Ground State

Boy: "Are you a freak?"
Gwen: "I don't know."
Boy: "Guess you don't look like one."
Gwen: "Thanks."

Fred: "Smell anything?"
Angel: "Cordelia. Maybe some old incense or candles - and strangely enough lemons. Lots and lots of lemons."
Fred: "I might have gone a little nuts with the floor polish."

Fred: "You should have seen the size of the dust bunnies under Cordy's bed! More like dust sperm whales."

Angel: "Something must have happened to her that night - something big."
Gunn: "Well, you guys were supposed to meet up."
Angel: "I know why I wasn't there."
Fred: "Sure. Banished to the ocean depths by your ungrateful snot of a son."
Gunn: "Not that she's bitter."
Angel: "I appreciate you guys looking our for Connor all summer. It's just that he's confused. He needs time. That's all."
Fred: "Right. Time and some corporal punishment with a large, heavy mallet. Not that I'm bitter."

Fred: "It's just... you count on stuff, you know? Things being where you left them. What happens if you get back and they're not there?"
Angel: "You go find them."

Angel: "I never got the chance to thank you. Finding me, bringing me up... Must have been hard for you... No map, all that water."

Angel: "Who's Dinza?"
Wesley: "One of the Eleusian mysteries, the dark demi-goddess of the lost. Only the dead can enter her presence, and those that do she often traps for eternity."
Angel: "Sounds cheery."

Angel: "What should I do then? Send her a gift? Sacrifice?... Unholy fruit basket?"

Angel: "You - you know who I am."
Dinza: "I know you were lost. I know all the lost things."
Angel: "Really? - City of Atlantis? - Holy Grail? - Jimmy Hoffa."
Dinza: "Lost love."
Angel: "So you know why I'm here. Who I'm trying to find."
Dinza: "She is far from you, champion, and needs you no longer."
Angel: "I need her."

Angel: "Why should I trust you?"
Dinza: "Because I'd love to keep you - but you have so much more to lose..."

Gwen: "Say it with me, big guy: com-mis-sion."

Elliot: "Gwen, that is a twelve thousand dollar watch."
Gwen: "And now it's surrealism."

Fred: "Is that... You didn't draw that."
Angel: "Huh? Yeah, I just, you know, scribbled it down out of one of the books."
Fred: "Ah, nice."

Fred: "Wow. That's just..."
Gunn: "Oh. Hey baby, I like you little - your ghost guy."
Fred: "I haven't slept, Charles."

Gunn: "Yeah, but if it's an auction house can't we just, you know, e-bay it?"
Fred/Angel: "Thirty three million dollars."
Gunn: "I think my lungs... have coffee.."
Fred: "I'm still working on a plan, but so far it involves being sent to prison and becoming somebody's bitch."
Angel: "No one's going to jail, Fred. I told you, a heist like this, I've done it a million times... Okay. Maybe twice, but I'm good at it. I swear!"
Gunn: "Uh, you're not counting the time we stole the crazy making death shroud that nearly killed us, right?"
Angel: "The point is, this is how we find Cordy, so this is what we're gonna do."

Gunn: "That's my girl, large and in charge. Okay, teensy-weensy and in charge."

Gunn: "Okay. So what are we going to need for operation chance-in-hell?"

Lilah: "I'm betting she heard a few things, too."
Wesley: "The walls are soundproofed... Though she did call you impossibley loud."

Gunn: "Damn. This is so much harder than it looks on Batman."

Gunn: "You are so hot right now."
Fred: "Go."

Fred: "Please let my cellmates be gentle."

Angel: "Who are you?"
Gwen: "Who are you?"
Angel: "I asked first."
Gwen: "What are you, seven?"
Angel: "Tell me you're not here for the axis."
Gwen: "I'm not here for the axis."
Angel: "You're lying."
Gwen: "I'm fibbing. That's lying. Only classier."
Angel: "What?"
Gwen: "Technically? I'm exciting the subatomic particles with electrical energy and then bouncing them off each other before they hit ground state. I just love that folks go for this high tech stuff. Electricity comforts them. Suckers."
Angel: "What - are you?"
Gwen: "I'm a freak... What did you think?"

Angel: "Listen. I need the axis. See, it's an ancient mystical artifact..."
Gwen: "That's fun for a girl and a boy. I like to think of it as - mine."

Gunn: "Come on, he's telling the truth."
Gwen: "Oh, golly, if you say it's true. - So what?"

Gwen: "Two questions then. One: do you really love her?"
Angel: "Yeah. I do."
Gwen: "Two: on a scale of one to ten, exactly how stupid do you think I am?... Don't answer that."

Angel: "Miss me?"
Lilah: "Only in the sense of - no."

Lilah: "Look, Angel, I know you've been out of the loop for a while, but I'm still evil. I don't do errands unless they're - evil errands."

Gunn: "Kind of looks like art, doesn't it? I call it 'takes more than that to kill me, punk!' The 'punk' is what makes it art."

Fred: "What was it like?"
Gunn: "What was what like?"
Fred: "Being dead? Gone. See anything interesting? White light? Shirley McLain?"

Fred: "I am so sick of holding everything up around here. First Wesley leaves, then Angel and Cordy. I-I'm sick of taking care of everything, and paying bills and making peace and plans, and keeping my chin up. God! I'm so sick of my chin being up!"
Gunn: "You know what? Just electrocute me now. Because I don't know what kind of alien female thing..."
Fred: "I thought it'd get better when Angel got back. I thought I would finally be able to breathe again."
Gunn: "Fred, no one forced this responsibility on you."
Fred: "Well, who else was gonna do it? Who else was gonna hold everything up after you left me all alone? You died and left me all alone!"

Gwen: "Okay. After I kick your ass, I'm gonna ask about that."
Angel: "I don't want to hurt you."
Gwen: "That's what they all say... I don't usually enjoy the hand to hand this much."
Angel: "Maybe you haven't been doing it right."

Angel: "You felt that? My heart..."
Gwen: "It was beating. It doesn't, does it?"

Elliot: "Professionals are discreet, young lady. You, on the other hand, are a freak. A Dangerous - freak."

Gwen: "What are you, Lex Luthor?"

Angel: "I don't breathe."
Gwen: "Gee, must be a real turn on for the girlfriend."

Gwen: "I expect to get screwed. Professional thief. Hazard of the biz."
Elliot: "Just wait a second, please."
Gwen: "What I don't appreciate, Elliot, is being called a freak. - That's my word. And I get cranky when people like you use it."

Angel: "So you're a freak. Boo-hoo. So what?"
Gwen: "Excuse me?"
Angel: "I think you've already figured out I'm not the poster boy for normal. Sometimes you got to let go."

Gwen: "You're really gonna use that axis thing to find her, aren't you?... Figures. Anyone that bad at stealing stuff has got to be doing it for love. - Bummer."

Angel: "God. - There was all this light around her. And the light seemed to be made up of - pure joy - and warmth."
Gunn: "You think higher being get to take vacations."
Angel: "The way I saw it - it felt sort of permanent."
Gunn: "Too bad. We could've all gone to Vegas."
Fred: "I guess we should have known that when she started that glowy thing that the Powers were up to something."
Gunn: "Yeah, but who would have thought it would have been this?"

Cordy: "What are you? Deficient? Get me out of here!"

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