As You Were

Season 6 Episode #15
Overall Episode #115; Original air date February 26, 2002
Written & Directed by Doug Petrie.

<== <== (out of 5 stakes)

The Story:
- - Wheel Never Stops Turning - -
Buffy's ex, Riley Finn, unexpectly arrives in town on a military operation. He is tailing a dangerous Suvolte demon and he needs Buffy's help to catch it. To Buffy things seems like old times again fighting besides Riley. That all changes when Buffy is introduced to Riley's new wife, Sam. The Scoobies want to hate her but Sam quickly wins over the gang. Riley finds out about Buffy and Spike's relationship after discovering that Spike is the Doctor who has been harboring the Suvolte's eggs. At first Buffy refuses to believe that Spike would do something like that. After finding the eggs Buffy tells him she's sick of his games. Miffed Spike points out to Bufy that all she's ever done is play games with him and his emotions. After a goodbye talk with Riley about life Buffy breaks up with Spike realizing that she's been using him to escaper her own problems and it is killing her.

Say What? - quote of the week... More Quotes
Riley: How are you doing?
Buffy: Complicated question.
Riley: I just meant --
Buffy: I know.
Riley: I hear you. Got big stories to tell you, too. We get half a sec, we can compare and contrast.
Buffy: Did you die?
Riley: No.
Buffy: I'm gonna win...

Slayage - 2+ - Vampire in graveyard staked by Buffy. Sulvolte demon's neck broken by Buffy. Numerous sulvote demon babies killed by Buffy with a grenade from Riley's belt.

Body Count - 0.

Credits - the cast: *Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers; *Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris; *Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg; *James Marsters - Spike; *Emma Caufield - Anya; *Michelle Trachtenberg - Dawn Summers; Danny Strong - Jonathan Levinson; Adam Busch - Warren Meers; Tom Lenk - Andrew Wells; Amber Benson - Tara Maclay; Marc Blucas - Riley Finn; Ivana Milicevic - Sam; Ryan Raddatz - Todd; Adam Paul - Skanky Vamp; Marilyn Brett - Lady; Alic Dinnean Vernon - Baby Demon Puppeteer.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Sound of the Revolution by Lunatic Calm; and Washes Away by Trespassers William. Episode score by Thomas Wanker.

Awesome!! - don't miss these highlights
** Xander and Anya's hiding from their relatives in Xander's bathroom and their obsessive potato chip eating pre-wedding jitters.
** The return of Riley Finn and his ???WIFE??? Sam.
** Riley walking in on Buffy and Spike in Spike's crypt.

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