Gunn: "Got it. 'Supersymmetry...'"
Fred: "...and P-dimensional subspace' by Winifred Burkle. - You don't have to read it."
Gunn: "Of course I'm gonna read it. Right now... In multi-dimensional superstring theory - uh - distance scales inverted by T-duality apply to heter... heterotic theories. The pictures are... nice."

Lorne: "I know I've been a wee bit jumpy the last couple of days, but - did I hear a scream?"
Angel: "Oh, it's just Fred. I think it's a Texas thing."
Lorne: "Well, it's all too much Sturm and Drang for my appetite. Cordelia shacking up with your hell-spawn - no offence - and the hole between my horns."

Angel: "I wasn't - going to ask you that immediately. I was gonna build up to it subtly."
Lorne: "I appreciate that, sugar pie, really, but - the answer is no. I'm not a champion. I'm just a regular, old Karaoke-singing empath demon."

Lorne: "Hey, death just doesn't look good on me."

Angel: "How is she doing? Cordy. Anything coming back to her?"
Connor: "Nothing about you."

Angel: "You should take her fuzzy slippers. Her feet get cold."
Connor: "I know. She's always stealing the covers."

Gunn: "You don't wanna go in there. The girl kept me up all night. She is un-stoppable."
Angel: "More than I need to know."
Fred: "Did Charles tell you?"
Angel: "He-he didn't describe it."
Fred: "I've been asked to present my article at the physics institute! P-dimensional subspace has always been a fascinating area, but I had no idea there would be so much interest. Can I practice my speech for you? I think Lorne's a little conked."
Lorne: "Oh, yeah. We're back."
Gunn: "That - all night. Well, mostly that."

Fred: "She's just trying to put the pieces back together. It'll work out and it'll all be for the best... It will! Five years of unendurable torture and mental anguish aside, if I hadn't been sucked through that portal I never would have figured out my string compactification theory."
Gunn: "Exactly. Cause, you know, strings need - to compactify."

Cordy: "How come there is no picture of Angel?"
Connor: "Ah - I didn't see any."

Cordy: "Apparently I'm a nester, because this place is starting to look not entirely un-home-y."

Connor: "You know you used to be a demon hunter. It's true. You're just out of practice. It'll come back fast, though. I can train you."
Cordy: "What should I wear?!"

Seidel: "There you are. It's been, what? Two years, or so."
Fred: "Yeah. Heavy on the 'or so'."

Gunn: "Listen, man, I'm gonna need simultaneous translating on this thing. You know, like the president with the Russians, but just give me the highlights."
Angel: "No problem. Of course, I have no idea what she's talking about."
Gunn: "Will you tell Fred that? If she thinks we're both stupid, I won't stand out as much."

Fred: "This one just says 'open with joke'. But - I forgot to think of one. But it's possible that my theory will take care of that."

Angel: "Yeah. Vampire, strangling. Not gonna happen."

Angel: "How about you tell me why a portal happened to open up over Fred's head right after you slithered out of the auditorium?"
Lilah: "Tragedy struck Gidget? Really? Did she go to that place in the big Texas sky?"

Lilah: "Come on. If I were gonna kill the twig, would I do it in a room full of people and then make a conspicuous getaway so I looked extra suspicious?"

Angel: "About Lorne, there's gonna be a conversation."
Lilah: "You know, Angel, coming from you, idle threats are so - well - idle."

Gunn: "Fred, demons, portals - that happens."

Gunn: "Come back to bed. Alright? It'll all look different in the morning."
Fred: "Morning? As in tomorrow, which as of now is today, which means..."

Gunn: "You were taking pictures of my girlfriend. Why?"
Teen: "Because the ceiling was like ripping apart."

Fred: "Oh. The last test I took before... - A minus?"
Seidel: "Well, I would have given another student an A plus, but with you - I had to use a different standard."
Fred: "Now he tells me."

Fred: "I've another life now."
Seidel: "Sounds like a life you stumbled into, not one you chose."
Fred: "I guess it kind of chose me."

Teen: "You know how it is. Like you hear things from the friend of a friend's roommate. You don't know if they really happen."
Gunn: "Like the story about the girl, the cat and the peanut butter."
Angel: "That one's true... Long story."
Teen: "Yeah, like you're Angel, right? There are whole forums on you in chat rooms, man! Who knew you actually, like, existed?"

Angel: "They talk about me in the chatty rooms?"

Fred: "He's the son of a bitch that sent me to Pylea."
Gunn: "What?"
Angel: "We're gonna get this guy."
Gunn: "Count on it. He's gonna pay."
Fred: "No. He's gonna die."

Fred: "I idolized him and he sent me to hell."

Fred: "We kill monsters every day."
Gunn: "We help people. Fred, if you do this, the demons you'll be living with won't be be the horned, fangy kind, they'll be the kind you can't get rid of."
Fred: "You're wrong."
Angel: "He's right. Whatever you do now, is nothing compared to how it'll be afterward."
Gunn: "What you're talking about goes against everything you believe in, everything we believe in. Fred, you idolized him, but don't let him be defining what you are now."

Fred: "I'm just gonna lay down - for a few days."

Wesley: "I was just thinking, uhm - not that I don't get his point, but I'm surprised Gunn's not here. No matter what the consequences."
Fred: "Charles doesn't have it in him. It's part of what I love about him."
Wesley: "You can still back out - if you think Gunn's right."
Fred: "It's not about what's right. - Pull over there."
Wesley: "I'd ask to tag along."
Fred: "But you know what the answer would be."

Fred: "You know what they say about payback? Well, I'm the bitch."

Cordy: "About what happened - earlier. The - non CPR mouth to mouth."
Connor: "When you kissed me."
Cordy: "Right. - I shouldn't have."
Connor: "But..."
Cordy: "Connor. I don't know who I am, much less where I belong or who with. And there is a picture of over there when you were a baby and it's only eight months old. There is a lot I need to figure out. - I'm sorry."

Seidel: "Fred, I know you. You're not capable of hurting anyone."
Fred: "You don't know me. Not anymore. Five years of pain and suffering in a hell dimension will make a girl capable of a lot of things."

Angel: "Come on! I'm holding your head!"

Fred: "I'm special. Special on a Pylean platter with a side of you-make-me-sick!"

Gunn: "Fred, don't let him do this to you."
Fred: "How dare you? You don't know. You don't know what it was like!"

Gunn: "If you kill him, I'm gonna lose you."

Angel: "Sucked into his own portal. Wish I could have seen his face."

Angel: "It'll be okay. Run-in with a Voynok demon. Turns out they have nine lives."
Cordy: "Like a cat?"
Angel: "Only less stand off-ish."

Cordy: "And what I realized is - whoever I was before - I'm still her. She didn't need protecting, and neither do I. - So no more lies?"
Angel: "No more lies."
Cordy: "Good. Because - there is something I need to know. - Were we in love?"

Episode Guide: Supersymmetry

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