Wesley: "I'll get bandages."
Faith: "No drama. I'm good."
Wesley: "You were nearly killed."
Faith: "I could use a shower."

Vampire #1: "Wish I could have been there when she saw the Beast."
Angelus: "The guy wasn't going to win any personality contests but he put on a good show. Slapped her around real nice."
Vampire #2: "Like a little bunny?"
Angelus: "A bloody, whimpering bunny."

Master: "Hello, Angelus. It's time we had that talk."

Angelus: "Hide-and-seek, huh? Okay. I'll play."
Master: "Playtime's over. You've been a bad boy. Killed my favorite pet."
Angelus: "Yeah, well, I thought that might get your attention."

Angelus: "Hey, you're preaching to the guy who ate the choir."

Cordy: "I have wonderful plans for you, my-"
Master: "-sweet boy."
Angelus: "Oh, yeah. But the thing is, as far as plans go, I make my own so, you know... thanks for stopping by my head."
Master: "You would dare to defy me?"
Angelus: "Defy who? A big, scary voice? Whoa! Hey, I've got one of those, too. You want to hear it? You can kiss my vampire ass! That do anything for ya?"

Angelus: "Hello! Hey, I've got places to go, friends to kill. Well, not actually my friends but you get the idea."

Connor: "I won't ever let anything hurt you. Either of you."
Cordy: "I know you won't. But just remember... this is ours. Nobody else needs to know how lucky we are."

Cordy: "Our baby is growing so fast. It would scare them and that fear might make them want to kill it. Like they wanted to kill you. But trust me, Connor, it won't be too long. They're all going to know what's growing inside of me."

Lorne: "Good night, not-so-sweet prince."

Connor: "She doesn't want to see anyone yet. She just wanted some... soup. Really hot soup."
Lorne: "Odd bird. And getting birdier."

Wesley: "I need to know you're in the game, Faith. All the way."
Faith: "Five by five, boss."

Fred: "If I were a runic transcription guide, I would be... shelved wrong."
Angelus: "Talking to yourself, Fred? A lot of that going around."

Angelus: "Sucky spell, huh? You think it'd at least go the the sidewalk."
Faith: "Let him go. This is between you and me."
Angelus: "It's never just between you and me, Faith. Wes will always be in the middle."

Angelus: "It's all about choices, Faith. The ones we make and the ones we don't... oh, and the consequences. Those are always fun, huh?"

Connor: "Are you okay?"
Cordy: "Sure. Except for the morning sickness that can't tell time."

Gunn: "All I'm saying is he tries dancing in here and pulling a Dark Shadows again, he's gonna get a dart us his evil ass."

Wesley: "You'll let him escape again?"
Faith: "This coming from the boy hostage?"

Angelus: "Half of this crap is written in some archaic proto-demon cuneiform and I don't want to be rude but I think the other half - they just doodled."

Angelus: "Ah! Volume..."
Master: "I am not well-pleased."
Angelus: "And I'm not well-deaf."

Master: "We should be friends, you and I."
Angelus: "No. And I'll tell you why. One, because, you know, I'm evil so the friends thing, that's out. And two, if I did have any friends, they sure as hell wouldn't be living inside my head!"
Master: "Like you're forced to live inside Angel's? Because you're the voice in there, aren't you? Just beneath the surface. Buried under all that goodness. Fully conscious, fully aware... but trapped. Unable to move or speak. Powerless to act on your desires. So thirsty, so helpless. It must be agony."

Fred: "You really think he'll come back?"
Gunn: "Measure twice, cut once."

Francis: "I don't remember anything. I was drunk. I thought she was 18."
Faith: "I'm gonna work real hard on the not understanding that, lumpy."

Faith: "Can you walk?"
Girl: "No, but I can fly!"

Wesley: "I did what I had to because you couldn't."

Wesley: "Oh, you have a problem with a little torture now? I seem to recall a time when you rather enjoyed it."
Faith: "Yeah, well, it's not me anymore. You know that."

Wesley: "This the part where you tell me you've turned a new leaf? Found god? Inner peace? We both now that isn't true. You haven't changed. You can't."
Faith: "Wes, I-"
Wesley: "Because you're sick. You've always been sick. It goes right down to the roots, rotting your soul. That's why your friends turned on you in Sunnydale, why the Watcher's Council tried to kill you. No one trusts you, Faith. You're a rabid dog who should have been put down years ago!... See? Wasn't so hard, was it? It's what you'll need to beat him."
Faith: "No."
Wesley: "You have to be willing to take it all the way, Faith."
Faith: "I can't risk killing Angel. Not after what he's done for me. There's gotta be another way."

Fred: "I let Angelus walk with Lilah's book and everything Wolfram & Hart suckered out of your brain."
Lorne: "I was going to have those framed."

Angelus: "Uh-oh! Vampire with a gun."

Angelus: "Now this is disappointing. You never used to bleed so easy."
Faith: "Screw you."
Angelus: "Hmm... maybe after. I like my girls to lie still."

Angelus: "Oh, don't tell me! The rousing stiff upper lip speech. Rah rah! Good over evil! Do what must be done! Hang in there, kitten, it's almost Friday! Is that what the scraggly little ponce armed you with to fight the big bad bogeyman?"

Angelus: "That hurt, baby. Kinda liked it."

Angelus: "I know how it feels. Forced to be someone you're not. Hurts to the bone. You try to bury the pain but you can't get the hole deep enough, can you? No matter how much you dig, it's still there. Broken shards stabbing every time you breathe, cutting you up inside. You know, there's only one way to make the pain stop... hurt someone else."

Angelus: "You know what the funny part is, darlin? I could beat you to death and it wouldn't make a difference. Nothing will ever change who you are, Faith. You're a murderer... an animal... and you enjoy it. Just like me!"
Faith: "No! You're wrong. I'm different now. I'm not like you."
Angelus: "You will be."

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