The Magic Bullet

Lorne: "I've got pilgrims pitching pup tents in the parking lot. Try saying that three times fast and you'll get a sense of the day I'm having."

Lorne: "I thought Our Lady of the Perpetual Seabreeze was the real deal till the divine Miss J walked right through that door and into my ass... Which is where my heart is. Physiologically. I can show you an x-ray."

Angel: "I mean, how is it that you always know exactly what each person needs to hear?"
Jasmine: "I just look into their hearts. Though sometimes, it's right on their face."

Connor: "I wish I could see what you see."
Jasmine: "You will."

Connor: "Why would anybody reject love?"

Gunn: "Think she'll ever pick us?"
Wes: "If we're lucky..."

Ted: "Not a huge demand for photo books of serial killer autopsies when you're living in a utopian wonderland. You know what I mean?"
Fred: "I hadn't really thought... must be hard."

Ted: "I used to be obsessed with mind control. I read everything I could get my hands on."
Fred: "And you don't believe in it anymore?"
Ted: "I believe. I just don't worry about it anymore."
Fred: "So you don't worry that it's possible for someone to send out a biological or electronic trigger that effectively overrides your own sense of ideals and values and replaces them with an alternative coercive agenda that reduces you to little more than a mindless meat puppet?"
Ted: "Wow. People used to think that I was paranoid. I mean, don't get me wrong. I've still got the impants in my head. The CIA is still listening in. It just doesn't bother me anymore."

Fred: "Why should we be the only shiny, happy people?"

Ted: "We don't need to use the evil tools of 'the man' when we have 'the woman'. We need to trust that Jasmine's love will reach the rest of the world just like it reached us."
Fred: "Oh, happy day."

Jasmine: "We're all becoming connected. All of us."

Jasmine: "I see her. I see Fred... There's nowhere to run, dear. My love is all around you."

Lorne: "You know what they say about people who need people."
Connor: "They're the luckiest people in the world."
Lorne: "You been sneakin peeks at my Streisand collection again, kiddo?"
Connor: "It just kinda popped out."

Creature: "I'm vegetarian!"
Fred: "Really? With those choppers?"
Creature: "Okay. I eat fish and occasionally vermin. But that's it, I swear!"

Wes: "Consider her armed, dangerous and quite possibly insane. Don't let her grace or gentle beauty fool you. Winifred Burkle... is a monster, a siren, hoping to lure you away from Jasmine and onto the rocks of heresy and destruction."
Gunn: "Amen to that."

Guy: "Jasmine rocks! Jasmine rocks! Jasmine rocks!"

Deaf Woman: "I wish I could be in Fred's skull so I could exploder her brain and kill her for rejecting Jasmine."

Lorne: "Freddie's dead! Oh, that's what I said."

Woman: "I have 37 cats and I've just changed all their names to Jasmine!"

Angel/Connor: "Now we realize how happy you made us, Oh, Jasmine... And you came and you gave without taking, And we'll keep you forever, Oh, Jasmine..."

Fred: "You don't live here?"
Creature: "Do you live in a dirt hole?"
Fred: "No."
Creature: "Do you want to live in a dirt hole?"
Fred: "No."
Creature: "Then why the hell do you think I live in a dirt hole?"
Fred: "You're a demon."

Ted: "Hey, Fred."
Fred: "You know my name."
Ted: "You're famous."

Jasmine: "And to reward you for your faithfulness... Dallas. November 22, 1963. There was no second gunman. Oswald acted alone."
Ted: "Oh, my god!"

Fred: "I'm so sorry."
Jasmine: "It's okay. I forgive you."
Fred: "No. I'm talking to Angel. I hope he can forgive me."

Fred: "I'm sorry. I had to show you. I'm so sorry."
Connor: "Show you what?"
Angel: "No, it can't be."
Jasmine: "My blood..."

Jasmine: "I'll make this brief. Fred infected Angel. He's gone. Lost to us."

Jasmine: "My kindness turned him. By being loving to Fred, I opened the door to her hate. By trying to save Fred, I lost Angel. It won't happen again. We must eradicate their hate."

Lorne: "I can't believe little ol' Fred managed to sway Angel back to the dark side."
Gunn: "Evil, not evil, evil again... wish he'd make up his mind."

Angel: "I miss her so much. I never..."
Fred: "I know. It's been over a week and I still cry. Part of me wishes I still believed the lie."

Fred: "Angel, people in comas, sometimes their bodies just do things.. mumble words, maybe even open their eyes. It doesn't necessarily mean they're waking up."
Angel: "But it could, right? I mean, stranger things have happened."
Fred: "Like Cordelia giving birth to a beautiful ebony goddess?"
Angel: "Not the example I was looking for but yeah."

Connor: "Where are those people?"
Jasmine: "I ate them."
Connor: "Cool."

Lorne: "Okay! And tonight the role of Judas Iscariot will be played by Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok Clan."

Wes: "Your wrist, you've cut it."
Lorne: "Oh, it's... that's... that's a long, boring story. Come on."

Gunn: "Thanks for nothing."
Lorne: "Yeah. You slashed this wrist. Now I'm ready to do the other one myself."
Wes: "Everything we believed... deception."

Angel: "I'm not leaving this hotel without my son."
Wes: "I'll get him. I've kidnapped him before."

Connor: "They're here! Come quick! They're here!"

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