Dawn: "It's just... what if Mom... what if she'd like something else better?"
Buffy: "Dawn."
Dawn: "I mean, how do we know for sure? She's the one who has to be in it forever."

Xander: "You going home?"
Willow: "I'm gonna stop by my mom's first. Been doing that a lot lately."
Xander: "Yeah. I actually might stop by your mom's too. Well, I'm not going to my place. Those people are scary. Speaking of. You have got to be kidding me."
Spike: "I'm not going in."
Xander: "And you're not leaving those. You actually think you're gonna score points with Buffy this way?"
Spike: "This isn't about Buffy."
Xander: "Bull. We're all hip to your doomed obssession."
Spike: "They're for Joyce."
Xander: "Like you care about her."
Willow: "Guys, guys, not here."
Spike: "Care? Joyce was the only one of the lot of you that I could stand."
Xander: "And she's the only one with a daughter you wanted to shag. I'm touched."
Spike: "I liked the lady. Understand, monkey boy? She was decent. She didn't put on airs. She always had a nice cuppa for me. And she never treated me like a freak."
Xander: "Her mistake."
Spike: "Think what you want."
Xander: "Un... believable. The guy thinks he can put on a big show and con Buffy into being his sex monkey."
Willow: "Xander... He didn't leave a card."

Minister: "We commend to almighty good... our sister, Joyce Summers... and we commit her body to the ground. Earth to earth... ashes to ashes... and dust to dust. The Lord bless her and keep her. The Lord makes his face to shine upon her and be gracious to her. the Lord lift up his countenance upon her... and give her peace."

Angel: "I'm sorry . I couldn't come sooner."

Willow: "Oh, Dawn. I wish I could... help more. the only thing is... it'll get better. I promise."
Dawn: "You don't know that."
Tara: "Sure she does. We're witches. We know stuff."
Dawn: "What? Life goes on, and I forget Mom? Is that what you're saying?"
Willow: "Not forget, no! I, you..."
Tara: "You make a place for her in your heart. It's sort of like she becomes a part of you."

Anya: "Well, I just think I understand sex more now. It's not just about two bodies smooshing together. It's about life. It's about making life."
Xander: "Right, when... two people are much older, and... way richer, and far less stupid."
Anya: "Breathe. You're turning colors. I'm not ready to make life with you, but I could. We could. Life could come out of our love and our smooshing, and that's beautiful. It all makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger. Like I'm more awake somehow. You know?"
Xander: "Yeah, I do."

Tara: "This is different. Magic can't be used to alter the natural order of things."
Dawn: "But all you do is mess with the natural order of things. You, you make things float, a-and disappear, and-"
Tara: "But we don't mess with life and death."

Buffy: "The funeral was... it was brutal, but it's tomorrow that I'm worried about."
Angel: "What's tomorrow?"
Buffy: "That's exactly what I don't know."

Angel: "Look, it's okay. I know you don't feel like it now, but you are strong, Buffy. You're gonna figure this out. And you have people to help you. You don't have to do this alone."
Buffy: "It's gonna be light soon."
Angel: "I can stay in town as long as you want me."
Buffy: "How's forever? Does forever work for you?"

Ben: "Let Glory understand this: I won't help her find the key. I would never do that to an innocent-"
Jinx: "An innocent? The key? That's an intereting choice of words."

Giles: "You don't have to do that, Dawn, just, just relax."
Anya: "Yes, sit down. We have some very amusing chicken feet you can play with."
Dawn: "That's okay."
Anya: "Don't you watch television? I thought all children despise effort and enjoy cartoons."
Dawn: "Um, I like being useful. It keeps my mind off things."
Giles: "Then useful you shall be. I can always use a hand."
Anya: "But you have a hand. A paid hand. A hand that isn't the hand of illegal child labor."
Giles: "Anya."
Anya: "But of course, it's wonderful that you find doing my job so distracting. I am unthreatened. Proceed."

Giles: "Oh, um, well, if you like, uh, I could teach you how to... work the cash register, you can ring up sales."
Dawn: "Cool."
Anya: "Ring up sales? With the money? She gets to fondle the money? Customer! Hello, customer!"

Dawn: "You don't have to be all nice to me. I know why you're doing this."
Spike: "Do you now? Enlighten me."
Dawn: "Spike, I'm not stupid. You're like stalking my sister. You'd do anything to get in good with her."
Spike: "Buffy never hears about this, okay? Found out what I was doing, she'd drive a redwood through my chest."
Dawn: "Then, if you don't want credit, why are you helping me?"
Spike: "I just don't like to see Summers women take it so hard on the chin, is all. And I'm dead serious. You breathe a word of this to Buffy, I'll see to it that you end up in the ground. Got it?"

Glory: "Jinxie? Oh, no, no! Oh, mind the rug, honeys, blood's a bitch."

Glory: "What about the key?"
Jinx: "He indicated that it was a person, most... highest... you."
Glory: "The key's in human form?"
Jinx: "I believe so... good one."
Glory: "Ahh! Jinx, you robed stud, you're my man! I'm even gonna let you slide on the lame toadying on account of your dying and stuff."

Doc: "I know you."
Spike: "I don't think so, mate."
Doc: "No, no, you're that guy, that, that guy, hangs around down at the corner mart. Big into dominoes, aren't you?"
Spike: "Can't say as I am. Look, we came here because-"
Doc: "That's crazy, isn't it? I mean, I, I, I'd swear, you were that guy. I mean, your hair's a different color and you're a vampire, but uh, other than that..."

Doc: "It's a tricky spell, girl. I can't say for sure your mother will come back exactly like she was. Sometimes these... things... get a little off."
Dawn: "But she'll still be my mother. Won't she?"
Doc: "More or less."

Spike: "Well, what do you know. Bitty Buffy."

Spike: "I'll make it move. You just be ready. Hey! Ghora! Heads up. Right then. Heads it is."

Dawn: "Sorry!"
Spike: "Did you get it? Don't be sorry then."

Willow: "What did I have for breakfast this morning? Do you remember?"
Tara: "Hmm?"
Willow: "I-I wanna say bagel, but I think that was yesterday. You had two eggs sunny-side up. I remember cause they were wiggling at me like little boobs."
Tara: "Sassy eggs."

Buffy: "What have you done? What have you done?"
Dawn: "She's coming. She's coming home.'

Buffy: "No. Now, Tara told me that these spells go bad all the time. People come back... wrong."

Dawn: "No! You've been avoiding me."
Buffy: "I'm not!... I have to do these things, casue... cause when I stop, then she's really gone. And I'm trying. Dawn, I am, I am really trying to take care of things, but I don't even know what I'm doing. Mom always knew."
Dawn: "Nobody's asking you to be Mom."
Buffy: "Well, who's gonna be if I'm not? Huh, Dawn? Have you even thought about that? Who's gonna make things better? Who's gonna take care of us?"
Dawn: "Buffy..."
Buffy: "I didn't mean to push you away, I didn't. I just couldn't let you see me. Oh god, Dawnie... I don't know what we're gonna do. I'm scared."

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