Angel: "Connor, you have to listen to us."
Connor: "Listen to you? You're the ones who lie. You're the ones who hate!"

Connor: "I'm finally part of something. I belong! I won't let anyone ruin that."
Angel: "I know, son."

News Anchor: "And in an impromptu speech today, the mayor - I really love that guy, don't you? - the mayor declared Los Angeles the First Citadel of Jasmine, a cradle of civilization which will usher in a new age for all humanity. In related news, the LA Archdiocese has stated to the press that it will remove all false idols from its churches, replacing them with images of She Who Walks Among Us. Way to go, Catholic Church!"
Lorne: "Wow. Talk about media bias."

Lorne: "Anyone else feel like the last feisty wife in Stepford?"

Connor: "They tried to turn me against you. They cut me, rubbed blood into the wound."
Jasmine: "The hateful always have one or two wretched tricks to play."

Jasmine: "We have nothing to fear from them. They are alone, we are many."

Gunn: "So that's our big play - just keep running?"
Lorne: "I hear good things about Belize."

Fred: "Look at them. They're all so happy."
Gunn: "Yeah, they'll be happier when they're gouging out our eyes and stomping us till their shoes get sticky."

Lorne: "Yeah, I'm moving, Angelcakes. It might not look like it, but inside where it counts, I'm running. Full speed ahead, believe me."

Jasmine: "It horrifies me to see what they're capable of, how far they've let their hate take them. They cut into her while she lay sleeping, her precious blood stolen for their black, deceitful, cowardly magick."
Connor: "They're always using magick."

Lorne: "It's strange but under that blood-feeding, creature-of-the-night facade, he seems a bit heartless lately."
Angel: "Hearts get in the way."
Lorne: "Hearing's as good as ever, though, boss!"

Wes: "I miss the warmth and the knowing what's right and that you're doing it just by loving her."
Gunn: "Tough drug to kick cold turkey."

Wes: "Seems strange now. A being of her immeasurable age... you'd think she'd already have a nave."

Angel: "You know, I kind of have this thing about people pointing sharp wooden... give me that."

Angel: "They're not exactly fighting like a well-oiled mind-controlled army of love, are they?"
Gunn: "Hell no. More like a bunch of little punks."

Connor: "But where is she?"
Jasmine: "She's where I want her to be. And so are you."

Fred: "It's weird really... us running into you like this. I mean, we're professional monster-killers... Or we were."
Angel: "Are, Fred. We are."

Jasmine: "That was the governor on the phone. Very agreeable. He's dissolving his administration tonight. The time of the politician is over. This state now answers to me. It's happening. Don't you feel it? The world is about to kneel before me and shed all its avarice, all its woe. I will free them from the loneliness... from the empty horror of their lives. They won't know what hit them."
Connor: "I'm sure of that."
Jasmine: "And you'll be there, at my side. We'll live in a palace built by the love of billions. It will make the Pyramids of Giza look like the headstones in a pauper's graveyard. We'll be a family, Connor. Together as one, forever. It's going to be beautiful."

Jasmine: "To belong, to truly be a part of something, you have to surrender to it completely."

Jasmine: "Pain has been the only constant in your life, the one thing that has never abandoned you. You think that pain is yours to keep and bear alone. But it's not. I want it. I want everything you are, Connor. Father. Let it go. Let me have it."

Monster: "We loved her first!"

Wes: "Jasmine. That's what we call her. The superior being that... that you loved first."
Monster: "Bah! You name her? Filthy little mice! She is the Devourer. The song... the peace... the whole. And you try to name her?"

Wes: "And how does your kind define love?"
Monster: "Same as all bodies. Same as everywheres. Love is sacrifice."

Gunn: "It's gotta be him."
Fred: "Unless it was another one of those skittering creatures."
Gunn: "Yeah, well, it better skitter its hindquarters out of my way, cause I ain't in the mood."
Fred: "Or it could just be rats."
Gunn: "Now what'd you have to go and say that for? Damn!"
Fred: "I'm sorry, I wasn't... I'm sure if it's not Matthew, then it's probably some horrible monster but definitely not..."

Gunn: "You heard Angel. Feelings don't enter into it anymore."
Fred: "Is that the world we're fighting for? The right to be a heartless and uncaring shell? To be dead inside?"

Golden: "Excuse me! Not talking to horned demon. Talking to vampire. Thank you."

Monster: "This blood magick. Fresh magick. Older than words. More much power. This magick she will hear. She will hear and remember her true ones."
Wes: "So no incantations, then?"
Monster: "No words. She gives no care about words. Word migick."

Monster: "You creatures! Throwing your names all over all the time. That's why you're so weak. Too many are knowing your names. Takes your power away."
Wes: "It doesn't work that way here. With us... So that's the word, isn't it? The word she gives care about?"
Monster: "Shut."
Wes: "It's her name."

Matthew: "You didn't tell me the sun came back out."
Gunn: "Oh, yeah. Forgot to tell you. Sun came back out."

Wes: "She has a name and it has power over her... that's why she keeps it a secret!"
Monster: "La-la-la-la-la-la! I'm not listening!"
Wes: "And somehow her true name prevents her from choosing a false one? So one of us had to do it."

Monster: "I just messenger from the ones who love truly."
Angel: "Well, then... I guess it's time to shoot the messenger. Or chop the messenger into little bitty pieces. Whatever."

Angel: "What else do we know about him?"
Wes: "I'm just guessing that he's bigger and meaner than our big, mean friend over there."
Angel: "Wouldn't surprise me."

Lorne: "Oh, god, are we dead yet?"

Wes: "Someone who knows the truth has to live through this. Angel, that's you."
Angel: "I can't."
Fred: "Hearts get in the way, right?"

Gunn: "Time for the big fight scene!"

Episode Guide: Sacrifice

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