Not Fade Away

Angel: Then we're all agreed.
Spike: Yeah, we're all one big happy Manson family.
Gunn: We taking em all at once?
Angel: Can't. Circle of the Black Thorn is the most powerful group in this plane of existence. Together, they'd vaporize us, but separated, they're just demons.

Lorne: She was babysitting Drogyn-
Angel: She was with Drogyn?
Spike: Relax. The two of them were getting on well enough.
Angel: You have to get over there now.
Wes: Why? What is it?
Angel: Drogyn's dead.
Spike: And how do you know that, Kreskin?
Angel: Because I killed him.

Hamilton: Sorry. Didn't know you were... in conference.
Angel: I was just making a closing statement... unless somebody didn't hear me.

Hamilton: Your new friends. The Black Thorn. They're very concerned.
Angel: Tell them to send me a memo. I'm busy trying to run a business.
Hamilton: You can tell them yourself. They want to see you right now. No rest for the wicked.

Lorne: I'm telling you, our fearless leader has fearlessly lost it. There's no part of this that makes any sense. We could be next.
Gunn: I don't think we're being monitored here.
Lorne: I'm not playing to the crowd, Gunn. I tell you, I still don't trust the man.
Gunn: We don't have to trust him. We just gotta pray the Black Circle does.

Sebassis: The circle does not abide secrets.
Angel: Which is interesting for a secret society.

Vail: Aah! Sebassis! Your manservant has become tangled in my bodily fluids again!
Sebassis' Slave: Eeeep!

Angel: My people are the problem?
Sebassis: Some of them, yes.
Angel: Some? Who missed the cut?
Vail: We're interested in Mr. Wyndam-Price. He seems intriguingly unstable.
Senator: Mr. Gunn, on the other hand, does not, which is a pity. He had so much potential.
Sebassis: He is not, however, out greatest concern.
Angel: If the next words out of your mouth are 'kill Spike', we just might have to kiss.
Sebassis: Spike is not the threat. You are. You've proven your loyalty to the circle. Regrettably, there's something stronger than loyalty... hope.
Angel: This is the Shanshu Prophecy.
Sebassis: The original.
Senator: The vampire with a soul will play a pivotal role in the apocalypse.
Vail: And as a reward, will become human.
Sebassis: A paranoid person might think you're trying to manipulate us in an attempt to fulfill this prophecy.
Angel: I have no desire to become human.
Sebassis: Oh, good. Then you won't mind signing that pesky future away. Through that document, the prophecy can be undone. Your signature there will remove any opportunity that you will ever earn your once-precious humanity. Will you sign it?
Angel: Of course.
Izzy: It's gotta be signed in blood.

Angel: You ever miss it? You were turned, what... five years ago?
Harmony: Oh, that. Yeah. Graduation night. I don't know. It's weird. Part of me always knew life would end after high school. I was very popular, you know, The whole 'golden years' thing.
Angel: I don't remember what it was like... being human. It was too long ago.
Harmony: Not so great. Zits. Dandruff. Mortality. Although I do remember... my heart. And the way it would thump when I kissed a really hot boy for the first time... That was cool.

Angel: You're not a part of this.
Harmony: I could be. I'm your assistant, after all. I could, I don't know... assist you or something.

Lindsey: You can't beat em.
Angel: Maybe they're not there to be beat. Maybe fighting them is what makes human beings so remarkably strong.
Lindsey: You're not talking about the kind of strength human beings have. This is not about coveting your neighbor's ass, your buddy's job, the last Mallomar in the box. You're talking about fighting flesh and something that passes for blood demons with enormous power, and they will mow you down.
Angel: Maybe... but I keep thinking that once this world was theirs and now it's not.
Lindsey: Isn't it?

Angel: There's always going to be power, and there's always going to be corruption.
Lindsey: So again I ask you-
Angel: Cause it's not what I'm expected to do.

Lindsey: The devil you know.
Angel: That'd be you.
Lindsey: And what if you roll snake eyes?
Angel: You'll talk your way out of it. You'll tell them I forced you to help me. Tell them I made my scary face.
Lindsey: Believe it or not, I was actually talking about you. You don't care about being squashed like a bug?
Angel: You haven't heard a word I've said. For, like years back.
Lindsey: Well, you get a little speechy, all right? And I breeze out.

Angel: I want you, Lindsey... I'm thinking about rephrasing that.
Lindsey: Yeah, I think I'd be more comfortable if you did.

Lorne: Say, any other tips on how to be a hero we could share with the boys and girls at home?
Angel: I didn't have a choice. They would have killed us both-
Gunn: We get it. We'd just like to know if they're gonna need any of the rest of us as proof.
Spike: Pick us off one by one, you know.
Angel: No, they won't. We're killing them all tonight.

Angel: We'll be ready, but today, I want you guys to go out. Live. Do whatever you want. Live the day like it's your last... cause it probably is.

Bartender: It can get pretty ugly in here, I gotta warn you.
Spike: What I'm after. Couple more shots of courage, and I may make my presence felt.
Bartender: Your funeral.
Spike: Well, I never had a proper one.

Gunn: Still fighting the good fight, huh?
Annie: That's the drill. How are things uptown?
Gunn: More fight, less good.

Gunn: What if I told you it doesn't help? What would you do if you found out that none of it matters? That it's all controlled by forces more powerful and uncaring than we can conceive, and they will never let it get better down here. What would you do?
Annie: I'd get this truck packed before the new stuff gets here... Wanna give me a hand?

Illyria: I will fight. I've been broken and humiliated. I will return in kind every blow, every sting. I will shread my adversaries. Pull their eyes out just enough to turn them towards their mewing, mutilated faces.
Wes: You're a very inspirational person. Have I mentioned that?

Wes: The first lesson a watcher learns is to separate truth from illusion. Because in the world of magics, it's the hardest thing to do. The truth is that Fred is gone. To pretend anything else would be a lie. And since I don't actually intend to die tonight, I won't accept a lie.

Spike: My soul is wrapped in harsh repose, midnight descends in raven-colored clothes, but soft... behold! A sunlight beam cutting a swath of glimmering gleam. My heart expands, tis grown abulgant, inspired by your beauty... effulgent.
Audience: Yeah! That was great, man.
Spike: Thank you. That was for Cecily. All right. This next one's called 'The Wanton Folly of Me Mum'.

Connor: So vampires really don't understand the concept of jokes.
Angel: I understand jokes. I was at the first taping of the Carol Burnett show. Tim Conway was on fire. It was special.

Connor: I know you're my father.
Angel: You got your memories back.
Connor: Yeah, they're mixed in there with the new ones. Kind of like, uh... a bad dream I had, I guess, a very strange and violent, at times, inappropriately erotic... dream.
Angel: You probably have a lot of questions.
Connor: No. I don't want to make a thing. I get what you did. You know... I'm grateful. That's as far as I want to take it... okay?

Angel: Need any help?
Connor: Have you ever written a resume before? Ever?
Angel: No... but I have very nice handwriting.
Connor: You girl.

Lindsey: What are you thinking about?
Eve: Angel.
Lindsey: You simply couldn't have said a worse thing than that.
Eve: Well, you know what I mean.
Lindsey: I do. It's nice to know you're one of the few things in my life he didn't get his mitts on, you know?
Eve: I don't believe Angel trusts you.
Lindsey: It ain't about that, love. It's about what he needs, and right now he needs every hand he can get. As long as I'm fighting on his side, he'll play me fair. When the smoke clears, then we'll see where we stand.

Lindsey: I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Damn, girl, you gave up immortality for me. It's like something out of a fairy tale.
Eve: We don't live in a fairy tale.

Angel: This may come out a little pretentious, but... one of you will betray me.
* Spike eagerly raises his hand. *
Angel: Wes.
Spike: Oh... Can I deny you three times?

Illyria: I'll make trophies of their spines.
Angel: Good to have you on the team.

Gunn: I was hoping it'd be vamps. I haven't dusted nearly enough this year... No offense.
Spike: That's all right.

Spike: First off, I'm not wearing any amulets. No bracelets, broaches, beads, pendants, pins or rings.
Angel: Fine. All you need is a rattle.

Lorne: I'm not a fighter, Angelwings. I never had the stomach for it. Looks like I'm your weak link.
Angel: I just need you to back up Lindsey.

Harmony: This just gets better and better every day. Anyway-
Hamilton: Hmm.
Harmony: About Angel's secret plan...

Lorne: Hey, Ange, uh, I'll do this last thing for you, for us... but then I'm out, and you won't find me in the alley afterwards. Hell, you won't find me at all. Do me a favor. Don't try.

Illyria: Try not to die. You are not unpleasant to my eyes.
Gunn: Uh, thanks. You... try not to die, too.

Spike: What do you think all this means for that Shanshu bugaboo? If we make it through this, does one of us get to be a real boy?
Angel: Who are you kidding? We're not gonna make it through.
Spike: Well, as long as it's not you.

Hamilton: Going out?
Angel: Why? You wanna order in?

Harmony: He's not my boyfriend. I mean, I certainly didn't betray you.
Angel: Drop the act, Harm.
Harmony: It's not an act. I'm really this nervous.
Angel: I knew you'd turn on me. I just didn't know when.
Harmony: What do you mean you knew?
Angel: Loyalty really isn't high on your list.
Harmony: Oh, is that right? I'll have you know I am damn loyal, dumbass.
Angel: You betrayed me. You are betraying me now, even as we are talking.
Harmony: Because you never have any confidence in me.
Angel: No, because you have no soul.
Harmony: I would if you had confidence in me.

Harmony: Are you firing me?
Angel: Among other things, yes.
Harmony: Do you think I could get a recommendation?
Angel: Yeah, okay.
Harmony: But see, if you don't so much live as the other thing, how-
Angel: It's already in the desk.
Harmony: You're the best. Good luck. Um... may the best man win?

Hamilton: The senoir partners have expended an awful lot of time and resources on you. Personally, I would have told them not to bother. You're gutter trash, and that's where you should have stayed, drinking and whoring your way through an unremarkable life. But the fates stepped in and made you a vampire, with a soul, no less, A champion. A hero of the people. And yet, you still managed to fail everyone around you. Doyle, Cordelia. Fred. They're all gone. Now it's time you followed. Did you really think you were gonna kill Archduke Sebassis?
Angel: No... I think I already did.

Angel: I figured you were the one I needed to be alone with.
Hamilton: Why? So I could kill you?
Angel: Well, I thought the fight would be going a little better.

Hamilton: Why do you keep fighting? You signed away your Shanshu. There's nothing in it for you anymore.
Angel: People who don't care about anything will never understand the people who do.
Hamilton: Yeah, but we won't care.

Angel: What the hell are you doing here?
Connor: Come on. You drop by for a cup of coffee, and the world's not ending. Please.

Lindsey: You really done with them?
Lorne: It isn't my kind of work anymore. It's unsavory.
Lindsey: Gee, I think it's just getting interesting.
Lorne: Yeah, I bet you do.
Lindsey: You don't trust me. You don't think a man can change?
Lorne: It's not about what I think. This was Angel's plan.
Lindsey: Come one. I could sing for you.
Lorne: I've heard you sing.
* Lorne takes out a gun and shoots Lindsey twice in the chest *
Lindsey: Why - why did you...
Lorne: One last job. You're not part of the solution, Lindsey. You never will be.
Lindsey: You kill me? A flunky?! I'm not just... Angel... kills me. You don't... Angel...
Lorne: Good night, folks.

Illyria: This wound is mortal.
Wes: Aren't we all? It was good... that you came.
Illyria: I killed all mine, and I was...
Wes: Concerned?
Illyria: I think so. But I can't help. You'll be dead within moments.
Wes: I know.
Illyria: Would you like me to lie to you now?

Wes: I've missed you.
Fred: It's gonna be okay. It won't hurt much longer, and then you'll be where I am. We'll be together.

Vail: How very touching his meaningless death was, but this fight was never for mortals.

Hamilton: Let me say this as clearly as I can. You cannot beat me. I am part of them. The Wolf, Ram, and Hart. Their strength flows through my veins. My blood is filled with their ancient power.
Angel: Can you pick out the one word there you probably shouldn't have said?

Hamilton: You don't really think you're gonna win this, do you? You don't stand a chance. We are legion. We are forever.
Angel: Then I guess forever... just got a hell of a lot shorter.

Angel: Go home... now.
Connor: They'll destroy you.
Angel: As long as you're okay, they can't.

Angel: Looks like we're getting kicked out of the garden, Eve.

Gunn: Damn! How did I know the fang boys would pull through?

Spike: You're supposed to wear the red stuff on the inside, Charlie boy.
Gunn: Any word on Wes?
Illyria: Wesley's dead. I'm feeling grief for him. I can't seem to control it. I wish to do more violence.
Spike: Well, wishes just happen to be horses today.
Angel: Among other things.
Gunn: Okay. You take the 30,000 on the left...
Illyria: You're fading. You'll last ten minutes at best.
Gunn: Then let's make em memorable.
Spike: In terms of a plan?
Angel: We fight.
Spike: Bit more specific.
Angel: Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let's go to work.

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