Get It Done

Sineya: "It's not enough!"

Anya: "But being human? Ugh. You're always icky on the inside, disgusting on the outside..."
Spike: "Your outside's not so bad."

Anya: "I mean, it's like we live in Slayer Central. I swear, if Buffy rooms or boards one more of the potential girls, I'm going to call... I'm going to call a health inspector."
Spike: "I like my plan better. Get up, get out, get drunk. Repeat as needed. It's just more elegant."

Spike: "Would you let it go? You're like a dog with a bone."
Anya: "So what?"
Spike: "It's my bone. Just drop it."

Wood: "In your professional opinion, it's started, hasn't it?"
Buffy: "The Hellmouth has begun its semi-annual percolation. Ususally it blows around May."
' Wood: "Was it like this before? I mean, it just seems to me as if things are getting bad faster than we thought."
Buffy: "We're a little ahead of schedule."

Wood: "I'm just a guy. Granted, a cool and sexy vampire-fighting guy but still..."
Buffy: "Don't forget snappy dresser."

Wood: "Now I'd like to see where you work."
Buffy: "Here, actually. This is my desk and these are my pencils..."
Wood: "No. Where you do your other work."

Wood: "Well, there's nothing like the end of the world to bring people together."
Buffy: "It's heartwarming."

Andrew: "Where the hell have you been? This funnel cake is kicking my ass."
Wood: "Yeah, I hear they're tricky."

Buffy: "Andrew is our... actually, he's our hostage."
Andrew: "I like to think of myself more as a 'guestage'."
Wood: "So you hold him here against his will?"
Buffy: "Well, he was evil and people got killed and now he... bakes. It's a thing."

Andrew: "Can we try to just keep our secret headquarters a little bit secret? If you keep bringing people in, they're going to see everything. They'll see the big board."
Buffy: "Andrew, we don't have a big board."
Andrew: "I made it myself."
Wood: "Oh, I wouldn't have guessed."
Andrew: "This is us and this represents The First in various incarnations and there's no pattern to the naked eye yet but the instant one emerges, yours truly is on it... Where do we put our receipts?"

Buffy: "You'll have to forgive Andrew. Or not. Your call. We do have a lot more working for us than just the big board."

Kennedy: "I love this job! Did you see that? I called that girl maggot!.. Hi. Who the hell are you?"

Amanda: "Principal Wood, hi! It's so weird seeing you outside of school."

Buffy: "You're right. It's not enough."
Wood: "That's not what I said, Buffy."

Willow: "Oh. Hi. Hey. Well, Buffy... I see that our preparation for the school... pep-dance-cheer-drill-contest are... are coming along. Bring it on!"
Buffy: "It's okay. I filled him in on everything."
Willow: "Oh, thank god. If I had to explain all these weapons, I had nothing."

Willow: "So much cooler than Snyder."

Wood: "She really almost destroyed the world?"
Buffy: "Yep."
Wood: "Remind me not to make her crabby."

Buffy: "The First is coming and then look at us. The army. We've got a bunch of fighters with nothing to hit. A Wicca who won'ta and the brains of our operation wears oven mitts."

Spike: "There's not much to tell. I've changed."
Wood: "Oh. Now that you have a soul."
Spike: "Yeah, that was a big deal. Very private. What? Are you just telling everyone now?"

Spike: "Yeah, I went to great lengths, lots of trouble. Now I'm unique. Well, more or less. Got myself a soul... whatever that means."

Dawn: "Translation's going to be a bitch but... did you know that ancient Sumerians did not speak English?"
Buffy: "They're worse than the French."

Buffy: "Don't you have any real homework?"
Dawn: "Oh, you mean like schoolwork?"
Buffy: "Yes..."
Dawn: "Well, I've got a system. It's called flunking out... No, I'm just kidding! I'm paying someone to do my work... Kidding! I love to see your eyeballs change color when you think I'm going to flunk out of-"

Buffy: "You're not Chloe."
Chloe/The First: "Yeah, well neither is she anymore. Now she's just Chloe's body."

Buffy: "What's TTFN?"
Rona: "It's 'ta-ta for now'. It's what Tigger says when he leaves."
Amanda: "Chloe loved Winnie the Pooh."

Buffy: "Anyone want to say a few words about Chloe?... Let me. Chloe was an idiot. Chole was stupid. She was weak."

Buffy: "I've been carrying you - all of you - too far, too long. Ride's over."

Xander: "But let's not try to forget, we're also your friends."
Anya: "I'm not."
Buffy: "Then why are you here? Aside from getting rescued, what is it that you do?"
Anya: "I... I provide much needed... sarcasm."
Xander: "That would kind of be my job, actually."

Buffy: "The First isn't impressed. It already knows us. It knows what we can do and it's laughing. You want to surprise the enemy? Surprise yourselves. Force yourself to do what can't be done or else we are not an army. We're just a bunch of girls waiting to be picked off and buried."

Spike: "I haven't been quite relishing the kill the way I used to."
Buffy: "You were a better fighter then."
Spike: "I did this for you! The soul, the changes - it's what you wanted!"
Buffy: "What I want is the Spike that's dangerous! The Spike that tried to kill me when we met."
Spike: "Oh, you don't know how close you are to bringing him out."
Buffy: "I'm nowhere near him."

Dawn: "What are you going to do?"
Buffy: "I'm declaring an emergency."

Dawn: "That emergency bag's got some neat stuff in it. Weapons, charms... advanced reading assignments."

Xander: "Puppets! That's it! The First hates puppets. Now if we can just airlift Kermit, Fozzy the Bear and Miss Piggy into town, The First will be a-runnin."
Willow: "Those are Muppets."

Xander: "It's cryptic. I don't like it. Every time instructions get cryptic, someone gets hurt. Usually me."
Buffy: "'You can't just watch, you have to see'? See what?"

Xander: "Okay, so far, so creepy."

Xander: "When did you get so good at Sumerian?"
Dawn: "It's not in Sumerian anymore."

Willow: "How will we get you back?"
Buffy: "Find a way."

Spike: "Get her out of here! All of you! Unless you want to end up all dead and useless."
Kennedy: "What are you going to do?"
Spike: "What I do best."

Xander: "I think we'll live."
Anya: "Except maybe Spike."
Kennedy: "Is getting thrown through the ceiling what he does best?"

Buffy: "Well, I guess that worked."

Kennedy: "It's okay. We'll just start with what we know, take it from there."
Xander: "Great. So far we know jack about squat. Let's go from there."

Anya: "You missed her 'everyone sucks but me' speech. If she's so superior, let her find her own way back."

Dawn: "I'm sorry, are you helping?"
Anya: "No, but at least I'm not galloping off in the wrong direction."

Buffy: "I know we have bigger issues to deal with but how'd I understand anything you guys just said? Oh, I know. Ancient magicks. I just thought it was neat."

Shadow Man #1: "We have been here since the beginning."
Shadow Man #2: "Now we're almost at the end."
Buffy: "The neat of it just left. End of what?"
Shadow Man #3: "You are the Hellmouth's last guardian."

Shadow Man #1: "We cannot give you knowledge. Only power."

Willow: "Dawnie, you better put on some coffee, this could take a whi-"

Shadow Man #3: "This is why we have brought you here."
Buffy: "I thought I brought me here."

Shadow Man #1: "The first Slayer did not talk so much."

Shadow Man #1: "Herein lies your truest strength."
Shadow Man #2: "The energy of the demon. Its spirit."
Shadow Man #3: "Its heart."
Buffy: "This is how you-"
Shadow Man #3: "Created the Slayer? Yes."

Wood: "Nice coat. Where'd you get it?"
Spike: "New York."

Willow: "Screw it! Mighty forces, I suck at Latin, okay?"

Buffy: "You think I came all this way to get knocked up by some demon dust? I can't fight this. I know that now. But you guys? You're just men. Just the men who did this. To her. Whoever that girl was before whe was the first Slayer."
Shadow Man #1: "You don't understand."
Buffy: "No, you don't understand! You violted that girl, made her kill for you because you're weak, you're pathetic, and you obviously have nothing to show me."

Spike: "I don't know about your feelings, big guy, but to me, a tussle like that... is good for the soul."

Buffy: "I knew it. It's always the staff."

Willow: "How're you doing?"
Buffy: "Thanks for bringing me back... again."
Willow: "That's what I do."
Buffy: "I was hard on you guys today."
Willow: "Well, that's all right. You needed to be. Although, Twinkies and Kisses, also peachy motivational tools."

Buffy: "Those men that I met? You know, the Shadow Men? They offered me more power but I didn't like the loophole."

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