Season 5 Episode #14
Overall Episode #92; Original air date February 13, 2001
Written by David Fury. Directed by Dan Attias.

Slay Me - episode rating
<== <== <== <- (out of 5 stakes)

A... please! A date! You are completely off your bird. I mean... do you want it to be? -Spike to Buffy revealing his crush on her.

The Story:
- - You Can't Just Shut Me Out - -

Say What? - quote of the week... More Quotes
Willow: I just don't see why he couldn't end up with Esmerelda. They could have the wedding right there. Beneath the very bell-tower where he labored thanklessly for all those years.
Tara: No, see, it can't, it can't end like that, cause all of Quasimodo's actions were selfishly motivated. He had no moral compass, no understanding of right. Everything he did, he did out of love for a woman who would never be able to love him back. Also, you can tell it's not gonna have a happy ending when the main guy's all bumpy.

Slayage - 0.

Body Count - 8 - 5 passengers on train at Sunnydale Station plus the train station porter by Drusilla; Boy and Girl at the Bronze also by Drusilla.

Credits - the cast: *Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers; *Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris; *Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg; *Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles; *James Marsters - Spike; *Emma Caulfield - Anya; *Michelle Trachtenberg - Dawn Summers; Mercedes McNab - Harmony Kendall; Charlie Webber - Ben; Amber Benson - Tara Maclay; Juliet Landau - Drusilla; Kristine Sutherland - Joyce Summers; Frederick Dawson - Porter; Greg Wayne - Student; Joseph Diciandomenico - Mutt; Walter Borchert - Jeff; Asher Glaser - Boy in Bronze; Jennifer Bergman - Girl in Bronze; Nell Shanahan - Waitress.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Key by Devics; and Summercamp's Play It By Ear and Happy. Episode score by Thomas Wanker.

Awesome!! - don't miss these highlights
** Drusilla's return to Sunnydale.
** Dawn hanging out in Spike's crypt.
** Spike's expression when he realizes he's been uninvited from the Summers's home.

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