Two To Go

Buffy: You heard what she said. 'One down'.
Anya: So we're thinking 'two to go'. Jonathan. And, whatsisface, the other guy.
Buffy: Andrew. Both of them are just sitting in the county jail without a clue Willow's coming.

Buffy: Doesn't matter - Willow just killed somebody. Killing changes you. Believe me: I know.
Xander: Warren was a stone cold killer of women just getting warmed up. You ask me? Bastard had it coming.
Buffy: Maybe. Jonathan and Andrew don't.
Xander: This is still Willow we're dealing with, right?

Xander: Okay, then, I'll just... catch up. She's only my best friend, you know. No big deal, just... Glad I can help.

Jonathan: You're checking for implants?
Andrew: Lex Luthor had a false epidermis escape kit in Superman versus the Amazing Spider-Man Treasury edition...
Jonathan: Okay, first of all, those were sonic disrupters and second of all... you are sadness personified. Waiting for Warren? Yeah, maybe he'll bust us out of here on Santa's magic sleigh.
Andrew: I'm telling him you said that.

Andrew: You were out of the Trio a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and you know why, little feller? No respect for the chain of command.
Jonathan: Yeah, look how far it got you. Checking every hole in your sad little body for transmitters that don't exist.

Anya: Warren shot Buffy. Warren shot Tara. Buffy's alive. Tara's dead. Willow found out and being the most powerful Wicca in the western hemisphere, she went for the payback. With interest.
Andrew: Wh-what about Warren?
Anya: She killed him. Ripped him apart and bloodied up the forest doing it. Now she's coming here and you two are next.
Andrew: Oh my God... Warren.
Jonathan: Oh my God - me.

Anya: And we're out of time. Just believe me when I tell you... These things are real. They're dangerous. and they're coming.

Anya: please, stop looking at me like it's your first trip to the circus and do your job - let them out!... Oh, what the hell is that?
Jonathan: It's her.

Andrew: Stop it! Just, stop! Why is she doing this? Tell her! We didn't do anything.
Jonathan: Yes we did. We signed on. We teamed up. We wanted to see where all our plans would take us, well take a look. This is it. The end of the road.

Buffy: We have to make a run for it.
Andrew: Are you kidding? She's like Dark Phoenix up there! And you expect us to just outrun her?
Buffy: Pretty much.

Jonathan: I still can't believe that was Willow. I mean... I've known her almost as long as you guys. Willow was... you know. She packed her own lunches and wore floods and she was always... just Willow.

Andrew: Cool.

Clem: It's not fair - girl your age, cooped up in a crypt. Tell you what: let me get my hat and coat - I'll take you to a movie. We'll go nuts. PG - thirteen.

Spike: I'm venturing this would be the Kill-or-be-killed type of situation, then?
Voice: To the death.
Spike: Right. Here we are now. Entertain us... Oh, son of a b...

Xander: Can you still sense Willow? Knowing her location'd be a real comfort right about now.
Anya: No. I can't. And that means whatever she's feeling, it's gone way beyond simple vengeance.
Xander: Did I mention the me needing comfort?

Jonathan: I just thought, you know, as long as you're protecting us, the least I could do is...
Buffy: I'm not protecting you, Jonathan. None of us are. We're doing this for Willow. And the only reason it happens to be your lucky day is because if she kills you, a line gets crossed, I lose a friend. And I hate losing.

Xander: Buffy, say this works. And we stop Willow from working the hoodoo for a minute. What then?
Buffy: I talk to her.
Xander: Great. And say what?

Rack: I could feel you coming a mile away, power you got. And you know something, sweetness? I liked it. When you first came to me, you were just a little slip of girl. Look at you now. All growed up. Full of dark juice. And you still taste like strawberries. Only now... you're ripe.

Dawn: You're back on the Magicks.
Willow: No, honey. I am the Magicks.

Willow: No - please, you're telling me you don't remember? You used to be... what, some mystic ball of energy. Maybe that's why you're crying all the time, 'Dawny'. You don't belong here. Wanna go back? End the pain? You'll be happier. I'd be happier. We'll all be a lot happier without having to listen to all your constant whining.
Dawn: Willow... stop...
Willow: 'Mom!' 'Buffy!' 'Tara!' Waah! Come on, someone's gotta stop the carnage. It's time you went back to being a little energy ball. No more tears, Dawny.

Andrew: The books are sucked, dry, but so what? - There's still like tons of supplies all around us - this is the best chance we're gonna get to make it out of here.
Jonathan: And do what?
Andrew: Start over. We can be the Duo. You and me, you can even be the leader, I swear, I'll take orders. I like orders. Just tell me what to do.
Jonathan: You want an order? Grow up.

Andrew: Then what? You think your Li'l Witch buddy's gonna stop with us? You saw her! She's a truck driving Magic Mamma. We've got maybe seconds before Darth Rosenberg grinds everybody into Jawa-burgers, and not one of you bunch has the midiclorians to stop her.
Xander: You've never had any tiny bit of sex, have you?
Anya: The annoying virgin has a point.

Anya: I care if you live or die, Xander. I'm just not sure which one I want.
Xander: Again with the comfort.

Anya: There is nothing in this world that could give me greater or more lasting satisfaction than reaping bloody vengeance upon you, Xander Harris. But I can't! Not officially, not magically -- So smile, it's your lucky day. You got away with it. I can't hurt you.
Xander: Right, cause you varnishing the table with Spike -- how could that possibly have hurt? It may have chaffed...
Anya: That wasn't vengeance. It was solace. I really can't hurt you. So I'll just have to settle for hating you.
Xander: If that's what you need to do.
Anya: Don't. You don't get to play the martyr.
Xander: I'm not.
Anya: None of this would be happening if it weren't for you.
Xander: You think I don't know that? You think I'm the hero of this piece? I saw the gun. Before Warren even raised it, I saw it, and... I couldn't move. He shot two of my friends before I could even... You want me to know how useless I am? That it's my fault? Thanks. Already got the memo.
Anya: I was talking about us.

Willow: Let me tell you something about Willow: she's a loser. And she always has been. Everybody picked on Willow in junior high, high school, up until college with her stupid mousy ways and now - Willow's a junkie.

Willow: You're trying to sell me on the world. The one where you lie to your friends when you're not trying to kill them and you screw a vampire just to feel and insane asylums are the comfy alternative. This world? Buffy, it's me! I know you were happier in the ground - hanging with the worms. The only time you were ever at peace in your whole life is when you were dead. Until Willow brought you back. You know - with Magick?

Buffy: I don't want to hurt you.
Willow: Not a problem.
Buffy: I said I didn't want to... Didn't say I wouldn't.

Buffy: Are we really gonna do this?
Willow: Come on! This is a huge deal for me! Six years as a side man, and now I get to be the Slayer.
Buffy: A killer isn't a Slayer. Being a Slayer means something you can't conceive of.
Willow: Oh, Buffy. You really need to have every square inch of your ass kicked.
Buffy: Then show me what you got. And I'll show you what a Slayer is.

Willow: Buffy, I gotta tell you - I get it now. The Slayer thing really isn't about the violence. It's about the power. And there's no one in the world with the power to stop me now.
Giles: I'd like to test that theory.

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