The Prom

Season 3 Episode #20
Overall Episode #54; Original air date May 11, 1999
Written by Marti Noxon. Directed by David Solomon.

Slay Me - episode rating
<== <== (out of 5 stakes)

French Title: Les Chiens De L'Enfer
German Title: Der Hollenhund

The Story:
- - You're All She Can See Of Tomorrow - -

Say What? - quote of the week ... More Quotes
Anya: You know, you can laugh, but I have witnessed a millenium of treachery and oppression from the males of the species and I have nothing but contempt for the whole libidinous of them.
Xander: They why are you talking to me?
Anya: I don't have a date for the prom.
Xander: Well, gosh. I wonder why not. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with your sales pitch?
Anya: Men are evil. Will you go with me?
Xander: One of us is very confused, and I honestly don't know which.

Slayage - 4 - Vampire in sewer staked by Buffy; 3 Hellhounds killed by Buffy, 1 with crossbow, 1 with knife, 1 broken neck.

Body Count - 2 - Buffy dies in Angel's nightmare of their wedding; Boy in tuxedo at dress shop, April Fool's, by Hellhound.

Credits - the cast: *Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers; *Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris; *Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg; *Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase; *Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles; *David Boreanaz - Angel; *Seth Green - Oz(Daniel Osborne); Kristine Sutherland - Joyce Summers; Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndham-Pryce; Brad Kane - Tucker Wells; Emma Caulfield - Anya; Danny Strong - Jonathan Levinson; Bonita Friedericy - Mrs. Finkle; Andrea E. Taylor - Sales Girl; Mike Kimmel - Harv; Michael Zlabinger - Student at Mic; Towe Kingsbury - Tux Boy; Monica Serene Garnich - Pretty Girl; Hoe Howard - Priest; Damien Eckhardt - Jack Mayhew; Stephanie Denise Griffin - Tux Girl.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Praise You by Fatboy Slim; The Good Life by Cracker; The Lassie Foundation's El Rey; The Sunday's Wild Horses; Prince's 1999; Sister's Sledge We Are Family; and Celebration by Kool & The Gang. Episode score by Christophe Beck.

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