Deep Down

Gunn: "You're gonna eat all that?"
Fred: "Until I'm fat and happy."

Lorne: "Back in Pylea they used to call me 'sweet potato'."
Connor: "Really?"
Lorne: "Yeah, well, the exact translation was 'fragrant tuber' but..."

Wesley: "To family."
Angel: "To family."
Lorne: "As long as it is not mine!"

Angel: "I like it when you glow."

Connor: "Come one, dad! It'll stick up like yours."
Angel: "You should be so lucky. Let's eat!"

Fred: "Kill me now before my stomach explodes."
Cordelia: "Hey, try the gravy."
Lorne: "Yeah, look, it comes in a little boat."

Cordy: "Now look what you've done silly."

Connor: "Freeze the moment, dad. It'll last forever."

Gunn: "Now you're ass better be insured!"

Connor: "Did you see that? Wasn't that cool? That was cool!"

Connor: "That thing with the ax was cool, huh?"
Gunn: "Yeah, that was tight."

Fred: "He's lost the mission, bro."
Gunn: "Well, we're about to loose this whole place and you know you can't say bro. - Alright. You need to start hustling up some paying clients."
Fred: "We will. As soon as I find Marissa. Can I say dawg?"

Cordy: "It's so beautiful here."
Angel: "Yes. Yes, it is. - Just the way it should be... But it's not. This isn't how it happened."
Cordy: "I know. I like this version better."

Cordy: "I can't remember what it was like - not knowing you, not being close to you. I'm in love with you Angel. Deep down I think I have been for a long time. I needed you to know that."

Gunn: "You think that's a good idea?"
Fred: "I'll keep an eye on him."
Gunn: "Getting information is a finesse job. He's a blunt instrument!"

Gunn: "Fred, Wesley doesn't give a damn about us."
Fred: "Have we given him a reason to?"
Gunn: "He's made his choice. Now he has to live with it."

Lilah: "Hmm. That didn't suck. - Well - maybe just a little bit."
Wesley: "Perhaps that is something we can expand on next time."

Justine: "You really think finding Angel is going to change anything?"
Wesley: "Everything changes."

Justine: "The great Wesley Wyndham-Price, the shining beacon of all that's good and pure. But wait, no! That's before he started banging the enemy and keeping slave-girl in his closet."
Wesley: "You were always a slave, Justine. You just couldn't see the chains."
Justine: "Thanks, Swami, I'll meditate on that."

Justine: "Angel got what he deserved."
Wesley: "We all get what we deserve."

Gunn: "Or we can do it the loud way."

Gunn: "Man, this is nasty. I don't know how people live like this."
Fred: "Helps to be dead."
Gunn: "Yeah, one more reason to stay pink and rosy."

Marissa: "I don't know anything."
Gunn: "You psychic?"
Marissa: "No."
Gunn: "Then shut up and let us ask the question first."

Gunn: "Three months ago a friend of ours went missing down there."
Marissa: "Tall, good looking, weird hair?"

Gunn: "If he ain't dead I'm gonna kill him."

Marissa: "Look, whatever I saw, whatever I didn't see, it doesn't matter, okay?... Come on, handsome. It'll be our little secret."

Fred: "After everything he's gone through, you need to be a little more patient, Charles. He's just a boy."
Gunn: "Are you sure about that? Offspring of two vampires. Last time I checked that's not supposed to happen. And - jumping off a six-story without busting your coconut kind of sways me to the side of not just a boy. I mean, come on, Fred. His nickname back in Quortoth was the destroyer. And unless you put Conan in front of that, I'm guessing it's not a good sign."
Fred: "He's Angel's son. That's all that matters."

Lorne: "Oh, I'm sorry, hon, I've been booked out the wha and past the zoo. If I get any hotter they'll have to stamp me out."

Lorne: "Take care of yourself and ah, and make sure fluffy is getting enough love."
Fred: "Lorne!"
Gunn: "Did he have anything?"
Fred: "No. And who's fluffy? Are you fluffy?"
Gunn: "He called me fluffy?"
Fred: "He said make sure... Wait. You don't - think he was referring to anything of mine that's fluffy, do you? Because that would just be inappropriate."

Gunn: "No leads, no clients, pretty soon no roof over my smooth delicate head."
Fred: "I could make you a paper hat."

Lilah: "Maybe you can lead them in a rousing chant and get them to muster up a little more vague."

Lilah: "I'm not sleeping with him for information."
Linwood: "Please don't tell me it's the chiseled jaw."

Wesley: "A vampire can exist indefinitely without feeding, but the damage to the higher brain functions from prolonged starvation can be catastrophic."

Connor: "Is this going to be the yelling thing again?"
Fred: "No. No yelling."
Connor: "He looks like he's gonna yell."
Gunn: "I do not."
Connor: "He always looks like he's gonna yell."
Gunn: "I'm not gonna yell!"

Connor: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't run off alone. You'd think I'd know that by now."
Gunn: "It's that big, thick mellon! Your dad's got one just like it. Angel's always flying off, getting himself into trouble."
Connor: "I'm not like him."

Gunn: "I try to be nice and you see what he does? He just keeps pushing. It's like - it's like he wants me to lose it."
Fred: "He's testing you. With Angle gone, you're the alpha male."
Gunn: "Damn straight."
Fred: "Don't let it go to your head."
Gunn: "That's not the direction it's flowing."

Angel: "Why is it like this?"
Lorne: "Well, that's the age-old, bubby. I'll fire you off a postcared if I'll noodle the answer."
Angel: "Life should be beautiful and bright. But, no matter how hard I try, everything I touch - turns to ashes."
Lorne: "Well, there goes that encouraging hug I was planning. Snap to, buckaroo. The only one turning to ashes is that patricidal pup of yours. Hell, I'd take him out myself if I wasn't just a crappy hallucination."

Angel: "I should have killed you."

Lilah: "I said, I'm sorry. I've made mistakes, but fear was never one of them."

Linwood: "Lack of long-term vision has always been one of your shortcomings."
Lilah: "And lack of courage has always been one of yours. You're afraid - of Angel and his son. And that's the reason for your daring strategy of 'wait and see', isn't it? You're afraid. And fear breeds weakness."
Linwood: "Oh. I'm hurt. Is that really what you think of me?"

Lilah: "Mr. Suvarta didn't think Linwood's sky was sunny enough. You're all reporting to me now. Get out. Gavin... Please - remove that."

Fred: "I can't imagine what you've been through, Connor, being taken away by Holtz, raised in that place. It must have been horrible. I know you're still hurting but - I promise, it's not nearly as much as you're gonna hurt for what you did to your father."

Gunn: "That's right, Sparky, Daddy's coming home. And I'm guessing there's going to be a spanking."

Wesley: "You can continue to be a slave, Justine - or you can live your life. Your choice."

Connor: "He got what he deserved."
Fred: "And how soon before we deserved it?"

Angel: "Sit - down."

Angel: "So - how was your summer? Mine was fun. Saw some fish. Went mad with hunger. Hallucinated a whole bunch."
Connor: "You deserved worse."
Angel: "Because I killed Holtz - except I didn't. I tried telling you that while you were busy offshore dumping me, but I didn't know the whole score. - Holtz killed himself. Actually - he had your buddy Justine do it with an ice pick. Just to make you hate me."
Connor: "Even if - you still deserved it."
Angel: "What I deserve is open to debate. - But understand there is a difference between wishing vengeance on someone - and taking it. - So now - the question becomes: - what do you deserve?... Daddy's not finished talking."

Angel: "What you did to me - was unbelievable, Connor. - But then I got stuck in a hell dimension by my girlfriend one time for a hundred years, so three months under the ocean actually gave me perspective. Kind of a M. C. Esher persepective - but I did get time to think. About us, about the world. - Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. - It's harsh, and cruel. - But that's why there's us. Champions. It doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world was what it should be to show it what it can be. - You're not a part of that yet. - I hope you will be... I love you, Connor... Now get out of my house."
Fred: "Angel!"
Angel: "All that talking really takes it out of you."

Cordy: "God, I am so bored."

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