Peace Out

Connor: "All your talk about saving the world. Well, now somebody's gone and done it, made everything right and good. And you can't stand it because you're all so full of yourselves. Don't you get it? You're all alone now. All of you. You're the ones left out in the cold. You... don't... belong."
Gunn: "If belonging means following some bogus god and killing in her name, then you're damn right we don't."
Connor: "I'm not listening to your lies."
Wes: "Jasmine's the lie. You've no idea what she is."
Connor: "Yes, I do. She's mine."

Jasmine: "So much pain, suffering... it must hurt so terribly."
Gunn: "Don't get all gloaty. Not the worst beating we've ever taken."
Jasmine: "I meant the pain you've caused yourselves... letting go of me."
Lorne: "Oh, by giving up absolute tranquility and perfect happiness? No loss. Right, guys?... Guys?"

Wes: "Too much trouble conquering a primitive dimension, wasn't it, Jasmine? Or whatever your name is. Must be nice for you that we have satellites to beam your message to the rest of the world."
Jasmine: "You're not wrong."

Fred: "You don't... she's not what she pretends to be! She's-"
Gunn: "A monster."
Fred: "Yeah. Cordy's blood that we put in you, it was supposed to break the spell. Show you what she really looks like."
Connor: "I know what she looks like... She's beautiful."

Connor: "What is he looking for, Angel?"
Jasmine: "The unattainable."

High Priest: "Fool. You can take away Her power but you've already lost... everything."

Lorne: "I just gotta know one thing. The reason our little blood ritual didn't raise any veils for you... you've always seen Jasmine's true appearance, haven't you?"

Wes: "The followers she randomly chooses to come to her room... the ones she sent to meet her in the banquet hall?"
Lorne: "They're the banquet."
Gunn: "Wait... people? She eats people?"
Fred: "Oh, no."
Gunn: "To Serve Man. It's To Serve Man all over again."

High Priest: "The true name is known only by the Keeper of the Name."
Angel: "Right. That's you!"
High Priest: "No, I am the Guardian of the Word!"
Angel: "You said the Word is the Name."
High Priest: "Yes, and I guard the keeper of it."
Angel: "So you're the Keeper's keeper?"
High Priest: "I am the Guardian of the Word!"
Angel: "Yeah, okay, so where's this Keepr of the Name?"

Jasmine: "I could never hurt Cordelia Chase any more than I could you. You're my parents, my tether to this world. It was your love that brought me here."

Jasmine: "Just know she's alive and... well, comatose."

Angel: "I'm trying to save my world."
High Priest: "Your world? A world that doesn't care for you? Doesn't want you."
Angel: "It needs me."
High Priest: "So your Powers That Be tell you... and maybe they're right but it's not why you're here."
Angel: "Okay, bugsy, you want to tell me what I'm fighting for?"
High Priest: "Him."
Angel: "Him?"
High Priest: "The boy. The woman, you've already lost. The boy is what you're fighting for. But you're going to fail. You're goin gto lose him, too."

Jeremy: "The guy in ther says the Lakers just disbanded. Evidently, the players needed more time to devote to her."

High Priest: "So much effort, always struggling, trying to make things right for the boy, for Connor, but it's never enough. Why do you bother?"
Angel: "I can see you never had kids."
High Priest: "The boy should not even exist. He was only a device to bring forth the blessed She. A means to an end."
Angel: "Yeah, well, people get born for all sorts of reasons."
High Priest: "He will never love you."
Angel: "It doesn't matter."

Wes: "If Cordelia's so dangerous to her, why not kill her and be done with it?"
Fred: "Because maybe she can't."
Wes: "Exactly. I think Jasmine may be dependent on Cordelia. She can't hurt her, not without hurting herself. But maybe Cordelia can hurt Jasmine."
Gunn: "That's a whole lot of maybes."
Wes: "Maybe, but if I'm right, Cordelia might be our only hope to stop Jasmine."

Sign outside Catholic Church:
God is nowhere!
Jasmine is the way

Connor: "I wanted to see you again. I had to. To know that you're still here... with me. I'm sorry I haven't... it's started, Cordy. The new beginning. I just wish you'd wake up and see it. Just what you wanted. I mean, it is what you wanted, right? Why you came to me? You know, what this was all about? Protecting our baby - Jasmine - so she can be and make this world the kind of place you wanted. And it is better. Not harsh and cruel, the way that Angel likes it so he has a reson to fight. Because you know that's what he's about, him and the others. Finding reasons to fight. Like that's what gives their lives any meaning. The only damn thing! I'm not like them. I just... I want to stop. Stop fighting. I just want to rest. God, I want to rest. But I can't. It's not working, Cordy. I tried to believe. I wanted it. Went along with the... the flow. Jasmine, she's... she's bringing peace to everyone, purging all of their hate and anger. But not me. Not me! I know she's a lie. Jasmine. My whole life's been built on them. I just... I guess I thought this one was better than the others."

Jasmine: "I come to you not as a leader or divinity but as your partner in a venture to make this the bes of all possible worlds. Without borders, without hunger, war or misery. A world built on love, respect, understanding and, well, just enjoying one another. Doesn't that sound nice?"

Reporter: "What can we do to show our love for you?"
Jasmine: "You don't have to do anything except love one another... Although a temple would be nice. Something massive and awe-inspiring, yet warm and nurturing, celebrating the gentle pleasures of a peaceful, precious coexistence where violent behav - Kill him! All of you, kill him now!"

Gunn: "Never give up, never surrender."

Jasmine: "Do you have any idea what you've done?"
Angel: "What I had to do."
Jasmine: "No. No, Angel. There are no absolutes. No right and wrong. Haven't you learned anything working for the Powers? There are only choices. I offered paradise. You chose this!"
Angel: "Because I could. Because that's what you took away from us. Choice."
Jasmine: "And look what free will has gotten you."
Angel: "Hey, I didn't say we were smart. I said it's our right. It's what makes us human."
Jasmine: "But you're not human."
Angel: "Working on it."

Angel: "I'll die before I let you hurt anyone else."
Jasmine: "You're already dead!"
Angel: "You know what I mean."

Angel: "Thousands of people are dead because of what you've done."
Jasmine: "And how many will die because of you? I could've stopped it, Angel. All of it. War, disease, poverty. How many precious, beautiful lives would've been saved in a handful of years? Yes, I murdered thousands to save billions. This world is doomed to drown in its own blood now."
Angel: "The price was too high, Jasmine. Our fate has to be our own or we're nothing."

Jasmine: "I loved this world. I sacrificed everything I was to be with you."
Angel: "So you could rule us?"
Jasmine: "Because I cared. The other Powers don't. Never really did. You know that's true in your heart."

Angel: "I've never seen him like this. He wasn't hurt or angry. He just... killed her. And his face, it was just blank, like he had nothing left."
Wes: "Angel, you really-"
Angel: "I've got a bad feeling. He's just... given up. I think he's going to do something. You know, he might-"
Lilah: "End world peace? Well you already took care of that. Congratulations."

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