cordelia: "Who said it had to be a man?"

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