Buffy: When... When did the building fall down?
Spike: I don't know. Must have been sometime between the first time and the, uh...
Buffy: Oh. Oh my god.

Buffy: What did you think was gonna happen? What, we're gonna read the newspaper together, play footsie under the rubble?
Spike: Not exactly what I had in mind.

Spike: I knew. I knew the only thing better than killing a Slayer would be f-
Buffy: What?! Is that what this is about? Doing a Slayer?
Spike: Well, I wouldn't throw stones, pet. You seem to be quite the groupie yourself.
Buffy: Shut up.
Spike: I'm just saying... vampires get you hot.
Buffy: A vampire got me hot. One. But he's gone. You're just... You're just convenient.

Spike: I may be dirt... but you're the one who likes to roll in it, Slayer. You never had it so good as me. Never.
Buffy: Uhh, you're bent.
Spike: Yeah, and it made you scream didn't it?

Dawn: You're not, you're all sore and limpy.
Buffy: I, I'm not... sore, I just... I had a fight, you know, the... all nighter kind.

Dawn: You should rest. You're beat from monster-wrestling all night.
Buffy: Yeah. Right. Thanks.

Xander: Anya has a theory. She thinks that Martha Stewart froze that guy.
Anya: Don't be ridiculous. Martha Stewart isn't a demon. She's a witch.
Xander: Please, she- Really?
Anya: Of course. Nobody could do that much decoupage without calling on the powers of darkness.

Anya: I can't decide whether to put my bridesmaids in cocktail dresses... or the traditional burlap with blood larva.
Xander: The traditional what?
Anya: Well, I was a demon for a thousand years, you don't expect me to turn my back on all the ways of my people.

Buffy: You know, she's going through something, but we're nto her. I mean... m-maybe she has reasons for acting this way. And, so what if she crossed a line? You know, we all do stuff. Stupid stuff. But, then we learn. And, and we learn, and, and we don't do it again. Okay, so, you know, who are we to bet all judgey?
Xander: Not judgey, Buff. Just, observey.

Rack: You taste... like strawberries.

Dawn: I'll leave a note for Buffy on the refrigerator. That's the first place she goes after patrolling. She's such a pig after she kills things.

Buffy: Understand what? Breaking into someone's house for kitchen spices?

Willow: So, uh, the burger was good? You liked it?
Dawn: Are you kidding? It was like a meat party in my mouth...
Dawn: Okay, now I'm just a kid, and even I know that came out wrong.

Spike: Someone should teach you how to use candles in foreplay, luv.

Spike: Oh, that's right. Hide your blushing eyes.

Buffy: Will you quit that? The only thing that's different is that I'm disguted with myself. That's the power of your charms. Last night... was the most perverse... degrading experience of my life.
Spike: Yeah. Me too.
Buffy: That might be how you get off, but it's not my style.
Spike: No, it's your calling. Gave me a run for my money, Slayer.

Willow: I just... it took me away from myself, I was... free.
Buffy: I get that. More than you- But it's wrong. People get hurt.

Buffy: Good. I think it's right. To give it up. No matter how good it feels.
Willow: It's not worth it. Not if it messes with the people I love.

Willow: Cause its over.
Buffy: Exactly. It's over.

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