Glory: "I really hate it when people touch my things. Last words, slay-runt?"
Buffy: "Just one. Truck."

Dawn: "A-and then whoosh! All of a sudden Glory's standing right there in front of us, all skanky and blonde and thinkin she's all that just cause some bumpy heads kiss her stinky feet... She does have nice feet. A-and she's comin right at us, and - Buffy's just standing there not even blinking, like "Bring it on," and then, wham! Hell-bitch in orbit."
Xander: "Go, Buff!"
Giles: "I knew you'd best Glory eventually, I mean all-all our years of training -"
Buffy: "A truck hit her."
Giles: "Oh."
Anya: "You threw it at her?"
Dawn: "Well, not. She more kind of waited for it to hit Glory. Uh, but then Buffy ran really fast and we got away."

Anay: "Piano!"
Xander: "Because that's what we used to kill that big demon that one time! No wait, that-that was a rocket launcher. Ahn, what are you talking about?"
Anya: "We should drop a piano on her. Well, it always works for that creepy cartoon rabbit when he's running from that nice man with the speech impediment."
Giles: "Yes, or perhaps we could paint a convincing tunnel on the side of a mountain."

Anya: "Run away? Finally, a sensible plan."

Ben: "You know why I wanted to be a doctor?"
Gronx: "Flattering drawstring pants?"
Ben: "To be close to people. To witness their lives and their deaths, to be there alongside them, a part of everyday humanity. Maybe it's the drugs."

Anya: "Anybody else feel that?"
Willow: "What?"
Anya: "Cold draft of paralyzing fear."
Giles: "We just need to stay calm."
Willow: "Calm, right."
Xander: "Hey, we gotta be like Sergeant Rock. Cool and collected in the face of overwhelming odds."
Anya: "Overwhelming? How much more than whelming would that be exactly?"

Buffy: "Look, this isn't a discussion! He stays. Get over it."
Spike: "Buckle up, kids. Daddy's puttin the hammer down."

Anya: "Shouldn't somebody be asking, "Are we there yet? Isn't that what small entertaining children do?"
Dawn: "That kinda only works if you know where you're going."
Anya: "Do we know where we're going yet?"

Xander: "Is anybody else queasy?"
Anya: "He doesn't travel well. He's like fine shrimp."
Spike: "I shoulda nicked that Porsche I had my eye on. There's just enough room for me, you, and big sis. What?"
Xander: "Would you give it a rest, or..."
Spike: "Or what, you're gonna toss your cookies on my shoes?"
Xander: "Or you can be undead man walking. See how fast you can hitch a ride with a flaming thumb."
Spike: "Fine. Shrimp."
Xander: "That guy is bloodsucking the last nerve right outta me."

Dawn: "Any luck?"
Willow: "Uh, if you define luck as the absence of success, plenty."

Dawn: "Anyone hungry?"
Anya: "Ooh! Snacks! The secret to any successful migration. Who's up for some tasty fried meat products?"

Spike: "No biggie. Look, the skin's already stopped smoking. You go ahead and play... peek-a-boo with Mister Sunshine all you like. It keeps the ride from getting boring."
Tara: "All the light is gone."
Willow: "No, shh, baby. The light's still outside, okay?"
Tara: "All dark. All dark."

Dawn: "Hey. I think Anya's gonna try to cook. Wanna come watch the tears and recriminations?"
Buffy: "Maybe later."

Buffy: "I'm the Slayer. The chosen one. All mythic and defender-y. Evil nasties are supposed to flee from me. Not the other way around."
Dawn: "You're not fleeing. You're... moving at a brisk pace."
Buffy: "Quaintly referred to in some cultures as the big scaredy runaway."

Giles: "Weapons?"
Spike: "Hello! You're driving one!"
Willow: "Don't hit the horsies!"
Buffy: "Oh, we won't! Aim for the horsies."

Spike: "Now might be a good time for something heroic."

Dawn: "Keep the pressure on."
Spike: "I always do, sweet bit."

Buffy: "Are you sure you're okay?"
Dawn: "Yeah. B-but Spike's hurt."
Spike: "Ow! Easy with the delicates."
Buffy: "They'll heal."
Spike: "Florence bloody Nightingale to the rescue."

Xander: "We got company. And they brought a crusade."

Buffy: "Will? How long will it hold?"
Willow: "Half a day maybe. Or till Heckle and Jeckle punch a hole through it."

Gregor: "The key has been transformed, given... breath, life. Yet, this makes no difference. The key is the link. The link must be severed. Such is the will of god."

Buffy: "I'm sorry."
Giles: "For what?"
Buffy: "We should have stayed. If we had, none of this would have happened."
Giles: "Don't. What you did... w-was necessary... what I've always admired."
Buffy: "Running away?"
Giles: "Being able to place... your heart... above all else. I'm so proud of you. You've come so far. You're everything a Watcher... everything I could have hoped for."

Ben: "You, uh, forgot to mention the costume party outside."

Ben: "All right, I think I got him stablilzed, but there's a lot of damage. We need to get him out of here."
Buffy: "Well, I think the guys with the pointy swords kinda have other ideas."
Ben: "Don't they always."

Xander: "You know, those things'll kill you. Oh. Right. I mention today how much I don't like you?"
Spike: "You mighta let it slip in... once or twice."

Gregor: "What do you know of the beast?"
Buffy: "Strong. Fast. Hellgod."
Gregor: "From a dimension of unspeakable torment."
Buffy: "A demon dimension. I know. She ruled with two other hellgods, right?"
Gregor: "Along with the beast they were a triumvirate of suffering and despair. Ruling with equal vengeance. But the beast's power grew beyond even what they could conceive. As did her lust for pain and misery. They looked upon her, what she had become... and trembled."
Buffy: "A god afraid?"
Gregor: "Such was her power. They feared she would attempt to seize their dimension for herself, and decided to strike first. A great battle erupted. In the end, they stood victorious over the beast... barely. She was cast out. Banished to this lower plane of existence, forced to live and eventually die trapped within the body of a mortal... a newborn male, created as her prison. That is the beast's... only weakness."

Gregor: "The key... is almost as old as the beast itself. Where it came from, how it was created... the deepest of mysteries. All that is certain is that its power is absolute. Countless generations of my people have sacrificed their lives in search of it, to destroy it before its wrath could be unleashed."
Dawn: "But the monks found it first."
Gregor: "Yes, and hid it with their magicks."
Buffy: "Why didn't they just destroy it? If the key is as dangerous as -"
Gregor: "Because they were fools. They thought they could harness its power for the forces of light. They failed, and paid with their blood."
Dawn: "What do I do? What was I created for?"
Gregor: "You were created... to open the gates that seperate dimensions. The beast will use your power... to return home and seize control of the hell she was banished from."
Buffy: "That's it? That's Glory's master plan... to go home?"
Gregor: "You misunderstand. Once the key is activated, it won't just open the gates to the beast's dimension. It's going to open all the gates. The walls separating realities will crumble. Dimensions will bleed into each other. Order will be overthrown and the universe will tumbel into chaos... all dark... forever. That... is what you were created for."

Ben: "I just know that sometimes terrible things happen to good people. It shouldn't, but... it does. It's nobody's fault. It's just the way life is."

Glory: "Well, what do you know. Little Ben finally did something right."

Dante: "The beast."

Willow: "Buffy! Buffy, we have to find Dawn. We, we can't let Glory - Buffy? Buffy! Buffy, you have to get up! We need you! Buffy, please! Buffy..."

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