Dawn: "What's a CAT scan exactly?"
Buffy: "I don't know. It's some... x-ray, I guess."
Dawn: "Where do they get the CAT from? I mean, do they test it on cats or... or does the machine sort of look like a cat?"

Tara: "'Your one-stop spot to shop for all your occult needs'. Catchy."
Giles: "Think so?"
Tara: "Uh-huh. In a... hard to read sort of way, but I think it's great."

Anya: "I mean, I for one didn't want to start my day with a slaughter. Which really just goes to show how much I've grown!"

Dreg: "Most beauteous and supremely magnificent one, this dark spell I hold in my worthless and scabby hand is our gift to you, most tingly and wonderful Glorificus..."
Glory: "Please, call me Glory. And get up, looking at you is hurting my neck."
Dreg: "Forgive me, shiny special one. I beg of you to rip out my inadequate tounge."
Glory: "Gimme."

Glory: "I mean, nothing worse than a gift that doesn't work. Then I'd have to get all mad and kill you! It's this whole big thing."

Riley: "What are you doing here?"
Spike: "What, me? I was um... uh... what are you doing here?"
Riley: "Looking for the girl who's gonna rip your arms off when she finds out you were in her bedroom."
Spike: "Oh yeah? Well... me too."
Riley: "Were you... were you just smelling her sweater?"
Spike: "No. Well, yeah, all right, I did. It's a... predator thing, nothing wrong with it. Just... know your enemy's scent, whet the appetite for a hunt. Ah, that's the stuff! Slayer musk, it's bitter and aggravating!"

Riley: "Right. What's a little sweater-sniffing between sworn enemies."

Spike: "Twice in recent memory, she's had the lover-wiccas do a deinvite on the house. Keep out specific vamps. Ever ask yourself why she's never taken my name off the guest list?"
Riley: "Because you're harmless."
Spike: "Oh yeah, right. Takes one to know, I suppose. Least I still got the attitude. What do you got, a piercing glance? Face it, white bread. Buffy's got a type, and you're not it. She likes us dangerous, rough, occasionally bumpy in the forehead region. Not that she doesn't like you... but sorry Charlie, you're just not dark enough."

Spike: "Mum's sickly. Buffy took her to the hospital for a bit of prod'n probe. Bite-sized one went too. You know, it's - it's funny her not calling you about that. I've known since last night."

Buffy: "Mom, what did they find?"
Joyce: "A shadow. I've got a shadow. Somewhere... over there... he showed it to me, but, um... they have to do a biopsy to find out exactly what it is. Doctor says it's too early to be concerned."
Buffy: "Right. No concern."
Joyce: "Just a shadow."

Willow: "It feels like we're going around in circles."
Xander: "Our circles are going around in circles. We've got dizzy circles here, Giles."

Tara: "I mean, what if she's not a demon or sorceress or spirit or whatever these books cover? What if she's something else altogether?"
Giles: "Thank you, come again. Something new, you mean?"
Tara: "Something old. So old it pre-dates the written word."
Willow: "Giles, the Dagon sphere. You said that was created to repel..."
Giles: "That which cannot be named."
Willow: "So I'm thinking maybe she..."
Giles: "Predates language itself?"
Xander: "Well hey, if it means I don't have to read any more, woo! And might I add a big hoo!"

Dr. Issacs: "Your mother has... the term is low-grade glioma. It's a brain tumor. The clinical name is oligodendroglioma. It's in the left hemisphere of the cerebrum. In your mother's case the tumor seems to have started there. In other words, it hasn't spread from another part of the body..."

Buffy: "He, um, he was just telling me that there's nothing I can do."
Ben: "Yeah, I'm gonna tell you the same thing. Give yourself a break. Listen, your mom's gonna be unconscious for at least another six, seven hours."
Buffy: "A break?"
Ben: "Well, I just mean go out, get some air. Come back later on this evening, talk to the doc then if you want. My unsolicited advice of the day."

Anya: "Hey. Hey! HEY! HEY!!"
Giles: "Anya, your heys are starling the customers."
Xander: "And-and pretty much the state."
Anya: "You sold someone a Khul's amulet and a Sobekian bloodstone."
Giles: "Yes, I believe I did."
Anya: "Are you stupid or something?"
Giles: "Allow me to answer that question with a firing."
Xander: "She's kidding! An, we talked about the employee-employer vocabulary no-nos. That was number five."

Dawn: "She sure cries a lot less with you than she did with Angel."
Riley: "Angel... made her cry a lot, huh?"
Dawn: "Everything with him was all... eee, you know?"
Riley: "All... ?"
Dawn: "You know... 'my boyfriend's a vampire' crazy crazy. Every day was like the end of the world. She doesn't get all worked up like that over you."

Anya: "We've done just enough making things worse for one day, haven't we?"
Buffy: "Why? What do you mean?"
Xander: "Uh, nothing. Anya broke a... bippity boppity boo. A thing. Don't worry about it."
Anya: "I did not! I didn't breat-"
Giles: "Anya, Buffy doesn't need to hear about your... clumsiness right now."
Anya: "My clumsiness. I mean, that is so... like... me. Slippery, slippery... butterfingers."
Buffy: "What happened."
Giles: "Nothing to concern you, uh-"
Buffy: "Giles!"
Giles: "The, uh, demon woman was here, the one who attacked you."
Willow: "It's no biggie, she-she just got an amulet and a bloodstone."
Anya: "That can create a monster."
Willow: "Okay, biggie."
Buffy: "My god, are you guys okay though? I mean, did - no one got hurt, right?"
Giles: "Oh no, thankfully, no, uh, no violence to speak of."
Buffy: "Okay, so, that's good... How did she get away with this bad mojo stuff?"
Anya: "Giles sold it to her."
Giles: "I, I, I... I didn't know it was her! I mean, how could I? If it's any consolation, I may have overcharged her."

Xander: "Just once I would like to run into a cult of bunny worshippers."
Anya: "Great. Thank you very much for those nightmares."

Dreg: "The form is vessel, rendered new. The base is stone, bathed in blood. The gem is fire and elements rarified..."
Glory: "Sobek, grant the power... that it may mold this wretcehd creature... that it may be reborn... that it may serve...ah! Dark incantations! Always overwritten! Why can't they just cut to the-"
Buffy: "Fight?"
Glory: "No fair - attacking - when I wasn't even looking! Ow! No, this is no good. I'm out of the moment... and you'r not giving me anything I can use. Dreg! I'm not hearing chanting!"

Glory: "Arise!"
Dreg: "He is arisen!"
Glory: "Bout damn time!"

Glory: "The power is yours... to see what is unseen. To find what is shrouded in shadow. Already, you know what I seek. I have given you form, now find for me the key. Seek it out in the holy places. Yes, yes, yes! Let your vision guide you to its hiding place, and then return to me and tell me where it lies. Now would be good. Fun, fun, fun!"

Xander: "Dawn, you okay?"
Willow: "Why was the big snake afraid of Dawn?"
Buffy: "It knows!"

Glory: "What is taking so long, Dreg? You told me snakey-wakey would find my key. Now why isn't he back here with a beautiful message for me?"
Dreg: "I grovel like a buy, most silky and effervescent Glorificus - Glory! Glory. Your most fresh and cleanness, it's just a matter of time."
Glory: "Ohh! Everything takes time! What about my time? Does anyone appreciate that I'm on a schedule here? Tick, tock, Dreg! Tick frickin tock!"

Joyce: "Oh. Do I have bad hair? I don't look like scary mom, do I?"
Buffy: "No. You look beautiful."

Riley: "It's okay. Just let it out. I'm right here."
Buffy: "I can't. Not now. They need me. If I start now... I won't be able to stop."

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