Angelus: "Well... that's no fun."

Cordy: "It's started."

Connor: "Magick again. You people rely way too much on that junk."
Wesley: "We use whatever tools we have."
Connor: "Yeah, only it never really works the way it's supposed to."

Fred: "It's nobody's fault."
Gunn: "I'll tell you whose fault it is. The Powers That sit on their Be-hinds sending us useless cryptic messages."

Angelus: "That's right, brothers and sisters. The rumors are true. Angel has left the building and I am back. But hey, I'm no different than the next guy. I put my victim's skin on one leg at a time."

Angelus: "Everybody wants a piece of you."

Demon: "Whoa! You're him. Talking to me. Not usually impressed by vampires but this is such an honor. Hey! Could you sign a little something for my hellspawn?"

Lilah: "Come on, what are you worried about, Wesley? You hated yourself for being with me. Or maybe, you just hated yourself for loving being with me. Hey, semantics. In any case, we both knew sooner or later it would come to a messy end. For one of us, anyway. So ease up on that furrowed brow. You're free now. No longer encumbered with the secret shame of our relationship."
Wesley: "It wasn't a relationship."
Lilah: "There's a signed dollar bill in your wallet I think proves different."

Wesley: "You didn't love me! You couldn't."
Lilah: "We'll never know now, will we?"

Lorne: "They say we need bloodroot."
Gunn: "Bloodroot? Man, we just raided the spice rack in the kitchen. Ain't no bloodroot in there."
Lorne: "Eighty-six on the bloodroot, ladies. Anything else we can - well, yeah. I have paprika, ginger, all-spice, cloves. Cloves? That'll work? Got it. Beautiful. Hey, as soon as FTD's delivering in the city again, expect a big thanks-a-bunch bouquet from me, girls. Ciao."
Cordy: "Sounds like we got our home security spell."

Connor: "I know what we have to do. Angel told me. If something goes wrong, I kill him."
Lorne: "Oh, and now you listen to him?"

Cordy: "What happened?"
Fred: "You fainted."
Cordy: "Oh... you mean like this?"

Gunn: "We're not going to be able to stop him."
Lorne: "Angelus?"
Gunn: "Connor. First chance that boy gets, he's gonna kill Angelus."

Faith: "You really oughta think twice... Or not."

Faith: "What? You saw?"
Eddie: "Hey, caught us by surprise. I mean, who'd be crazy enough to try to take you out?"

Lilah: "I know what it is. The reason you're having such a hard time with this. Why you're taking so long to... you know. The awful truth: you couldn't save me. And this is the exclamation point."
Wesley: "I saved you from the Beast... for all the good it did."
Lilah: "Wesley, you know that's not what I'm talking about. You couldn't save me... from me."

Lilah: "So let's just get it over with. That body's not going to dismember itself, you know."

Angelus: "Is this how you treat an old friend? Kill the chick I was chasing, then lure me here with the scent of her blood."
Beast: "We were never friends, Angelus."
Angelus: "I know. But calling you a 'big, dumb hunk of rock' seemed a little on the nose."

Angelus: "And I don't like being kept in the dark! Figuratively, anyway."

Cordy: "Well, you handled that brilliantly."
Beast: "He is not to be trusted."
Cordy: "What about you? Letting him bait you into a fight like that. I haven't spent all this time and energy so you can mess it all up with your petty jealousies. You know Angelus is crucial to my plan."

Gunn: "I thought you said capturing him wasn't an option?"
Wesley: "Changed my mind."
Connor: "Change it back."

Faith: "They told me my lawyer was here to see me. You my lawyer now, Wes?"
Wesley: "Hello, Faith. How are you?"
Faith: "Still alive. Never thought I'd live long enough to see you paying me a visit."
Wesley: "A lot's happened."
Faith: "Whatever it is suits you. I mean, you're looking... good."

Wesley: "Angel's gone, Faith. Angelus is back."
Faith: "Step away from the glass."

Faith: "You okay?"
Wesley: "Five by five."

Faith: "Angel's got a kid?"
Wesley: "Connor."
Faith: "A teenage kid... born last year."
Wesley: "I told you. He grew up in a hell dimension."
Faith: "Right. And what? Cordelia spent her last summer as...?"
Wesley: "A divine being."
Faith: "Uh-huh. Can I just ask... what the hell are you people doing?"
Wesley: "Leading complicated lives, obviously."

Faith: "I'm not going to kill him, Wesley. Angelus. Don't care what you thought you sprung me for. Angel's the only one in my life who's never given up on me. There's no way I'm giving up on-"
Wesley: "I know. That's why it had to be you."

Wesley: "Feel natural?"
Faith: "Just like riding a biker."

Wesley: "Everyone, this is Faith, the Vampire Slayer."

Wesley: "She's here to help."
Cordy: "Oh, gee! That's great. Wait a sec! Wasn't she convicted of murder and sent to a state correctional facility for like a gazillion years?"
Faith: "Murder, two, 25-to-life. For the record."

Faith: "In case anyone has any other ideas, this is a salvage mission, not search and destroy. Okay?"

Angelus: "Scream for me."

Angelus: "Hi, Dawn. Yeah, it's me. Is your sister home?... She is?... It's the other one."

Connor: "So... Vampire Slayers. I was told about them. How come you're always girls?"
Faith: "I don't know. Better at it, I guess."
Connor: "You haven't seen what I can do."
Faith: "Let's not."

Faith: "Eyes and ears peeled. Watch the periph. Nobody make a move until I-... Are you deficient? What did I just say?"

Faith: "I get it. You're a super-being. Are you a murderer? Cause I am. And if it comes down to you or Angelus, you haven't shown me a thing to make me want to take your side."
Gunn: "I like her."

Wesley: "How do you expect to find Angelus without Connor?"
Faith: "The old-fashioned way. The kid's not the only tracker. Something will turn up. Trail of bodies, tell-tale clue..."
* Sees sign that says WELCOME FAITH *
Faith: "...maybe a carpet fiber."

Angelus: "Smile, Faith. I thought you'd enjoy a threesome."
Faith: "Sure... let's get it on."

Beast: "This is all you are. I had heard the Slayer possessed great strength... but there's no real power here. My master's power is beyond all limits. Beyond your petty imagining. You are weak. You are nothing. You could not even defeat me."
Angelus: "Ain't that the truth? I mean, look at this guy. Pretty much the only thing that could do damage to that thick stony hide... is himself. Or maybe, I don't know... maybe a piece of himself... I knew it! I knew it!"

Angelus: "Aw, crap! You mean killing the Beast really does bring back the sun? I thought that was Angel's retarded fantasy. Oh, well... what are you going to do?"

Angelus: "Nice move. Really. I guess we'll just have to take a raincheck on that whole eviscerating you thing. It's just you and me now, Faithy. Catch ya later."

Lorne: "Well, ding-dong, the Beast is dead!"

Connor: "I mean, I had no idea what a Slayer could do."
Cordy: "A weakness for Slayers. You're definitely his son."

Cordy: "Connor, we need... there's something you need to... I don't know how... well, I know how but..."
Connor: "What? What is it?"
Cordy: "We're having a baby. Touch it."
Connor: "But this... it's impossible. How could-"
Cordy: "All I know is there's a life growing inside of me and it's ours. We're connected now. You... and me... forever."

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