Rain of Fire (aka Apocalypse, Nowish)

Angel: "No."
Lorne: "Why?"
Angel: "No."
Lorne: "Why?"
Angel: "I said no."
Lorne: "I said why? Now let's meet in the middle with a 'Why no?'"

Angel: "Need some backup?"
Gunn: "Nah, woman out at Hancock Park's hearing spookies in her pipes. Don't know whether to bring my axe or a plunger."
Angel: "See? Worst thing we've got going on is a haunted toilet. So let's give Cordy a little space. It's not like the world's going to end right this second."

Connor: "What're you watching?"
Cordy: "Some old movie. Pod people or... mutant pod mushrooms or... something. I don't know, I can't remember... I mean, I don't remember because I was a kid when I saw it so it's a little on the foggy but natural fog. Don't worry. I'm not going to turn into Amnesia Action Figure Cordy again."
Connor: "She wasn't so bad."
Cordy: "Yeah, a real hoot, too, with the panicking and the screaming and running around like a nut."

Cordy: "And not just for the snacky-goodness. Thank you for... god, thanks for everything. I don't know what I would have done without you, Connor."
Connor: "Panic, scream, nut."
Cordy: "Probably."

Cordy: "Every time I close my eyes, I..."
Connor: "What?"
Cordy: "See it. Something. Horrible. Moving. Deep down, clawing its way up."
Connor: "It's just a dream."
Cordy: "I can taste the blood of all the people it's going to kill, smell the burning flesh."
Connor: "It's okay, you're safe with me."
Cordy: "No one's safe. Don't you understand that? It's coming and no one can stop it. I want to warn Angel but the words won't come out. Why can't I tell him? I feel it... the thing in my dreams. It's real and it's almost here."
The Beast: "I know."

Lorne: "Snakes? Uh-huh. And they came out of your what? Okay, did they get up there themselves or was this part of a... you know, a thing? No, I'm not judging! Do we fight snakes?"
Angel: "Only if they're giant... or demons or giant demons - are they giant demon snakes?"
Lorne: "Well, unless this guy's 30 feet tall, I'm thinking they're of the garden variety."
Angel: "Oh. They can still be demonic! Are they making any kind of weird demony sounds?"

Gunn: "You ready?"
Fred: "Is no an acceptable answer?"
Gunn: "In this business, always."

Fred: "Maybe we should have brought a priest."
Gunn: "Or some consecrated Drano."

Fred: "You might want to look into an exterminator."
Gunn: "Or just burn the place down."
Fred: "Either way."

Lorne: "No. No, that certainly doesn't sound normal for a boy his age. Look, let's send someone out as soon as we can. Just don't... just don't poke it."

Lorne: "Bless you and all your parts."
Gunn: "Angel Investigations. Uh-huh. And what is the nature of your manifestation?"

Angel: "Do you think I should keep these alphabetical or re-arrange them by how much damage they inflict?"
Lorne: "Damage. Nomenclature goes out the portal when hacking's afoot."
Angel: "Still it's good to know what you're using. I mean, what if I'm fighting a Glurgg and I ask for a khopesh to finish him off. What would you throw me?"
Lorne: "A towel. Glurggs are 90% pus."

Lorne: "No, I was leaning towards a perky love-muffin but..."

Cordy: "I'm gonna kill him."
Angel: "He's just worried about you. We all are."
Cordy: "Is that the royal 'we' or the populace?"
Angel: "I always wanted to be a prince but I hear you gotta be born into it."

Angel: "Did I do something or-"
Cordy: "No, Angel... I love you. I always will. You know that."
Angel: "I don't suppose we could stop there?"

Cordy: "This wasn't normal. If that word actually applies to anything that ever happens to me."

Angel: "What else can you tell me?"
Cordy: "Big, powerful, clawing its way up through the bowels of the earth to slaughter us all. Yeah, that pretty much covers it."

Angel: "He's right. You should probably get some sleep."
Cordy: "Yeah, right. Because impending doom - almost as good as warm milk."

Gunn: "I'm sorry. I know but we're pretty swamped right now. Well, if Snowball hasn't tried to eat your spine yet, hit her with the catnip till we get there."
Lorne: "No, I don't think that much mucous is ever a good sign. No, please, describe it in detail."

Gunn: "I'm guessing this isn't a good sign."
Lorne: "Yeah, as harbingers go, not so much."

Lilah: "Couldn't you have at least tortured him a little bit more?"
Angel: "Really wanted to but he wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to get into it."

Cordy: "Must be genetic."
Connor: "What?"
Cordy: "Sneaking up on people. Your dad's an expert."

Cordy: "I guess the sneaking's not the only thing you got from Angel. You're getting pretty good with saying the right words, too."
Connor: "Complete sentences. I've been working on it."

Lorne: "Come on, I'll hang my head out the window, see if I can pick up the Burkle vibe."
Gunn: "You can do that?"
Lorne: "No, but it sounds comforting and I could use the air."

Angel: "We figure out what all this means, then do something large and violent."

Angel: "What is it?"
Wesley: "I don't see anything."
Gunn: "That's because you're looking too close."

Gunn: "Okay, so what the hell is it?"
Angel: "The Eye of Fire."
Wesley: "Ancient alchemical symbol for fire."
Angel: "And destruction."
Gunn: "You had me at fire."
Lorne: "Boys, I hate to be the little demon that cried apocalypse nowish, but..."

Lorne: "Oh... I'm gonna need a bigger arrow."

The Best: "Do you really think she's safe with him?"

Cordy: "Connor. It's not you."
Connor: "You don't know that."
Cordy: "Yes, I do. In my heart. It's not you, baby. It's not you. Not you..."

Episode Guide: Rain of Fire (aka Apocalypse, Nowish)

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