Connor: "Welcome to L.A."

Fred: "Seeing Angel's soul all floaty like that kinda makes me crazy."
Lorne: "It's not forever, sugarplum. We're just borrowing it."

Fred: "Don't drop it."

Gunn: "Taking out Angel's soul... putting it in a jar... I hope we know what we're doing."

Wesley: "Before Angelus was ensouled, his viciousness was mythic. You all know his history."
Fred: "Killing, maiming, torture..."
Lorne: "Puppies nailed to walls - thank you, Cordelia, for the lovely image - but I think that brings us up to speed."
Wesley: "There's only one thing Angelus will be focused on: getting free so he can slaughter us."
Cordy: "We're Angel's only link to humanity. Angelus will hate us for that. He'll want to make us suffer."

Wesley: "Pay attention to everything he does, everything he says. He'll try to confuse you, to play on your emotions so you'll drop your guard. If he succeeds, even for an instant, we're all dead."

Angelus: "If you go into the woods tonight,/ You won't believe your eyes./ If you go into the woods tonight,/ You're in for a big surprise..."

Angelus: "That Slayer... she's a pistol."

Wesley: "To be one-on-one with the legendary Angelus... as a former Watcher, it's a high point."
Angelus: "Buttering me up, getting me all relaxed... not the most innovative interrogation technique but... okay, I'll play."
Wesley: "Is it a game?"

Angelus: "What's the deal with Angel and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?"
Wesley: "The movie?"
Angelus: "The perfect-day fantasy he came up with. Caves, booby traps... the requisite phallic sword."
Wesley: "He fought the Beast in the fantasy?"
Angelus: "Real candy-ass."
Wesley: "The Beast?"
Angelus: "Angel. Not enough to be the hero. Couldn't be happy unless the whole gang's pitching in."
Wesley: "So he killed the Beast in his fantasy?"
Angelus: "Had to, to get what he wanted. We all want something, Wes. It's the way of the world. Everybody's got an agenda."

Wesley: "I want to know how to kill the Beast. It has nothing to do with being a hero."
Angelus: "Sure it does. But why now? Can't be because there's an apocalypse coming. Always one of those around the corner."

Angelus: "Come on, Wes. It's not like your schoolgirl crush is a secret."
Fred: "Charles, remember. We can't believe anything Angelus says."
Gunn: "How about the stuff that's true? Can we believe that?"
Cordy: "He distorts everything. He lies with the truth. It's part of what makes him so dangerous."

Angelus: "You know, you're not fooling anyone. Get some new clothes, cool haircut, hit the gym... you're still the same loser none of the other kids wanted to sit with at lunch."
Wesley: "Yet you're locked in that cage and I'm out here."
Angelus: "So? You got no leverage. What are you going to do? Kill me?"

Angelus: "Nice stamina, Wes. No wonder Fred's not interested."

Wesley: "You must hate it. That Angel fights evil."
Angelus: "Eats you up inside, doesn't it? Seeing all those idiots flock around him, calling him a champion. Anyone ever call you a champion?"

Angelus: "Oh, god, yeah! Let's talk about Cordy, shall we? Huh? Now there's a rack to write home about. Too bad about the personality, though. Yap, yap, yap, yap. 'Oh, god... Angel. Oh, Angel... we can't. I love you but you were so bad. You ate babies'. Chicks..."
Lorne: "Sticks and stones, sweet potato."

Angelus: "Which do you think is worse, Wes? Stealing my kid like you did or banging him... like Cordelia? All that bumpin and grindin, fire raining in the sky... quite a picture. Well, more of a snapshot, cause Connor..."
Fred: "Well, now that's just ridiculous. Connor's Angel's son. It would be like sleeping with your own... Oh..."

Angelus: "Othello and Desdemona. My favorite couple. Oh, wait. Desdemona wasn't in love with the other guy. So much for 'stand by your man'. Then again, you probably like her on her knees."

Angelus: "Ah, Fred... you look all fresh and sweet but I hear you at night in your room with Gunn. The things you say... I'm lying there, listening, hands under the covers... I can't help myself. It's so... gripping."
Gunn: "This coming from a guy who can't get any. Ever."
Fred: "You're a pig."

Angelus: "I like the way you move Fred. Do it just a little to the left..."

Cordy: "Hope you like black."
Connor: "Thanks... This is his."
Cordy: "Well, if you don't like it, I could ask Lorne."
Connor: "It's fine."

Cordy: "The looking earlier, that wasn't about the Beast. It was because of us. Angelus said some things... about the night we... you know. The weirdness is because everyone knows."
Connor: "Good."

Fred: "It's... Charles heard what Angelus said. The stuff about-"
Wesley: "Me."
Fred: "Yeah, and-"
Wesley: "How I feel about you."
Fred: "Yes. Which is very sweet. There's nothing wrong with it."
Wesley: "Yes, there is."

Gunn: "You better tell me what the hell I just walked in on."

Wesley: "You want to do this, deal with me. Leave Fred out of it."
Gunn: "You ought to be leaving Fred out of it!"
Fred: "Hello? I'm here."

Angelus: "That was fast."

Lorne: "Oh, for the love of Mike Tyson!"

Angelus: "Is that my shirt?"
Connor: "Not anymore."
Angelus: "Looks good on you... son."
Connor: "So did Cordy."
Angelus: "She looks good on everybody."

Angelus: "I mean, with your track record, I'll be staking myself by the end of the day."
Connor: "That's fine by me."
Angelus: "Darla felt the same way. Made her sick, you squirming inside her, so she jammed a stake into her own heart just so she wouldn't have to hear your first whiny breath."

Angelus: "And now my boy's in love... all hearts and flowers. But doesn't it freak you out that she used to change your diapers? I mean, when you think about it, the first woman you boned is the closest thing you've ever had to a mother. Doing your mom and trying to kill your dad... hmm, there should be a play."

Connor: "Angel told me how you'll try to hurt me. How you weren't my real dad, just some animal in a cage. Angel's my dad."
Angelus: "I'm going to cry."
Connor: "That's what he told me... and he thought I believed him. The truth is... Angel's just something you're forced to wear. You're my real father."

Angelus: "Don't disappoint daddy."

Angelus: "Cordy, Cordy, Cordy... just couldn't stay away."
Cordy: "It's been a long day and I think you've done enough damage."
Angelus: "So... no hug?"

Angelus: "Let me guess. You want to know about the Beast?"
Cordy: "Everything you know."
Angelus: "Oh. And in return, I get what? I wouldn't mind a car. I hear the new Mustang is nice."
Cordy: "Something better."
Angelus: "What's a better ride than a Mustang?"
Cordy: "Me."

Angelus: "Must be some confusion. You took out the soul. I still have the brain."

Cordy: "You know what it means to be a champion."
Angelus: "I'm trying so hard to forget."

Cordy: "Sometimes a sacrifice needs to be made."
Angelus: "And you're the little lamb. Not that there aren't a few things I wouldn't mind doing to that body... other than the obvious."

Gunn: "Why is Sid Vicious suddenly Mr. Show-and-Tell?"

Wesley: "It would be better if I knew."
Cordy: "It's better if you don't."

Angelus: "Bodies, bodies everywhere and not a drop to drink."

Wesley: "The Beast was banished. How?"
Angelus: "Don't know. I was busy with the passing out."

Wesley: "Translation... something like big, hard thing."
Cordy: "Sounds like our guy."

Wesley: "Hello? Anyone home? Hello?"
Cordy: "Nordic priestesses?"

Cordy: "Angelus could have sent him a message. Some kind of demon Morse code."

Cordy: "It's different, isn't it? Dead demons are just a big blob of oozing mess. Vampires turn into dust like they were never anything at all. But humans... it's different."
Connor: "That's not..."
Cordy: "What?"
Connor: "The family..."

Fred: "He's so relaxed."
Gunn: "It's like he's not even in a cage."
Lorne: "Well, in his mind, he's not."

Gunn: "Which means our last-ditch plan, turning Angel into a soulless monster, it's a bust."

Lorne: "Oh, and he's usually so chatty."

Angelus: "How'd the little field trip turn out? Priestesses still feisty?"
Cordy: "We found a little boy, his sister, mom, dad, grandma... all dead."
Angelus: "Oh, god. I'm always missing the fun stuff."

Angelus: "So? Did you bring me back a souvenir? Maybe a stray baby toe?... Come on, Cordy! Where's your sense of humor?"
Cordy: "Guess I lost it."

Cordy: "What you don't get, Angelus, is that you're nobody. Just a disease. And Angel can't wait to be rid of you."

Angelus: "The more you piss me off, the longer I'll keep you alive... Something tells me she's a screamer."

Fred: "Angel's soul... it's gone."

Episode Guide: Soulless

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