Same Time, Same Place

Xander: "Do you think she'll get the sign?"
Buffy: "Get the sign? I don't think she's going to see the sign."
Dawn: "Why is it so pale?"
Xander: "I used yellow crayon. It was a thing from when I talked to Will on the bluff. I hope she gets it."
Dawn: "Oh. Tell us again what you said."
Xander: "Well, I was talking from my heart and I knew Evil Willow wasn't really ready to - You were kidding."
Dawn: "A little bit."
Buffy: "We've heard the crayon speech a few times. Not that it's not great, of course."

Buffy: "She kind of didn't finish."
Dawn: "She didn't finish? She didn't finish being not evil?"

Xander: "Everyone's off the plane so... where's Willow?"

Willow: "Welcome home, me."

Gnarl: "All alone... Are you frightened to be all alone?"
Boy: "Hey, is somebody there?"
Gnarl: "The wind talks when you're all alone."

Dawn: "Well, if she's doing that, ducking Giles, then she's evil, right?"
Xander: "Well, I've avoided Giles tons of times. Just meant I was lazy, not evil."
Buffy: "I hope you're right because defeating Lazy Willow... probably less hard."

Buffy: "I checked with Giles again, too. Hasn't heard from her."
Xander: "Is he throwing a tasteful British wiggins?"
Buffy: "Oh, with extra wig."

Dawn: "So Giles is blaming Giles and we're blaming us. Is anyone going to blame Willow?... Oh, don't give me shock face. I mean, will anyone around here ever start asking for help when they need it?"
Buffy: "If Willow flipped out, it's her bad. We can only be here for her so much if she won't be, you know, here."

Willow: "Hello, I'm calling for Giles... Mr. Giles."

Anyanka: "What are you doing here? I thought you were with Giles studying how to not kill people."
Willow: "I just got back."
Anyanka: "Just got back as in you're all better or just got back to bring about a fiery apocalypse of death?"

Anyanka: "You feel really responsible? You are really responsible!"
Willow: "I know I hurt you... and everyone... and I'm sorry."
Anyanka: "Here's something you should now about vengeance demons. We don't groove with the sorry. We prefer, "Oh, god! Please stop hitting me with my own rib bones!"
Willow: "Go on. Say whatever you want, rib bones and so forth. I deserve it."
Anyanka: "And you won't mind?"
Willow: "No."
Anyanka: "Well, then that's no fun."

Willow: "And... the others? Dawn and Xander... Buffy?"
Anyanka: "You haven't seen them?"
Willow: "Not so much."
Anyanka: "I guess they're still mad at you. They've been a little tempermental lately, just between you and me."

Anyanka: "Everyone's all about the high school. Buffy's got some kind of job there helping junior deviants. Spike's insane in the basement. Xander's there doing construction on the new gym."
Willow: "Wait. Spike's what in the whatment?"
Anyanka: "Insane. Base. Xander does construction."

Buffy: "No skin."
Xander: "Tough to look at."
Buffy: "And yet my eyes refuse to look away. Stupid eyes."

Buffy: "I've got to get a job where I don't get called right away for this stuff."

Spike: "Out! This place is my place! You need permission to be here! You need a special slip with a stamp."
Willow: "Spike, my god, I-"
Spike: "You go off and you try to wall up the bad parts and put your heart back in where it fell out and you call yourself finished but you're not. You're worse off than ever, you are."

Spike: "Look at you. Glowing. What's a word means 'glowing'? It's got to rhyme."

Spike: "Oh, no! I should hide. Hide from you, hide my face. You know what I did."

Spike: "Everyone's talking to me. No one's talking to each other."

Spike: "Someone isn't here. Button, buttion... who's got the button? My money's on... the witch!"

Xander: "We can't use the blueprints to find our way around down here. It's like the walls move or something."

Xander: "Boy, he's extra useful today."

Spike: "Red's a bad girl!"
Buffy: "He's talking about Willow."
Xander: "And that means something because he's chock full of sanity."

Xander: "Her boy? I'm her boy?"
Spike: "I have to go. There are things here without permission. I have to check their slips... make sure they have authorization."

Anyanka: "Come in. Enjoy my personal space."
Willow: "I found a dead body near the high school."
Anyanka: "Yes, that can happen."

Willow: "When did you get all insightful?"
Anyanka: "I'm surprisingly sensitive."
Willow: "So will you help me?"
Anyanka: "Is it difficult or time-consuming?"

Willow: "Okay, we scatter it over the map and everywhere there's a demon, a little light appears."
Anyanka: "Oh, pretty. Will it hurt the carpet?"

Anyanka: "Oh! Hey, look! That's me!... Hello!"

Anyanka: "Aahh! Okay, remember our talk about the carpet?"

Willow: "Well, that's why you teleport over there real quick like a bunn - Real quick see if I'm right."
Anyanka: "No, sorry! You damaged my carpet."

Anyanka: "Well, causing pain sounds really cool, I know, but... it turns out it's really upsetting. Didn't used to be. But now it is."
Willow: "Is it like you're scared of losing that feeling again and having it be okay to hurt people and then you're not in charge of the power anymore, because it's in charge of you?"
Anyanka: "Wow. That was really over-dramatically stated but, yeah, that's it."

Dawn: "Okay. So I looked up demons that skin their victims and demons that flay their victims. Cause, you know, same thing. There's a ton of prospects. Anything else gone? Eyeball, toenails or viscera? That's guts."
Buffy: "She knows about viscera. Makes you proud."

Xander: "We didn't find any strips of skin. Which, by the way, ugh!"

Spike: "William's a good boy. Carries the water, carries the sin. It's supposed to get easier, isn't it? It's supposed to help to help but it doesn't. It's still so heavy."
Xander: "We should have put a leash on him."
Buffy: "Yes, let's tie ourselves to the crazy vampire."

Dawn: "And we could develop a database of tooth impressions and demon skin samples. And I could wear hight heels more often."
Buffy: "Wow. That was so close to being empowered."
Dawn: "Everyone loves a slender ankle."

Spike: "That's it. End of the line. Everyone off... Keep your ticket. You'll need that."

Spike: "I'm insane. What's his excuse?"

Xander: "Dark and dank. I was hoping it would be dark and dank."
Buffy: "Shh... do you hear that?"
Xander: "No, I don't... But now I do."

Gnarl: "Look at the shorn lamb. See how it trembles. Is it the cold wind? Ah! Or is it that the flock is nowhere to be seen?"

Xander: "You couldn't help it. It had paralyzing fingernails."
Buffy: "Just like she said it would... So good on you."

Anyanka: "I bet she's dying."
Buffy: "She's not dying. She's just paralyzed."
Anyanka: "Oh. Paralyzed how?"
Xander: "Paralyzed how? In the not-moving way."

Xander: "Oh! You're poseable."
Buffy: "She's poseable?"

Anyanka: "It's not the Gnarl. It's just Gnarl. Whoa, wouldn't it be tragic if you were here being kind of silly with your comically paralyzed sister while Willow was dying?"

Anyanka: "Your hand, it's going right throught her. What's going on?"
Buffy: "I don't know but I'm starting to get why we haven't seen her."
Xander: "Because we haven't seen her."
Buffy: "I have this feeling that whatever's causing this invisible thing is a whole separate issue from the skin-eating monster."

Anyanka: "Buffy is fighting the demon over there. See? But if they get too close, I'm going to have to run."

Anyanka: "Buffy killed the demon. It was gross."

Xander: "I think she's sort of... here-ish."

Willow: "I'm healing. Growing new skin."
Buffy: "Wow. That's magick, right? I mean, when most people meditate, they don't get extra skin, right? Cause Clem should, like cut back."

Willow: "You know, Giles says everything's a part of the earth. This bed, the air, us."
Buffy: "Explains why my fingernails get dirty even when I don't do anything."

Buffy: "You did a spell?"
Willow: "I didn't mean to. I just remember thinking I wasn't ready to see you guys yet and I was afraid we wouldn't, you know, connect."
Buffy: "So... you made it happen just by thinking it?"
Willow: "Guess I have a ways to go before I master my powers, huh?"

Willow: "Xander has the luxury of not saying it but you're the Slayer. You have to say stuff like that. It's okay. It's okay, too, if you still don't think I can recover from this magick stuff. Because, honestly, I'm not sure about it, either."
Buffy: "I thought you were too tired."
Willow: "It hurts too much not to try."

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