The I in Team

Season 4 Episode #13
Overall Episode #69; Original air date February 8, 2000
Written by David Fury. Directed by James A. Contner.

Slay Me - episode rating
<== <== <- (out of 5 stakes)

French Title: Piegee
German Title: Schein und Sein

The Story:
- - My Mind's A Blank - -

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Giles: Thinking about your affliction -- as well as your newly discovered ability to fight only demons. It occurs to me - and I realize it's against your nature - but have you considered there may be a higher purpose --
Spike: Aagh. Made me lose count. What are you still doing here?
Giles: Talking to myself, apparently.

Slayage - 3 - Polgara demon by the Initiative; 2 squid faced demons in sewer by Buffy, 1 with axe, 1 electrocuted.

Body Count - 1 - Maggie Walsh skewered by her demon creation Adam.

Credits - the cast: *Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers; *Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris; *Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg; *Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles; *James Marsters - Spike; *Marc Blucas - Riley Finn; Emma Caulfield - Anya; Amber Benson - Tara Maclay; Jack Stehlin - Dr. Angleman; Leonard Roberts - Forrest; Bailey Chase - Graham Miller; George Hertzberg - Adam; Lindsay Crouse - Maggie Walsh; Neil Daly - Mason.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Trashed by Lavish; Keep Myself Awake by Black Lab; and Delerium's Window To Your Soul. Episode score by Christophe Beck.

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