Season 7 Episode #11
Overall Episode #133; Original air date January 7, 2003
Written by David Fury. Directed by Michael Grossman.

Slay Me - episode rating
<== <== <- (out of 5 stakes)

The Story:
- - I'm The Thing That Monsters Have Nightmares About - -
More Potential Slayers are coming to Sunnydale and Buffy barely saves the latest arrival from the First's Bringers at the bus station. Now appearing to Spike as Buffy the First continues to tortue him by trying to convince him that the real Buffy doesn't believe in him enough to save him. Giles and Anya travel to another dimension to meet with the Beljoxa's eye and learn that First is trying to destroy the Slayer lineage after it was irrevocably altered when Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya brought Buffy back from the dead. After learning that one of the Potentials is really the First trying to plant seed of doubt as to her ability to protect them all, Buffy realizes she has to prove herself to the girls. With the help of her friends she tricks all the girls into being led to the school grounds where they then watch her fight and defeat the Turok-han. Having beaten the ubervamp Buffy is finally able to free Spike.

Say What? - quote of the week... More Quotes
Buffy/The First: Dreaming of me again, aren't you? Poor Spike. He still thinks I believe in him. Be realistic. I don't even believe in myself. At least not enough to risk my skin to save your ass. Not enough to face... that. I'm sorry, Spike. But you need to accept this. You know it never would have worked out. It's time to let go so we can both move on. I promise, soon it will all be-
Spike: She will come for me. She will come for me. She will come for me.
Buffy/The First: No. I won't.

Slayage - 8 - 3 Bringers at Bus Station by Buffy, 2 with knife, 1 broken neck; 1 Bringer by Spike; 2 Bringers by Kennedy with crossbow; 1 Bringer stabbed by Buffy; Ubervamp by Buffy.

Body Count - 1 - Potential Eve by the Bringers.

Credits - the cast: *Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers; *Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris; *Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg; *James Marsters - Spike; *Emma Caufield - Anya; *Michelle Trachtenberg - Dawn Summers; Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles; Tom Lenk - Andrew Wells; Iyari Limon - Kennedy; Clara Bryant - Molly; Indigo - Rona; Amanda Fuller - Eve; Camden Toy - Ubervamp; Lalaine - Chole; Indigo - Rona.

Rock On - Soundtrack: Episode score by Robert Duncan.

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