Gunn: I get that we have to be careful, but feels weird hiding from the company we're supposed to be running.

Wes: And you think you can trust him?... Them.
Fred: What?
Wes: These... people, the ones you're spending so much time with lately. Knox, for example.
Fred: Uh, we're, you know, heh heh, friendly, but he's under me - or I'm on top of him. Professionally. All I'm saying is, he - he's not evil.
Angel: I think we're all agreed that the senior partners are. They put us in charge for a reason. What we need to know is... why?

Lorne: Yeah, I'm up to my horns in schmoozin starlets and boozin hipsters, Angel.

Gunn: I made a deal. We all did. Seems like I'm the only one who's willing to accept that. Everybody here got something out of this.
Angel: Fear, mistrust, a great motor pool.
Lorne: I got the Nancy Sinatra collection. Original 45s.
Wes: I did get a rather nice pen... Sterling... Has my name on it. Which is not the point at all.

Fred: Using the amulet to destroy the hellmouth, it turned Spike into-
Lorne: A spook?
Fred: Well, he's more than a ghost. He's something unique.

Angel: Can I borrow your pen?
Wes: Uhh, sure.

Fred: Spike, I'm sorry, but I'm kind of busy right now with the situation.
Spike: Hey, I'm a situation, remember? I'm a bloody phantom. And you and your serious girl spectacles were gonna help me with my bloody little problem.
Fred: I know, and I bloody will.

Spike: It's getting worse.
Fred: Worse? You mean your-
Spike: My winking out of existence? Yeah. And I'm not talking about quick pops to the netherworld. They're lasting longer now.
Fred: How long?
Spike: Feels like forever. Look, something's trying to hold onto me... on the other side. If you don't do something soon, one of these times... I may not come back.

Spike: We got a history, him and me.
Fred: What?
Spike: It was a long time ago. He was a young watcher, fresh out of the academy, when we crossed paths. It was a, what-you-call, battle of wills... and blood was spilled. Vendettas were sworn. It was a whole-
Fred: My God... you're so full of crap.
Spike: Yeah. Okay.

Spike: And me, I'm just left to fade into nothingness.
Fred: There's no need to be dramatic. Look, just try not to disappear, and we'll figure it out eventually.

Spike: Bloody shame, letting the girl run off like that. Somebody's slipping.

Spike: Catch her after she goes all growly, won't be easy taking her out. I had a wee spat with a werewolf myself once. Fought for over an hour. Brutal, vicious. Almost last my-
Fred: Angel killed him with a pen.

Angel: You know that whoosh thing that you do when you're suddenly not there there anymore? I love that.

Angel: What I'm trying to do, Nina, is help you.
Nina: Said the psycho rapist.

Angel: Nina, it's okay.
Nina: No, it's not!
Angel: You didn't-
Nina: I wanted to rip her throat out!
Angel: It wasn't you. It was that thing inside.
Nina: Oh, like there's a difference?

Nina: You didn't wake up and find out you're a... monster. You don't know anything.
Angel: I'm not a werewolf like you, but I-I know what it's like. I'm a monster, too.
Nina: So... what? You're like a Frankenstein?
Angel: What? No! I'm - I'm a vampire.
Nina: Vampire.
Angel: But I have a soul. I'm - I'm not evil, and neither are you.
Nina: But vampires kill people, and they-
Angel: Can control themselves if they want to. I do it every day, and so can you. I'll help.
Nina: Can you... cure me?
Angel: No. But I can keep you safe.

Spike: We wait for the show. Should be a good one. Everyone on pins and needles, dreading the moonrise, then pop goes the werewolf.

Nina: So, the entourage. All this for me?
Fred: Um, no... yeah, kind of. I mean, it's just in case you, you know.
Nina: Run away.
Fred: It's not like you're a prisoner. You're totally not.

Nina: How would you - you're not a monster, too, are you?
Fred: Nope. Standard-issue science nerd. I did spend 5 years in a demon dimension... til Angel saved me.
Nina: Guess he saves a lot of girls, huh?
Fred: Girls, guys... puppies. He's pretty much an equal-opportunity saver.

Fred: He-he was seeing someone, sort of... but she... Angel doesn't date much - at all. Cause of his circumstances.
Nina: Cause he's a vampire.
Fred: Kind of. but that doesn't mean - his situation's just complicated.
Nina: Must be lonely.
Fred: Sometimes, maybe. But it's not like he doesn't have anyone. We all... we try to be there for each other.
Nina: Like a family.
Fred: Yeah. A demon-hunting, helpless-helping, dysfunctional family.

Lorne: Whoa! Watch it there! Just passing by and got splashed with a heap of grouchy. Got to tell you, Angelkins, that extra weight is not looking so good on you... I'm talking about psychic pounds, pumpkin. Why don't you consider me the Jenny Craig for the soul, huh? So let's hear it.
Angel: I'm not gonna sing.
Lorne: Couldn't bear it if you did. No, it's talking you need... or maybe a shoulder to-
Angel: I'm not gonna cry either.
Lorne: I was going to a leaning place. Okay, Atlas, how about a shrug?

Lorne: Spike showing up your first day in the Wolfram & Hart saddle took the jolly right out of the rancher. We've been feeling it since, Angelcakes.
Angel: Okay, so it's no secret. I don't like the guy.
Lorne: Like him, don't like him - that's up to you. You're fighting so many enemies around you, Angel, your punches are getting sloppy, and we've got the bruises to prove it. We're operating in unfriendly territory, camp. I don't want you to forget about the people covering your back.

Nina: I'm sorry about last night, but you can't count on me all the time.
Jill: Since when?

Fred: That's weird... And really not good. Run!

Fred: The scariest thing was how organized they were, almost military.
Wes: An underground monster-hunting military organization. It's happened before.

Fred: That's weird. Why don't I just approach the mysteriously ajar door?
Gunn: Stop with the mocking. Get enough of that from blondie bear.

Gunn: How'd you end up going through Royce's trash anyway?
Fred: It was... well, Spike. He led me in here>

Royce: But it's a secret! If I tell you, this man, he's not like you. You're a good guy, but he's a... well, no offense, but he's scarier than you.
Angel: Wanna bet?

Angel: I know where she is.
Fred: Angel, we found... It's what they plan to do to her.
Angel: It's a menu.

Gunn: I'm all up in the law now, but damn it feels good to get my violence on.

Angel: Jesus, they garnished you?
Nina: No, get away! Just let them choke on me.
Angel: Listen to me. Tomorrow you're gonna be home.
Nina: This is what I am. I can't go back there, ever. This is better.
Angel: Nothing better about ending up in a doggy bag.

Gunn: What, no leprechaun souffle?
Crane: There's no such thing as leprechauns.

Fred: Spike. I've been looking for you. You were there again. Where you go when you're not... here.
Spike: There. Nowhere. I didn't think I was coming back.

Spike: Last gasp before eternal fire and brimstone. Let's party.

Fred: Okay, then I'm going to help you. Well, I-I don't know exactly, but I am going to find a way to bring you back, really bring you back. I promise.
Spike: Well, all right, then. No need to get dramatic.

Nina: She's a really good artist.
Angel: Oh. My refrigerator's always available if she's looking to show.

Nina: Next you're gonna tell me you actually like being a vampire.
Angel: Well, being nearly indestructible is cool.

Nina: You don't ever think about letting go, disappearing somewhere?
Angel: Heh. Look, if you separate yourself from the ones you love, the monster wins.
Nina: You make it sound simple.
Angel: Well, it's not.

Lorne: Just order the usual, Fredikins.
Angel: I'm buying.
Lorne: Ladies and gentlemen, hell just froze over.

Gunn: So... werewolf girl. Think you got a shot?
Angel: She gave me a look.
Wes: Really? A look?

Fred: We moved, actually, to a law firm. Uh-huh. Different. No, nice.

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