Life of the Party

Season 5 Episode #5
Overall Episode #93; Original air date October 29, 2003
Written by Ben Edlund. Directed by Bill Norton.

Slay Me - episode rating
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The Story:
- - Why Is It So Hard To Get Anyone To Have Any Fun Around Here - -

Say What? - quote of the week... More Quotes
Angel: I mean, this really matters to you. Personally.
Lorne: Yeah. You know, Angel, I don't have superhuman strength, and I'm not a fighter. Quantum physics make me nauseous, and I barely made a passing grade at mystical studies, but I'm on your team. This is something I can do. I believe it has a purpose that can help you, even if you don't.

Credits - the cast: *David Boreanaz - Angel; *James Marsters - Spike; *J. August Richards - Charles Gunn; * Amy Acker - Winifred 'Fred' Burkle; *Andy Hallet - Lorne; *Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndham-Pryce; Sarah Thompson - Eve; Mercedes McNab - Harmony; Jonathan Woodward - Knox; Leland Crooke - Sebassis; Michael Maize - Artode; Jim Blachette - Devlin; TJ Thyne - Employee #1; Ryan Alvaraz - Demon Slave.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Don't Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston. Episode score by Robert J. Kral.

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