Older and Far Away

Buffy: No. We're gonna sit down and have a real dinner. Someday. I hate having to run out in the middle, it's just, you know, there's this thing out there. Definitely non-vampire.
Dawn: I understand.

Buffy: Run off, huh? Afraid to face a true warrior? Ooh, shiny.

Anya: Do you think we should set up lots of candles for Buffy's party tomorrow?
Xander: Not if they're that horrible slug kind you keep trying to unload.
Anya: I don't know why people get so turned off by slug.
Xander: Honey, slugs get turned off by slugs. Oh, actually, I wanted to talk to you about that.
Willow: Slugs?
Xander: No, the party.

Xander: So, uh, anything new about Warren and the Nerd Herd?
Dawn: No, just a big monster hunt.
Xander: Man, a nerd goes into hiding, he really goes into hiding.

Willow: I've got my group. You know, the whole Spellcasters Annoymous thing? We're still looking for a better name.

Guidance Counsler: I know there's been... a lot of loss.
Dawn: Yeah. Kinda. I-I mean, yes. People keep... people have a tendency to go away... and, I miss them. And sometimes... I wish I could just make them stop. Going away. But seriously, it's, it's no big deal. I'm fine.

Xander: We're feeding an army!
Buffy: No, they couldn't make it.

Buffy: What? Like I'm one of those losers who can't make friends outside her tight little circle? No. I'm friendly. We bonded instantly. Peas in a pod. Bonded peas.
Anya: Really? Um, what's Sophie's last name?
Buffy: Okay, shut up.

Xander: Ahh, don't worry it's not a set up.
Anya: Right. No. Just an attractive single man, with whom we hope you find much in common. And if you happen to form -
Xander: Ahn -
Anya: - a romantic relationship leading to babies -
Xander: Ahn -
Anya: - and many double dates with us so we have someone else to talk to, yay!
Buffy: I assume this was an act of kindness? That'll help with the not throttling.

Tara: So, how're you doing?
Buffy: Oh, you know. Better. Mostly. Sometimes.
Tara: So, is, um... Spike coming?
Buffy: No. He may be a chip-head, but... he still doesn't play well with others. Besides, I'm definitely not ready to, to...
Tara: Come out.
Buffy: Yeah. I'm all... stay-inny.

Buffy: Spike.
Spike: Yeah. Willow mentioned the shindig... figured we're all part of the team. Thought I'd, uh, swing by.
Buffy: Wait, what kind of team is this?
Clem: Hi. We met once before.
Buffy: Yes, yes we did.
Spike: You know, more, merrier, that whole thing.
Clem: Hi, I'm Clement. Clem.
Tara: Tara.
Richard: Uh.. the guy with the...
Buffy: Skin condition. He doesn't like to talk about it.
Spike: Stupid git!
Tara: I don't know. He seemed... cute. W-was he cute? I mean, I'm not a very good judge, but I think he seemed cute.
Clem: I think he seemed cute, yeah.

Dawn: It's not like I don't understand why you invited him. I was there, remember? I can hear you when I'm in the room, you know? I do understand these things.
Anya: Yes you do!
Dawn: You know I'm in high school, right?
Anya: Yes you are!

Spike: You wanna slip away for a minute luv?
Buffy: What?
Spike: I'll let you blow out my candles.
Buffy: Here. Now? I don't think so.

Dawn: Do you like it?
Buffy: It's... gorgeous.
Dawn: I was so nervous. I was afraid you wouldn't like it.
Buffy: I-it still has the security tag on it.
Dawn: Huh. That's so weird. I can't believe they didn't take that off.

Halfrek: Wish granted.

Spike: Ooh, Buffy. Can I get you a soda pop? I think I'm in looove.
Buffy: Stop it. Someone's gonna see.
Spike: Mm-hmmm. I had... a.. muscle cramp. Buffy was, uh, helping.
Tara: A muscle cramp? In your... pants?
Spike: What, it's a thing.
Tara: Right.

Xander: You wanna try poker?
Clem: Still say it's weird without the kittens.
Buffy: No kittens. He's quirky.

Spike: Must be some late-night activities to keep us busy till morning.
Tara: How's that cramp, Spike? Still bothering you?
Spike: What? Oh. Yeah.
Tara: Maybe you, uh, wanna put some ice on it.

Spike: Besides, Richie, you can't skip breakfast. Growing boy like you. Me, I used to love breakfast. In the old days, I probably would have eaten by now.
Buffy: Of course, with that new diet of yours, you wanna be careful what you try puttin in your mouth now, Spikey.
Spike: Yeah? I don't know. Tummy's making all kinds of gurglies. Maybe I oughta just feed on whatever's around... even if it doesn't go down well. You, uh, work out?
Buffy: Okey-dokey. Scuse us. Hey, Mister Passive-Aggressive Guy. Seriously, you wanna take it down a notch or two in there?
Spike: What, poor dainty Richard can't take a joke?
Buffy: We do not joke about eating people in this house!

Buffy: I know, I know, we all have places we'd rather be.
Spike: Things we'd rather be doing.

Xander: No, it's just, you know, you're upset cause we all wanna leave. And now we can't leave. Only thing missing is a cornfield. There... there isn't a cornfield is there?

Richard: All right, somebody wanna tell me what's, what's going on here? We're trapped in a house by... by what, some unseen force or something. Who knows what she's doing in there. And I have to tell you... I don't think that's a skin condition.

Buffy: Just trust me, I promise we'll be out of here soon.
Sophie: Oh god. Oh god.
Buffy: Okay, so maybe soon was a bit of an overstatement.
Spike: So, you ever think about not celebrating your birthday? Just to try it, I mean.

Dawn: No. You don't know! You have this thing you do. You have all these friends. You have no idea what it's like.
Buffy: What are you talking about? I don't know what, what -
Dawn: Being alone!
Buffy: You're not alone!
Dawn: Then why do I feel like this?

Buffy: You didn't, by chance, happen to... express like a, a wish, or-or something, to her?
Dawn: Um... maybe just a little.

Anya: Guidance counsler? You made a wish to someone you've never seen before?
Dawn: Yeah?
Anya: Did she wear a pendant with a, with a dark blue stone?
Dawn: And little red flecks?
Anya: Uhh, for crying out loud. Halfrek! It's Halfrek, a vengeance demon. You made a wish to a vengeance demon.
Dawn: I didn't know.
Anya: Only a vengeance demon can break her own vengeance spell. Nothing else will work. She's the only one who can get us out of here. Hallie, get your ass down here!
Halfrek: You rang?

Anya: I hope you die, you stupid jerkface!

Anya: Yeah, but cursing us? Some of them are in the wedding party.
Halfrek: I just go where I'm - William?
Spike: Hey, wait a minute.
Buffy: You guys know each other?
Halfrek: Uh, no. No.
Spike: Not really.

Halfrek: Oh, that was Anya's little raison d'etre. Most of us try to be a little more well rounded. And actually, we prefer 'justice demon'. Okay? FYI.

Anya: It's the curse, Hallie.
Halfrek: Oh, for crying out loud. Fine, the curse if lifted! We can all leave now!... Damn it.

Tara: I get it. I-I really do. But it's time to work without the net, Will. You know, i don't know if you noticed, but it actually did get bad in there. Really bad, and... and you still said no.

Richard: You have some weird friends.
Xander: News from the file marked 'duh'.

Anya: And then we're gonna talk about payment. And Dawnie, there are two words I want you to get used to... Punitive damages.

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