Long Day's Journey

Lorne: "Hmm... good likenes. You wouldn't mind if I ran screaming from the room, would you?"
Angel: "Shut the door on your way out."

Lorne: "Angel, sweetie, why so down?... Don't interrupt me, I'm brooding."
Angel: "I'm not brooding. I'm researching."

Angel: "You want to shove that into English for me?"

Lorne: "Connor's still going to be your son, you know... when it's all said and done. And you may not find perfect happiness with Cordelia but, Angelfood, you gotta remember, there's other fish in the sea."

Gwen: "Mr. Ashet. It's an honor to finally meet you."
Ashet: "Yes, I suppose it would be."

Connor: "I heard that."
Cordy: "I'm sure you did."
Connor: "It's the super-hearing."
Cordy: "Whatever you say."
Connor: "Kinda makes you wonder where I got it from."

Cordy: "Angel knows we slept together. That's why you can't go back to the hotel."
Connor: "He-"
Cordy: "He knows, Connor. All right? With his super-smelling and super-tom-peeping and... I don't even know what else but... he knows. And he's extremely upset with both of us right now."
Connor: "We didn't do anything wrong."
Cordy: "We hurt him. That's enough."

Fred: "'The answer is among you.' Have I mentioned I hate cryptic messages."

Fred: "Statistically it's still a conincidence. Two points-"
Wesley: "-make a line, not a pattern."

Cordy: "Okay... I gotta go see Angel."
Gunn: "You see? I told you Connor can't be trusted. Look how weird he's made her."

Angel: "Go away, Cordelia."
Cordy: "Well, you know that never works."

Cordy: "I don't know where to start."
Angel: "Then skip to the end where you leave and we don't talk about it."

Cordy: "I swear. Like father, like son. The two of you have cornered the market on teenage snits. How about you stop being angry at me-"
Angel: "How about you stop pretending to give a damn about my feelings!"
Cordy: "I do give a damn. In fact, I give a whole lot of damn. That's why I came over here. To tell you... get over it."

Angel: "You know, I never really thought about that. Get over it! Why didn't I think about that, huh? It's so simple!"

Cordy: "Angel, I'm sorry I hurt you. It was the last thing in the world I wanted to do but you have to get past it. And you have to get past it now because there are bigger things at stake. I know it's not fair but it's the way it is. People need you. Your son needs you."

Angel: "Who was inside you... I mean, who was it you were inside?"

Cordy: "But I'm back now so you're going to have to suck it up and deal because things are going to hell and... and you're the leader. So lead."

Angel: "Sure, we've been - I don't want to say 'demolished' - beaten. And sure it's slightly demoralizing but from here on out, we're on the offensive. We're going to find out this thing's weaknesses, we're going to go in prepared and we're going to fight smart. It's time to take down the Beast."

Gwen: "Hi, there. Long time no hand-to-hand."

Cordy: "I know who she is. Caught your little show on the omniscient higher-plane channel, thanks."
Gwen: "So, you're the girl who makes his heart go pitter-pat. Figuratively, at least."

Gwen: "I mean, really. Tell me. Freak to freak. Is the world about to end or what?"

Gwen: "Demon, okay? The whole nine: cloven feet and horns and teeth and... he wasn't wearing lame, though."
Lorne: "Yeah, the evil ones can't pull it off. It gets camp."

Gwen: "But you are hands down the weirdest person I know, so I figured I'd ask you what's going on."
Fred: "Excuse me, not that I don't still bear a grudge against you, because I do, but your client didn't happen to be a skinless saber-toothed tiger or composed entirely of light, maybe?"

Angel: "I'll take Gwen."
Gwen: "Gee, I feel all warm inside."

Gwen: "Jeez! Where were you when they taught stealth in superpower school?"

Angel: "Who are you? What are you doing here?"
Manny: "Standing in the remains of my fallen brethren, trying not to have an anxiety attack."

Angel: "What did you mean before? 'The Beast is going to turn out the sun'. Is that some kind of metaphor?"

Manny: "The city sinks into never-ending darkness, that's what. Vamps, creepies, crawlies, things that go bump in the night are suddenly bumping 24/7. the whole of Los Angeles turns into a..."
Angel: "Demon playground."

Angel: "We can take you somewhere safe, Manny. We can protect you."
Manny: "Right. Superhunk and Spandexia. This thing takes out Mesektet and you two are going to protect me?"

Wesley: "This... is a being of supreme power?"
Manny: "You ought to see me in my Armani."

Cordy: "Why did the smelly yucky man say that? He's joking, right?"

Wesley: "As far as evil plans go, it doesn't suck."

Wesley: "Brilliant. Let's store the one thing that will stave off perpetual darkness in the home of the only people we're sure the demon knows."

Manny: "The midday totem is man, the neutral totem, the potential of every human soul."
Cordy: "So you're just a guy, then?"
Manny: "Well, there's more to me than meets the eye. For example, I'm immortal. Unless I'm ritually murdered, of course."

Gwen: "Can never pass up a good cliche."

Gwen: "Okay, then. I'll take Denzel."
Gunn: "Actually, it's Gunn. Not that I mind the freakishly accurate comparison but you will keep your hands to yourself."

Gwen: "Gunn, I already apologized for killing you. What more do you want? A wake?"

Gwen: "A good thief is a master of body language."
Gunn: "He starts talking with his body, he's going to have serious problems."

Cordy: "So... all this time alone together. Could be good for us. Maybe we should talk."
Angel: "Maybe we shouldn't."
Cordy: "Valid point."

Angel: "It got him."
Cordy: "Ugh. You think?"

Gwen: "Was that part of his powers? Extra blood and guts? I mean, that's... that's a lot of blood and guts in there. No way all that Stephen King came out of a normal guy."

Gwen: "Wait. Manny said he was an orb-keeper, right? Maybe he kept an orb."
Cordy: "In his head?"
Gwen: "Where do you keep yours?"

Gwen: "Look, the apocalypse was coming, there was a giant killer demon. I panicked. And oh, by the way, I'm still a thief and as a rule, we don't share information."

Cordy: "But what's impossible is thinking that somehow, some way, the Beast found where we were hiding, spiked the drinks we made ourselves, snuck through this unreasonably large apartment on the tippy-toes of his cloven feet right up to the vault and killed poor Manny unseen and unheard."

Cordy: "You have to talk to him, Angel."
Angel: "Who? Gunn? I just did."
Cordy: "Connor, you dolt, and you knew who I meant so why push my buttons?"
Angel: "Maybe cause it's nice to make you crazy for a change."

Gwen: "I'm just saying, it never would have happened on my watch."
Cordy: "Gosh, no! Because you're supertramp."

Lorne: "Then maybe we can send this thing back to the hell-sweet-hell it came from."

Beast: "Hello, Connor."

Connor: "Dad..."
Angel: "It's okay, Connor. I'm here now."

Beast: "You are a worthy adversary."
Cordy: "Oh, no..."

Connor: "What's it like when you pass out?"
Cordy: "What?"
Connor: "Things get dimmer, right?"
Cordy: "I guess. What-"

Beast: "But our strength is useless divided."

Fred: "Why is it still getting dark?"

Beast: "I told you once... you need not be my enemy. Join with me... Angelus."

Cordy: "The answer is among you..."

Beast: "We'll meet again... soon."

Angel: "The Beast knows me."
Cordy: "No, it doesn't. It knows Angelus."

Gunn: "'The answer is among you.' That's what the little girl meant, isn't it? This was never about Connor. It's about..."
Fred: "...Angelus."
Angel: "I'm telling you, I don't know this Beast. I'd remember."

Angel: "Well, I don't know what to tell any of you because I don't know what the plan is!"
Wesley: "No... but Angelus might. There's only one way we're going to defeat this Beast. We need Angelus."

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