Wild At Heart

Buffy: "You were thinking, what, a little helpless coed before bed? You know very well, you eat this late... You're gonna get heartburn."
* Buffy stakes the vampire & he gives no reaction*
Buffy: "Get it? Heartburn? That's it? That's all I get? One lame-ass vamp with no appreciation for my painstakingly thought-out puns. I don't think the forces of darkness are even trying. I mean, you could make a little effort here, you know? Give me something to work with."
Spike: "Watch your mouth, little girl. You should know better than to tempt the fates that way. Cause the big bad is back, and this time, it's... Urrgh! Aaaahhh!"
* Spike is dragged away by the commandos *

Buffy: "Right. So if college is so great, what are we doing here and why isn't it more fun?"
Willow: "Because the Bronze is nice and familiar. It's like a big comfy blanky."
Oz: "I was under the impression that I was your big comfy blanky."

Giles: "Well, it's ages since I've been to a gig. Well, don't look that way. I'm... I'm... I'm down with the new music. And I have the albums to prove it."
Buffy: "Yes, but it's your cutting edge 8-tracks that keep you ahead of the scene."
Oz: "Don't scoff, gang. I've seen Giles' collection. He was an animal in his day."
Giles: "Thank you."
Buffy: "Hey, why not? If the stones can still keep rolling, why can't Giles?"

Willow: "Mm... It's in the sandblaster. Uh..."
Oz: "What's in the sandblaster, Will? It's a dream. Come back to me."
Willow: "Mmmm... Hmm... All geminis to the raspberry hats."
Oz: "Now you're faking."
Willow: "Am not. Just a little."

Willow: "How'd you do? This is good. I mean, this is excellent. You did better than me. This is so unfair! You made me jealous of you academically. Buffy!"
Buffy: "I know. Can you believe it?"
Willow: "Wow. I guess professor Walsh isn't so ogrey after all."
Buffy: "And she wants me to lead a discussion group next class. That means more work, right? Shouldn't she have a better reward system? You know, like a cookie or a toy surprise like at the dentist?"
Willow: "She wants you to lead a discussion group? Okay. Jealous again. Jealous, jealous -- okay. I'm back. Hey, I'm meeting Oz at the cafe. You wanna come? I'll buy you that celebratory cookie."

Oz: "Big lunch?"
Veruca: "I like to eat. I hate chicks who are like, 'does it have dressing on it'?"

Willow: "How come you didn't tell me I look like a crazy birthday cake in this shirt?"
Buffy: "I thought that was the point."

Oz: "So you're a..."
Veruca: "Werewolf groupie. Nobody else gets it done for me."
Oz: "What?"
Veruca: "Kidding. You know what I am. You've known since the first time you saw me."

Oz: "I don't want to hurt anybody."
Veruca: "Maybe. Or maybe you just don't wanna admit what happened to you. Maybe you just wanna pretend like you're a regular guy."
Oz: "Well, I am. I'm only a wolf three nights a month."
Veruca: "Or you're a wolf all the time and this human face is just your disguise. You ever think about that, Oz?"

Veruca: "I can help you, Oz. You're scared. I was, too. But then I accepted it. The animal, it's powerful, inside me all the time. Soon, you just start to feel sorry for everybody else because they don't know what it's like to be as alive as we are. As free."
Oz: "Free to kill people? I won't do that. You shouldn't."
Veruca: "You don't understand. But you will. You'll see that we belong together."
Oz: "No. I know where I belong."

Maggie: "Did you have a question, Buffy?"
Buffy: "No. No, I was just... Sayin howdy."

Giles: "You come on business, I hope?"
Buffy: "Yes. Lucky for you, people may be in danger."
Giles: "I only meant, uh, that I'm at the ready."

Buffy: "Oz... you okay? And if it's possible, you seem more monosyllabic than usual."
Oz: "I'm okay. Thanks."

Veruca: "So you're saying I should spend the whole night with you... Alone... Locked in a cage."
Oz: "You'll be safe."
Veruca: "Not from you. Isn't that the point of this cozy little arrangement? It's coming. Do you feel it? It's like blood boiling."
Oz: "I feel it."
Veruca: "I've wanted you even before I saw you. I sensed you. Did you sense me?"

Oz: "I don't know what Veruca and I have done. When I change, it's like, it's like I'm gone and the wolf takes over."
Willow: "But before this, when you were regular Oz, you had feelings for her, didn't you?"
Oz: "No. I could sense something, but..."
Willow: "But you wanted her... Like in an animal way? Like... more than you wanted me?"

Oz: "Look, Buffy, you should know that--"
Buffy: "Oz... Now might be a good time for your trademark stoicism."

Willow: "I conjure thee by barabbas, by satanas, and the devil. As thou art burning. Let Oz and Veruca's deceitful hearts be broken. This way. I conjure thee by the saracen queen and the name of hell. Let them find no love or solace. Let them find no peace as well."

Veruca: "She's the reason you're living in cages. She's blinding you. When she's gone, you'll be able to admit what you are."
Oz: "You don't want to find out what I am."
Veruca: "You're an animal. Animals kill."

Willow: "What are you doing?"
Oz: "I'm going."
Willow: "Now?"
Oz: "Mm-hmmm."
Willow: "That's your solution?"
Oz: "That's my decision."
Willow: "Don't I get any say in this?"
Oz: "No. Veruca was right about something. The wolf is inside me all the time, and I don't know where that line is anymore between me and it. And until I figure out what that means, I shouldn't be around you... or anybody."
Willow: "Well, that could be a problem cause people... kind of a planetary epidemic."
Oz: "I'll find someplace."
Willow: "Well, how long?"
Oz: "I don't know."
Willow: "Oz... don't you love me?"
Oz: "My whole life... I've never loved anything else."

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